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AudioEndpointBuilder – The Dilemma

Posted by admin on March 9, 2018 in IT |

Thought I’d make this post to help save some time if someone else came across it. I was recently asked to fix a Windows 8.1 64-bit Laptop with no sound. The problem being specific to Windows 8 laptops


Talk about a night mare. The sound wasn’t working basically because the “Windows Audio” service wasn’t started. The problem is this thing relies on 3 other dependancies before it can work

– Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

– Multimedia Class Scheduler (MMCSS)

– AudioEndpointBuilder


Everything would start except for the AudioEndpointBuilder. It would fail with an error code 193:0xc1. The log in even viewer said it was not a 32-bit application


After going through various troubleshooting procedures after going through the usuals. I trailed the web and checked everything suggested

  • Reinstalling the sound drivers, motherboard drivers
  • Running SFC.exe
  • Checking the registry – making sure the paths were correct
  • Accepting the windows drivers
  • Booting into safe mode
  • Recreating the service.

None of it it worked, the only thing I could do would be either reinstall windows or find a solution


Luckily I found a solution (or rather a bodge)

Basically to fix the Windows 8 audio problem I did the following after finding it online…


– Open the registry

– Navigate to Microsoft\Windows\Current Control Set\Services\AudioSrv

Look for the path which talks about dependancies, there will be 3 entries



– AudioEndpointBuilder


You need to open this and delete the values for AudioEndpointBuillder and Rpc

Save it and reboot. The audio, should now be working

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Home IT : New Addition – Laserjet Printer

Posted by admin on January 4, 2018 in IT |

For a longtime I’ve had a Canon Inkjet MP180 Printer. It has been reliable and served me well, it still works to this day but it’s a bit iffy. When I first purchased it, I was on Windows XP. Since then I’ve done many migrations up to currently Windows 10. Canon have been a bit reluctant […]

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Why I haven’t migrated my site to WordPress fully

Posted by admin on January 1, 2018 in IT |

This is probably something which someone may question at some point so here are the main reasons why I’m not (or currently haven’t) migrated my website into a WordPress or Content Managed Website   Entire site needs rebuilding To migrate my website I’d have to modify a lot of code and go through all the […]

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How I fixed my washing machine for £15

Posted by admin on October 1, 2017 in DIY & Moneysaving |

Over time my washing machine has been developing a fault. I thought I had spilled water down the back of it because when I switched it on, every light on the front panel would flash continuously. Sometimes it would stop, and others it would just keep going and going. This causes an issue when I’m […]

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Turn £10 into £10,000 with Investments

Posted by admin on August 31, 2017 in Cryptocurrency |

DISCLAIMER: This article contains my affiliate link to the product I’m discussing. I’d appreciate if you’d use it if you decide to carry out this investment option as it earns me money and it doesn’t affect you when you invest The website(s) given work on a principle of Investments, and is similar to a Pyramid […]

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Volkswagen steering racks serviceable items

Posted by admin on August 1, 2017 in Automotive |

In relation to my article I wrote on identifying the steering rack version in a Volkswagen Golf. One thing I mentioned was that I argue whether or not the Volkswagen steering racks should be covered under warranty or that they should be serviceable items. After all there are a stream of articles all over the […]

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Volkswagen Steering Rack Failure

Posted by admin on May 21, 2017 in Automotive |

Unfortunately with all the im.going problems with my car I’ve now come across a major stand point. Volkswagen Group alongside a lot of other car manufacturers have switched to what is known as an Electro Mechanical Power Steering system Some of you may ask what this is. Basically it replaces the standard power steering design […]


Myhermes – Failing to deliver again

Posted by admin on May 21, 2017 in Uncategorized |

Yet again I’m writing another article about myhermes. I purchased an item from eBay 12th April for the upcoming bank holiday period when I was off work on holiday.  It got to the end of the week and still no parcel delivery. I asked the eBay seller for the tracking information as I thought it […]


Brexit survival

Posted by admin on October 23, 2016 in Finance, Random |

One of the problems with Brexit is that it’s never happened before. No one knows what will happen, nor will they be able to predict correctly what will happen. They can only assume. I myself have never been one to worry over things like this, although I do still have my own concerns because living […]

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100% Beef – Belly Buster Burgers

Posted by admin on August 31, 2016 in Food & Drink (inc. Cooking) |

Decided to post a recipe for one of the beef burgers I like to cook that I made up which I call my 100% Beef – Belly Buster Burger. Nothing but a few simple ingredients and 100% Beef Mince. These are about 1″ thick, because I like wholesome burgers and don’t have a proper burger […]

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