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Well, in order to improve my site performance and optimisation I constantly use Woorank amongst a host of other websites to improve and design my existing one.

One thing has always bothered me however and that is whenever I run a query I always get a Blog not found message from Woorank for my website (similar to we could not find a blog on your website)

Turns on the woorank program can’t find Blogs unless it points to the directory. Some bad HTML coding by me too. My internal links where pointing to Blog/index.php as soon as I removed the Blog /index.php and left it as woorank found it thus improving my score

A quick tip to help anyone else with a similar situation. I’m now currently @ 71.9% on woorank

6 thoughts on “Blog not found, Woorank”

  1. Thanks!!! I had the same problem. Nice work getting your score so high. I’m at about 50%, but I think its due to no traffic yet.


    backllink alert!!

    feel free to post on my partner site:

    Good luck

    1. Thanks Eric,

      The scoring from the website is more down to the W3C compliance I believe as opposed to traffic, although traffic does have some link up to the website

      Thanks for the backlinking, I’ll look into adding the site to increase your traffic and mine 🙂

    1. Only thing I can think of offhand is modify your internal coding.
      Your home page link for “Blog” points to blog/ – this would suggest it’s in a subdirectory of a folder called blog (such as blog/blog2/myblog.php)

      Try changing your home page links so that Blog points to /blog and remove the trailing /
      Browsers shouldn’t be intelligent enough to find it so you have may have to manually edit the HTML code on the source template

      I’ve looked at your source code in your home page. Look for the following line in your home page
      li id=”menu-item-349″ class=”menu-item menu-item-type-post_type menu-item-object-page menu-item-349

      Then look for the link, delete the / after blog so it becomes

      It will still point to /blog, however the browser/server software should then parse your HTML code (index.html, index.php, etc)

      Only thing I can think of at the moment. Been a while since I used woorank.

  2. Hi

    A bit late a comment but I need to add:

    add_action( ‘wp_head’, ‘wp_generator’ ); solves this issue as Woorank is aware that WordPress is a blogging CMS.

    1. It’s fine it’s always nice to receive user comments it’s about participation.

      Where do you add these remarks. Are they somewhere specific in the code of WordPress or just need to be within header tags of the site for example ?

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