The Importance of Passive Income

I wrote an article a short time back about Passive Income, and my desire to be a millionaire before I’m 40, or to at least retire by the time I’m 40. As long as you have enough money to survive with and pay your bills you are effectively “retired”, and the more time you have the more free time you have to use. For those wondering, the reason I want to retire is because I’d rather volunteer (preferably working with animals) because I love them, and having the time/money to focus on my personal projects which better humanity, I would feel ashamed personally if I worked all my life and achieved nothing. This may seem like an impossible task to some, but I believe it’s possible and quite easily done You just need focus and commitment.

Why is it important to me, well basically, you earn money whilst you sleep. Even if you just earn 1p per hour whilst you sleep, it all adds up over time and multiplies quickly

There are various sources you can use for “Passive” income. Also I refer to the income being Passive in the sense that once I set it up, or have put some work into it. I don’t touch it thereafter. I may primarily change setups from time to time as experiments, but other than that once they’re setup they become a source of income

Now. The maths so that people can understand it. At this moment in time, I use (or have) at least 5 sources of Passive income that I can use to make money from. Here are some examples that I use or have looked into just to give you some examples and why I use them. Much like compounding, the power comes from the sources you have and the fact they run continously without touching

  • eBay Partner Network
  • Google Adsense
  • Youtube
  • Amazon KDP (Bookshelf for authors)
  • Website Store (currently not activated yet)
  • Amazon Affiliates (not using, but an option for some)

I’ve tried to give realistic figures here rather than make believe ones.
Each source “earns” you £0.01 per hour in passive income (£87.60 per year) or £7.30 per month
£0.01 (P/H) x 24 (Hours per Day) x 365 (Days per Year) = 24p per day income

Now, you have a total of 6 sources below – they’re all earning a total of £0.01 per hour
6 x £87.60 (per year) = £525.60 (£43.80 per month)

Now, let’s say you have a let’s say you have 30 sources of income each earning you £0.01 per hour
30 x £87.60 (per year) = £2628 (£219 per month)

Or, how about you have 5 sources of income each making you £0.12 per hour
You’re now earning £2.88 per day per “source” of income – or £14.40 per day overall (£5256) per year (£438 per month)

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to boost your income for a relatively low amount if you have a large number of sources of passive income. Or you have a small number of sources that gain large income.

Just some optimistic calculations, to put things into perspective (how a little can turn into a lot)

You’re a heavy content creator on Youtube. You have a large base of followers who like your videos, maybe you make VLogs. You run adverts on your videos. Each of those videos only make you £0.001 per hour, but you’ve amassed over 300 videos, and about 10% of them are watched often (earning you £0.72 per day – 24H x 0.001P/H x 30 Videos)
This source earns you £0.03 per hour or £262.80 per year

You’re a creative bookwriter, you’ve got lots of books for sale on Amazon KDP. You have written 100 books, but only 30% of them actually earn you £0.005 per hour (or £3.60 per day – 24H x 0.005P/H x 30 Books)
This source earns you £0.15 per hour or £1314.00 per year

As you can see, I’ve only listed two sources of income above, and these could earn you £131.40 per month more in income given my two situations above. Combine that with a website, you can run Google Adsense / eBay Partner Network ads on it for some more income (I personally don’t make much via Google, but EPN I earn between £20 – 50 per month) which I reinvest mainly (my webhosting costs me about £100 Per Year)

Even if I could use the 6 sources above that I mentioned all it would take for me to make almost £1400 per month would be for those sources each to make me £0.40 per hour or £9.60 per day. When you look at the price of a minimum wage job in the UK £8.72 per hour for my age currently. You realise that when you have passive income sourcs, the money you earn doesn’t matter, because it all adds up over time. I actually have about 30/40 sources of “income” that I’ve been thinking of (both active / passive) which I’m currently researching as methods to boost earnings.

Additionally, you should also focus on debts. No point earning £1400 per month passive income and not putting it on debt, because once the debts are paid, you’re then freeing up more income and lowering you’re outbound expenses.

Maybe the next time you think of Passive Income, it will get your mind thinking about how you can have another source of income. Put your mind to use when you have 10 mins free time, and make it work for you in the long run. I think most people would love the luxury of not having to worry about money when they wake up each morning, knowing how their next bill will be paid, or like me, being able to retire when I’m young and enjoy life.

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My first 3D Printer – ANET A6

Finally, it’s here. I’ve always wanted a 3D printer, would be useful for a lot of my electronics projects, and being able to fabricate my own parts. Plus I have an active interest in communities supporting others. I’ve been interested in e-NABLE and Team UnLimbited communities for a while and wanted to join in.

Originally I wanted a Creality Ender 3 Printer, but when the COVID outbreak hit the world, all the printers were sold out. I wanted a printer and financial situations changed, so I ended up purchasing an Anet A6 3D printer from

It arrived (eventually), 3 weeks after ordering it. I can’t complain here, COVID has slowed everything down, I was just getting impatient waiting for it.

I started assembling the printer, in total it took me about 9 hours to build this (including troubleshooting). Admittedly, about 2 of them was removing the stupid paper film on the acrylic. If you’re thinking about doing this, stick it in some hot water and peel it off, way faster. I didn’t do it, because I was worried it was wood not plastic. I’ve since found out otherwise.

I assembled the printer using the 2 videos on the web. 1st video was great, the 2nd video was terribly poor. It was almost rushed for completion and I had to check a few steps. I had very few hitches, but I will note a few things to watch out for

I’ll be adding pictures as I go along

Notes for future builders – This may seem obvious to a lot of people. However the online manual doesn’t really help much when it comes to troubleshooting. So these are the things I noticed to help others

WIRE LENGTHS – The videos mentioned the first cable they said was 900mm. It didn’t match the “Endstop” that it was listed for. Example, they said it was a “Y-Stop” and it the length of cable they gave was an “X-Stop”, or something like that. Whatever it said in the video was wrong. The cable length didn’t match for the long one to what it actually was. Fit the parts based on what they’re needed for (for reference, the Z-Stops are at the sides), the Y-Stop is at the rear, and the X-Stop is attached to the extruder. The first part you fit to the device is the Y-Stop.

REMOVING FILM – This is purely down to preference, I liked mine all black. I removed it. Use water if you want to do yours, or spend forever

DAMN NUTS – Seriously, those M3 nuts are a pain in the arse to fit, they’re so small my sausage fingers kept dropping them. really annoying which didn’t help when building the damn thing

ORIENTATION – Pay special attention to the orientation of all the parts, especially where the holes are. It helps clarify which part you’re fitting and where they fit together. Saves you dismantling at a later date

CABLE MANAGEMENT – Try and make it as neat as possible, it will help later

Problems I came across – Again, this is my first printer. So I’ve been troubleshooting each new problem I find and I’m trying to put it down with every problem I encounterd to help people in future if they need it themselves. I’m also trying to put them down in the errors I encountered them.

PSU FITMENT (WRONG HOLES) – Not sure if I just misread the video, but you put the screws into the PSU from behind it, the holes mentioned are offset and there’s no physical way you can screw them in from the bottom

JAMMING Y-STOP – When I was busy testing out the bed, the Y moved back and then just whirred as if belt slipping. This was because I fitted the cable above the threaded rod and not under it, so it was catching when the bed was moving back

JAMMING Z-STOP – When I was trying to “Auto Home” on the device to test the stops out, the Z-Stops were failing. The threaded rod kept jamming, and the motors would just whirr away because they couldn’t move. I tried adding lubrication, and filing down the rods using emery paper which helped a bit. It was always the right hand side rod though. In the end I swapped it with the rod from the “Left” Z-Stop and put them at the top, then when I auto-homed it worked fine. Go figure

UNABLE TO PRINT FROM SD CARD – This is a simple one. Basically the printer can deal with STL/OBJ files, however in oder for the 3D Printer to print them off, you have to create “Machine Code” that it can read – aka GCODE. Basically, all you do is open the application (on the USB Pen I received, it was an application called Cura), you open the file. Then there’s an option at the top (something like File –> Create GCode). All you do then, is save it back on the pen, and you can access it from the SD Card

WRONG PRINT HEIGHT (PRINTING IN THIN AIR) – The first time I printed, it was printing in thin air. This was because the extruder was the wrong height, basically to fix this, you “Auto-Home” the board, and then set the print head height using the “Control –> Move Axis” menu, the X-Y Axis can be adjusted in all 3 increments (10MM, 1MM, 0.1MM), the Z-Axis can only be adjusted in 2 (1MM, 0.1MM). What you have to do, is move the print head near the corners, and then loosen each bed screw from underneath until the print head is almost touching the bed (the online videos suggest as thick as A4 piece of paper). After this it prints fine.

HEATED BED (OVER-HEATING, NOT HEATING WHEN REQUIRED) – This was probably my error. When I assembled the kit, I fitted the power supply and then hooked up the heated bed and controller board cables to it. When I ran my first test print, I encountered a problem. The heated bed would power up as soon as I switched on the printer without setting the temp, and also the bed would just constantly get hotter and hotter going way above the temp specified. I eventually worked out the problem after troubleshooting, basically on the controller board there are 3 terminal sockets “BED”, “EXT” and “POWER”. You have to attach the power wires from the extruder into the “BED” terminals, and then let the board control it. The B_T connector (Bed Thermistor) acts as the feedback wire, and then the board controls the temperature via these power terminals. When connected directly to the PSU it powers the board, but there’s no way for the controller board to stop it. So it just keeps heating until it shuts down, catches fire or the PSU shits itself

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Obstructive Sleep Apnea

I’ve never been a good sleeper. I contribute this to a couple of things, my weight, my personality and my messed up body clock. Although lately I think I’ve developed Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Bit hard to describe what it is. I thought it could be a crappy sleep pattern through my body clock I’ve installed sleep apps on my phone to try and monitor it, but basically I average around 6 hours sleep per night. Of that I get around 30 mins REM sleep, 2.5 hours light sleep and 3 hours deep sleep. For what it’s worth, without doing proper testing in a laboratory anyway.

Regardless, I think I’m suffering from Sleep Apnea, I’ve suffered for a few years with randomly being tired in the day, regardless of the sleep I get I still end up yawning multiple times. Lately every night I go to sleep, I fall asleep for about an hour and then wake up, literally having to force myself to gasp for air. It’s a strange feeling, almost like my body has forgotten how to breathe. It’s happened a couple of times when awake. It’s slightly unsettling, but once it happens, I manage to drop off to sleep without issues. The only things I’ve been able to think of causing this is Sleep Apnea, Obesity or neurological damage. I also considered that I was bloody choking myself unconcious when I sleep without realising as I lie on my arm on my neck when I sleep, but I think that’s highly irregular.

Most likely cause is that I’ve developed Obstructive Sleep Apnea because of my weight, so I’m working on that first. I’d be interested in hearing other peoples opinions on it. I’m actually a nose breather, I rarely breathe through my mouth, although I have discovered I snore when I sleep (sometimes). I’m not really sure there’s a way of checking it other than monitoring my CO2/OXYGEN levels whilst I sleep some how or breathing through a mask to see if it helps, or going to a doctor to be diagnosed.

The main thing that really unsettles me is the Air Gasping though. I thought it may have been sleep paralysis but I’ve never suffered it before. Really weird, but the human body is interesting and that’s why I’m always curious about it. It’s a complex machine

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So I bought a Hydraulic Press

This post contains affiliate links.

I decided to purchase a 12 Tonne Hydraulic Press for the Garage.

One of the things you will need to do from time to time if you’re an amateur mechanic, professional home mechanic, or a weekend warrior is replace bearings. If you’re lucky, you will get a bearing that’s a simple unbolt and slide-on replacement type. If not, you will need to press it in and push out the old one.

The DIY lazy man way involves smacking it with a hammer/socket or using a vice, which can damage it. The bearings need straight downwards pressure.

As I like to maintain my own car myself, I decided it would be beneficial to purchase a Hydraulic Press for the garage, because it’s a tool which is universal and can be applied to any car I work with or own. This means when I want to push in any bushes, bearings or remove old ones I had the equipment at hand to do it

12 Tonne Hydraulic Press - eBay

The actual press only cost me £100, sure it’s not perfect, and has it’s flaws, but for the price I can’t complain, as I don’t expect to use it constantly. It’s just one of those tools to add to my garage.

Here’s my honest thoughts of the product since purchasing it, with the pro’s and cons of it.


The price on it, it’s well constructed in terms of material. It was well packaged and arrived quickly, all the nuts and bolts were there to assemble it and all the parts. Which is always a good start


Now, the things I don’t like about this. First thing, the “manual”, if you can call it that. Basically it’s just an A4 piece of paper with some information printed on it, and a VERY poor low quality picture. Not really useful when you’re trying to identify the parts you want. When you look at them logically though, it’s actually quite easy to figure out. In brief here they are below to save you time looking at the instructions

  • M12 x 30mm bolt
    • The majority of the kit contains these. Basically almost every thing you assemble uses the same 4 parts. An M12 x 30mm bolt, a lock washer, a normal washer and an M12 nut. If you spend the time putting all these together ready. It will save you time during assemble. One point to be careful of though, which I found out later. Apparently there’s 4 bolts which are a different strength class (used to support the main top press that the bottle jack pushes against). The strength class is stamped on the heads of the bolts “4.8”, the stronger ones will have a higher numberon them (e.g “9.6”), keep these four to one side
  • M12 x 120mm bolt
    • There’s only two of these bolts. Basically you only use these bolts with the empty steel tubes. A lock washer, washer and M12 nut. This bolt is ONLY used to assemble the platform that moves up and down which the arbor plates rest on
  • Two long pins (Approx 200mm x 20mm)
    • These are used to support the platform. They go in the big holes down the side of the rails
  • One allen head bolt
    • This is used with the smaller nut to hold the bottle jack on the platform. It has a 5mm allen key head
  • Two bolts with eyelets
    • These are used on the two other holes where the bottle jack goes, the eyelets are what the springs hook onto
  • Two springs
    • Obviously, the springs hook onto the eyelets and the two bars in the top rail

That’s it, the bag of bolts and nuts looks really complex, it’s actually simple to work out though. I was methodically assembling it a bit at a time whilst I was working. Took me just over an hour.

Second, another thing I don’t like about the press. Is that the holes don’t appear to be level. It’s possible this is the way I assembled it, but given that everything is square, I suspect it’s not lined up. Just something to be careful of when pressing parts.

Lastly, the holes aren’t really at the best working heights. You will most likely need to drill your own holes, or increase the working height using a pair of wooden chocks. The only decent working height is at the maximum reach of the jack itself, so you will need to increase this height before you can do any work with it.

What tools do you need to assemble the 12 Tonne Hydraulic Press?

I used a 5mm Allen Key, a 19mm Spanner and an Impact Gun with 19mm Socket. I did this to speed up time, but Impact Sockets are thicker. Realistically all you need to assemble this is an allen key, and a couple of adjustable spanners, or 19mm socket + ratchet with a spanner. It’s relatively easy to assemble

Would I recommend it? – Yes, for sure. It will do the job just fine and for the price you can’t really complain, £100 is not even 2 hours labour at a garage. You would be surprised how many times you use things once you own them. I know for me having access to a bearing press will be useful. You also need to use a bearing press to replace the clutch release bearing for gearboxes. So it’s a handy tool to have in the garage which saves you money

I made a very quick and brief video on Youtube about the press I purchased and my thoughts about the product.

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Household Prepper Pantry

Prepper Pantry. The first thought that’s probably popping into peoples heads right now is that I’m some kind of nut job prepping for an end of the world diseaster. Not really, I just prefer being ready for situations which could affect me in real life. The outbreak of #Coronavirus that hit the world should be proof of this. Rather than stick to normality, people started panic buying like complete idiots. Exhausting supplies and generally fighting over common goods.

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a prepper. People I worked with used to have a laugh about it, but they always knew I was the one person who would probably have it. So the jokes kind of died down after a while. I wanted to have a realistic “pantry” so that if needed I could effectively not leave the house for a few months and avoid things until things calm down.

Now, in reality. Prepping is a thing EVERYONE shold do. This pantry is for real life emergencies. What about a job loss. Anything could happen, you could be struck down with an illness, or injury where you can’t afford to work. If you’re self-employed then you may struggle to find money for the bare essentials. What about power cuts, flooding, snow storms? – All these can happen in the UK (especially flooding) and cut off the supplies you desperately need to make life normal again.

Prepping is just a way of life for people, people who save up for xmas are preppers. Or women who buy extra nappies/calpol for their children so they always have some. Just the word springs to mind the kind of stuff Americans do when they’re gearing up for a fall out or nuclear apocalypse. That’s not me. Last thing you want is stress.

On with the show. As mentioned I’m prepping for natural things which can affect me in every day life. I don’t want to panic into getting supplies I need at the last minute as this is when you start thinking irrationally. The reason I’m also creating this is because I hate bloody looking for things. Batteries, light bulbs, packing tape etc. I just want one place for everything I’d normally use over time

I’m slowly adding to the collection by buying a bit extra when I go shopping each time. The supplies I buy are designed to be things I’d normally get on a normal shopping trip, but there in “reserve” if suddenly they’re not available, or I find myself in financial difficulty or unable to get to a store. It costs me maybe an extra an extra £10-15 per week ontop of my normal shopping budget allowed me to slowly collect supplies. I live alone so don’t generally bother anyone or have a need to go out unless I need food

The pantry room is a small cupboard (approx 94″ Height x 45″ Width x 35″ Depth). Approx 2400 litres or 85 cubic feet. Not much but it holds the essentials I need. That I tend to buy/use all the time. It’s not stocked currently, but I’m slowly adding to it. As you can see it’s a mixture of everything, cleaning products, food, drink, toiletries. Like I said, prepping for real life. I have a set of drawers in there which helps keep my bedroom empty and allows me to store items in a logical manner. Any toiletries are kept in a basket. I plan on putting up shelving to implement a FIFO system with the stock.

In the cupboard is as follows. I’m always adding to it. Before you think I’m selfish, this is my insurance policy for job losses, or any situations where I’m struggling for food/money. I also have a family, I give to them if they need the supplies. Nothing will be wasted, it will always be given away if I won’t end up using it

People are going to judge me for posting this anyway, but I don’t particularly care. I’ve been in situations where I was counting every single penny and stressing about my next meal. I’m now fortunate enough that I can start affording to build up my pantry and protect myself in the future so I don’t make bad decisions

I highly recommend people start building up a pantry and learn the rotation. Even if you can only afford an extra £2-3 per week, think how much extra supplies you could get over the course of a year with another £100-150 worth of money in your back pocket


This is the current picture. I might add a gallery over time to show how it’s been built up. The drawers currently hold clothes, but eventually I plan on using these to seperate items further. One for cleaning products etc

Prepper Pantry
    • 4 x 300G Baked Beans
    • 1 x Hot Dogs
    • 1 x Stewed Steak
    • 1 x Rice Pudding
    • 1 x 12 Pack of 500ml Water
    • 2 x 680ml Rowse Honey
    • 1 x Pack of Tooth Paste
    • 1 x 18 Pack of Toilet Rolls
    • 2 x 4 Pack of Bath Soap
    • 2 x Bin Bag Rolls
    • 1 x 4 Pack Kitchen Rolls
    • 1 x Bottle of White Vineger
    • 2 x Aluminium Foil Rolls

I still have lots more I want to buy, I’ll slowly add to this over time

In case you’re wondering. The total cost of all these supplies will probably be in the range of £400 when finished. Over the course of 1 year, this will cost me an extra £7.69 per week in shopping. Not really much when you think of it. All essentials that I can use and it gives me a huge safety net should I need to stay in the house for a while. It’s kept nice and tidy out of the way inside a cupboard that doesn’t interfere with my life. Supplies are always at hand though

A breakdown of all the supplies and how much I’ve spent

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Nissan Almera VVT Pulley Identification

I decided to write this based on my own research and findings. The easiest way is to ring Nissan, they should tell you. If they’re being awkard about it, then you can use the below procedure to help work it out. Hopefully this post should add some clarification to people who are unsure if their car has VVT or not, and which timing chain kit they should purchase.

For reference there are 3 timing chain kits for the Nissan Almera QG15DE Engine. They all use a 154-link timing chain with tensioner, but have different Inlet pulleys based on the car if it has VVT. The 3 timing chain kit codes are as follows

  • TCK32 (Timing chain kit for NON-VVT Engine. Both Inlet/Exhaust pulleys are the same
  • TCK32VVT (Timing chain kit for a VVT Engine. The Inlet pulley is 50.65mm (or around that) in size
  • TCK32DVVT (Timing chain kit for a VVT Engine. The Inlet pulley is 75.00mm (or around that) in size

OK. Now you know 3 sizes, which ones the right one for your car. A lot of guides on the web suggest if the side of the block has a flat face it is non-VVT and if it’s a squiggly bit / bump it has VVT. People who follow this guide when they have a “Flat” face rocker cover are then then later surprised when they remove their rocker cover and usually find their car has VVT fitted to the engine.

QG15DE Engine with Bump
QG15DE with VVT and “Bump”


Please note the information written below is with my car having the MK2 Engine (Metal Rocker Cover), I’m not sure if the MK1 Engine (Black Cover) use a “bump” for both types of VVT Pulley. This information has been written to try and help with identification

The reason why Almera have a squiggly bit I believe is because of the Deeper VVT pulley. There are actually 2 types of VVT pulley, one is around 50mm, the other is around 80mm. The extra bit is needed on the rocker cover and casing because of the larger pulley. Here’s the 3 timing chain kits for comparison. If you look at the pulleys, you can physically see the different sizes for the two VVT kits. This is why some have a “bump” on the rocker cover. It’s there to accomodate the larger VVT pulley. That’s it.

Now. How do you identify if your car has VVT or not. Firstly, most Almeras have VVT now. Here’s a couple of checks you can do.

  • Does your car have the “bump” – YES? – Then your car has the VVT Deep Pulley (TCK32DVVT Kit) – No?
    • You may require additional checks if you have the MK1/Black Top engine as noted above
  • Open your oil cap, you see a chunk of metal in your way like below?
    • YES? – Then your car has the VVT Small Pulley (TCK32VVT Kit)
    • NO? – Then your car does not have VVT (TCK32 Kit)

Hopefully this will help avoid future confusion and help people out for later reference

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Captains of Crush – CoC Videos

I’ve always been interested in developing Body Strength I’ve always wanted to increase my grip strength. Nothing wrong with increasing the strength of the Body to various degrees whilst also having a sharp mind. Healthy mind and Body. Just felt like posting these. I’d love to have the strength like Joe Kinney, but to close a #4 CoC gripper you’d have to have obscene levels of strength in the forearms. Currently only 5 people in the world can close the #4 officially

To date, there are currently 11 Captains of Crush Grippers. Details taken straight from the Iron Mind website below and then onto my videos. I don’t own all the grippers. Still need to buy them, so if you’re feeling generous you can always send me a gift from Amazon 🙂

11 strengths to choose from

CoC Closure Videos

Proof that I can close them. I’m not an expert strength trainer. I just do this infrequently every now and then to increase my strength more. I’ll be posting as I can successfully close each one

CoC Guide
CoC Sport
CoC Trainer
CoC 0.5
CoC 1
CoC 1.5
CoC 2
CoC 2.5
CoC 3
CoC 3.5
CoC 4

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Youtube 50/60fps Stutter

I’m going to add to this post as I go. This issue has been going on for years. Other than ISP throttling which is annoying, it’s really bad design.

I’m on 37MB/s download speed and can’t get a decant connection above 1080P/60FPS


In address bar type chrome://flags – search for “buffer”, look for WebAssembly threads support –> change to disabled

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Improving SEO Scores for your Website

The one main thing I’m always trying to do with my website is improving my SEO score so I get higher rankings in Google. It’s proven, higher rankings means more click through rate, and will generally make you more money if you sell products.

My website is/isn’t very niche, it’s an Automotive based website which has repairs, but I use it more as a professional representation of myself for showcasing my knowledge and skills whilst using some additional money to top up my earnings and some pocket money for projects. I didn’t design this site for money however, I designed it to share knowledge for people wanting to fix their cars. I could never find it when working on mine. The main thing that impresses me however, is that over the years, I have managed to develop this website (a personal non business one), into a popular site which drives traffic towards my keywords in Google and gives me good rankings.

Anyway, onto the show for improving SEO scores for your website, the techniques I’ve learned, I’m researching or tips and discussion why it’s needed. This article will be ongoing, so there will always be something new I’m adding to it or updating it. I’m by no means an expert, so feel free to reply to give me advice and tips on improving scores.

Topics you should consider researching and reviewing if you want to improve your SEO scores in my personal opinion and why


User retention and analysis is key to identifying ways to improve your website. Ever heard of the “funnel”, basically traffic comes through your website and funnels down. If you get 100 users, potentially 1-10 of them *1-10%* of your users can be converted into something (such as a buyer, member, subscriber). So you lose a lot of people you can’t convert. Having a Google Analytics account helps you improve retention because it allows you to optimise your website following analysis


Optimise it for Mobiles. My website gets around 70% mobile traffic now. So I focussed heavily on making it easy to read on a Mobile at the sacrifice of losing my menus. One step at a time. Secondly focus on speed, I absolutely hate a slow loading website, and if your user can’t see the information they want quickly. It’s another drop out, page has to load in 1-2 seconds. That means minimal ads, pop ups, or windows. This is why my website is primarily static HTML with pictures only. It gets the point across, and I’ve created sections which are slower loading (for now) such as my store and my blog for further discussion on detailed topics.

If you plan on having a Multimedia based website, make sure it’s content rich that will drive traffic towards your website. Having a Youtube video embedded into the website really helps with traffic. This also depends on your niche and target category. I’m looking at embedding videos in my articles as it’s driving traffic to me then from Youtube.


Social Media is key in this day and age. It’s all about brand awareness when it comes to improving your SEO score for your website. No point having a brand if there’s no way for people to talk about it. A lot of my website traffic initially came via my Youtube channel. Over the years this has decreased due to competition on Youtube, and because I stopped making videos. I still get traffic from it however. Going off topic here, I used to be an affiliate with Youtube. Which at the time was rare and if you got this membership you were privelged because they didn’t hand them out much. Then about 2 years later, they changed it so that every new member who joined Youtube was instantly an affiliate who could make money on their videos. This is where Youtube died, because everyone started making videos to try and make a quick buck and flooded the market so more people got interest. I’m looking at starting up again, but using my knowledge to improve as Youtube is a key sector. If you want to focus on brand awarness for improving traffic, personally I’d recommend the following (Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Website, Facebook). Make sure you have a couple of those to go through and your bound to get traffic that points to your website. They’re all great for traffic so anything what boosts visibility of your site is good for identifying you on the www. One point to note however, you can quickly get a reputation: Good OR Bad. As quick as you can build one up, it can quickly be destroyed. People will always remember something negative


I personally didn’t even know about this thing, but I’m looking more into it now after finding out what it is. Basically you can create tags, variables and events tracking which likes up with Metrics dashboards (e.g Google Analytics) that allow you to perform detailed analysis on where your traffic comes from, what they’re doing. If you run a commerce based website it’s good because it allows you to optimise it for more money


The days of simply dumping keywords on your website are frowned upon. Those people who say they can get you to #1 in Google, I suggest you check their portfolio as proof. There’s no point in simply spamming keywords in the pages of the website. Google generally tends to look for relevancy too. My website for example has VERY high rankings in Google for certain keywords relating to Volkswagen (example “VW Oil Warning Light“), if you search this in Google, my site will normally be somewhere in the top five. This is why when you look at blog posts on my website, ones like this have 10000+ views, because I’m getting large amounts of traffic from Google. This is why it’s important to get relevant keywords. You could spam my website with VW all over and it wouldn’t generate much results, one specific group of keywords however and my blog article exploded with traffic. I’ll delve into this later, but you can do analysis using Keyword Analysis tools and sites. This helps you identifying your niche to use


I haven’t added this to my site yet, but have you ever typed a Keyword into Google and it comes up with a website then with a little search box for that website with a breakdown on articles? That’s what site search is, helps keep users on your website from bouncing as it makes them easier to navigate


Pointless having a cool website, if you can’t navigate it, or Google can’t find he website. This is important, because there’s no way to find or reference your website if Google doesn’t know what’s on it. This file is a special file called Sitemap.xml – there’s various ways of making them. I used “Screaming Frog SEO Spider”. Great program, shows you all the broken links before you create the file, and relatively painfree. I’d like the pro version, but I’m cheap and only spend money when needed and work around the rest. So it’s one of those things on the back burner to buy at a later date. Free shout to the makers of this software however, it’s bloody good and I love it. For Blogs, you can use “All in one SEO”, it has a Sitemap creator which does it all for you. Once you gets the sitemap.xml files, you need to submit them to search engines (Bing Webmaster Tools, Google Search Console) so their bots can crawl your website and find the content. The Sitemap.xml file is how they find it, it shows them the links to the files and shows them where to find them. Like a digital directory / phonebook.


This used to be called something else, but I can’t remember it’s name at the moment. Search Console is where Google gives you a breakdown on your site performance, queries, rankings. It integrates well with Google Analytics allowing you to monitor the data better


This is normally accessible via your website host, but also another way of checking where your traffic comes from. It works the same way as Search Console / Analytics, but makes it a bit easier to read on the ey


I haven’t tested this yet, but I suspect https:// based websites get higher scores in Google. A lot of sites tend to focus on selling a product, so I personally can’t see why having a https:// website wouldn’t improve your score because it helps protect the user data


OK, this isn’t really something you should do. If your site is popular enough however, it will generate you traffic and sales without adverts. For smaller websites however, it’s a nice little source of income which helps boost your profits. I just wanted to make a post on this with my own opinion. This needs a lot of experimentation. Personally I hate banner ads and think the way forward is text links. Why?

Well firstly, a lot of people now are using pop up blockers. So some ads can be blocked. Secondarily, having banners/visual ads on the website slows down the website because it calls from secondary sites and uses additional resources. Not good if you like speed on your website. Now this in itself is a trade off, because HTML 5 based ads seem to perform better (for me personally). Users tend to like things that grab their attention. Personally I think text links are the way forward, they don’t interfere with the users reading the page and keeps things to a minimum. Plus it allows your articles to flow better. Just some food for thought. It’s why I keep my ads to the bare minimum. I find them as annoying as everyone else. In terms of affiliates, EPN used to be the best for money. They’ve changed things now however so you don’t get as much. I haven’t explored with amazon, although they have (or did not sure) a 30 day cookie period. A lot of users tend to buy at a later date, so this is good for retaining the tracking. for Google Adsense, yeah, it’s OK, I’m starting to earn more money with it. I run alot of experiments as I’m trying to find out what works best with my website. Ideally I’d like to create direct affiliates with my website and cut out the middle man selling, I’d rather have a bigger percentage of the pie directly. This is better because I can promote products I stand by when working with people directly, where as with Affiliates I have to rely on them without actually knowing the product unless I’ve used it personally. This is why I tend to limit the links, I only tend to use affiliate links to product I’v eused myself, or ones I find good rankings for.

More to be added… ongoing

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2020 Fitness – Starting Numbers

I don’t believe in the whole new year / new me rubbish, or going to a gym to get healthy because it’s the start of a new year. I just prefer to get into shape again to improve my overall health nothing more.

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve been to the gym (probably a good 6 years now). I wouldn’t so my overall health is too bad. Yes, I’m clinically classed as morbidly obese. However I rarely drink and don’t smoke. I was actually quite active, and I’m still active at work to some degree. So I don’t get out of breath easily.

I’ll be updating this post as I go. I’ve always had a good blood pressure, never been too high. Although lately it’s become too high (145/80 was my last reading). I contribute this to 3 things (My weight, my lifestyle, my job). I won’t go too much into this, I’m overweight, I eat shit and my job is very stressful. Just being honest here


  • All OK. My Prolactin was high, and my DHEA Sulphate levels were low. Other than that all readings were in range
    • I got a Dr’s report when I got my test results. Basically the main things that can be caused by these are
      • Infertility : This for me, I really don’t care about. I don’t want kids, never have never will
      • Loss of libido : Nope – wouldn’t say that either. I never switch off
      • Erectile dysfunction : Nope – but WOAH, best at health now. A broken tool is never good

In all seriousness though, I’ll be seeing the Dr though, it was recommended in my Health report. I suffer from Psoriasis which has been flairing up as it’s agitated by stresss, and so can the levels on my health tests. So I’m doing a follow up test, but also they can be caused by Thyroid issues (which can cause weight gain / loss), so another test for me to do. I’ll be advising the Dr anyway on the tests so I have more control over it. I’m trying to get a baseline for start + finish as this will be an ongoing journey for me


  • Not yet done… Tests cost money

With regards to my overall body, see the Gallery below. I want to be around 105-120kg. This is higher than my recommended Body weight, but I don’t want to be tall and thin, I’d rather be tall and chubby. Wouldn’t suit me in terms of look. You can see my current figures below. Main ones

  • My OVERALL Body Weight is 149.8 Kg
    • 32.5% of my Body Weight is FAT (Approx 48.69 Kg)
    • 36.8% of my Body Weight is MUSCLE (Approx 55.13 Kg)
    • 8.61% of my Body Weight is BONE (Approx 12.9 Kg)
      • 49.3% of my total body weight is WATER (Approx 73.85 Kg)
  • Weight 150kg (I’d like to get this between 105 – 120kg)
    • My “ideal” weight for my height is meant to be around 10-14st. Sorry that build wouldn’t suit me. I prefer being big. Just not huge. So I’d like to go to about 15-17st


I was debating about updating this post with a lot of information first before I made it live, but may aswell make it live so people can read. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak afecting the world I’m stuck indoors a lot. Using the time to clean the house and crack on with the exercise bike. I need to start slow, as I reckon since the last time I’ve been to the gym I’ve easily put on 20kg, so need to start slow. Not sure how long COVID will last but this will keep me occupied

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