MK5 Golf Problems

I’m going to use this post to write articles or known issues with VW Golf MK5’s and solutions or suggested solutions. These cars for all their advancements are annoying plagued with electrical gremlins

Bonnet Release Catch Broken
Porous Cylinder Heads
Rusting around Boot, Arches and Sills
White Worming on Bads

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Winter Coming : Safe Driving

So with the winter weather fast approaching, we may not be getting snow but temperatures are sure dropping fast. I’ve compiled the video of my account giving some advice and suggestions about driving in this weather and what to expect. The video is 25 mins long and can be viewed here…


To summarise the content of the video. I’ve broken the discussion into 5 categories. I know there’s 4 here because I can’t remember the 5th!

Your vehicle {i.e making sure it’s in good health}
Breakdown {what to do in the event of a breakdown}
Tools / Equipment {what to take to prepare you}
Driving {Adjusting your driving style}

The video shouldn’t be taken as gospel for winter driving it is one of a collection which can help the inexperienced drivers from this weather and the hazards to help them prepare for the conditions.

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Oil Service for the Golf

Just recording the log of carrying out the service on my VW Golf

Used 3.8 Litres of Mobil 1 5w/30 ESP with a new filter
I also replaced the sump plug and washer

Remove the lower shield of the car by removing 8 x T20 screws and 3 x T30 at the rear

Also discovered VW didn’t have my exhaust clamp screwed onto my exhaust under the shield, barstewards

Mileage at service – 47,245

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Wrong Oil Filter

Just want to say a big fuck you to Volkswagen.

UPDATE BELOW!!! – Read the end

I gave the till assistant my VIN chassis number of my car, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he entered it correctly and he wasn’t dyslexic or thick. Volkswagens parts system ETKA or whatever the dealers use now has decided that my car has a revision change (i.e A > B but same part number) on the oil filter meaning the new one fits.


Answer, nawwwwwwwwwwp. It’s about 2 inches two longer after I’d already drained the oil. Meaning chuck in old filter, change over oil and sump plug then go back to VW next week and get the right damn one!


Turns out it’s a common problem (See my post here on UKIV forums) –

Turns out the design change, or what I think it is, is that the little “peg” that slots into the housing is detachable, the new one is fixed. Issue now sorted and everything fully changed… few.


Sorry to VW, although you still are bastards for having shitty customer support and after sales service. I’m still going to slam you but I’ll admit I was wrong this time

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