AA Membership

OK, so a thing I always forget about each year is calling up about my AA Membership.

Every year I get a renewal quote £20 higher than the last year and I look at the overall total and think how much of a rip off that figure will do to my bank account.

The trick with AA is that it works similar to car insurance, with your AA Membership, you accrue an effective no claims bonus. My renewal quote was £210 (10-year member) and I asked them to renew it at a discounted price. To which I received a new price of £135

Now I know over a year my initial breakdown cost works out at £0.57 per day, but with a discount it works out at £0.36 per day. Every little helps


The trick to remember is that AA like most companies need to increase their profits, if you look at your membership it will bump up every year. If I cancelled it, sods law I’d need it. I’d rather have the peace of mind and low cost. If you have a membership however unless you specifically call them up, they’ll make you pay the extra.


Always remember to try and penny pinch when you can. At the end of the day, it’s not your duty to feel guilty about hurting the AA’s profits. Your concern is to make sure you can get home safely.

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