Pacific Rim Film Review

After seeing this film, the only thing I can say for my Pacific Rim Film Review is that this film is nothing short of amazing. It has been well directed, well thought out and constantly keeps the cinema goer interested in the film. It feels very humble, whilst also makes you feel a part of the action. The film is very high tech, but at the same time, it gives an old feeling almost as if you have experienced it.

There is a fluid amount of action, not too over the top and not enough to be dull. The Jaeger intiative was a good idea and caught on well, it’s not transformers, but it’s something to show that mankind, is weak, but has the capacity to fight back when required.

The heroes of the film, put up a great fight with their own weaknesses. When they combined their strengths, they form a bond that is unparalleled and allows them to survive the greatest of feats.

An amazing summer hit, that is well balanced and thought out. I’m going to give this a perfect 9/10 because I would love to see a sequel

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Man of Steel

Went to see Man of Steel yesterday at the Cinemas. Great film overall, but it definately is something you have to pay attention to when you are watching it. The film flashes backwards and forwards from how the young Clark Kent was sent to Earth when his planet was doomed to how he becomes the man he is. All the experiences he suffered as a child and all his abilities he developed

The film is a pace-built action which leads up to a climatic finish where he must embrace his darker side to choose between saving humanity or saving his homeworld

The film follows how Zod escapes from the phantom zone after the destruction of Krypton seeking the Codex which Jor-el gives to Kal-el to repopulate his homeworld

We learn in the storyline how every Kryptonian was bred a certain purpose and Zods was to protect his species at all costs.

Overall a good film which leaves way for a sequel as we still have not seen the likes of Lex Luthor yet but we have seen references to the corporation

Overall I’d give this film a 7.5/10 – it’s not a bad film, but at times the music was a bit too loud and sharp actually hurt my ears. I’m really contemplating taking a DB meter into the cinemas so I can see how loud it gets

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Star Trek 2

I recently went to the cinemas to watch Star Trek 2:Into Darkness and all I can say is what an amazing film

The action is this film is consistent and never at a dull moment, it’s full of energy and just when you think the film is starting to die down. You are thrown way back into the action

The plot follows a character who seems to have created a one man war against starfleet (John Harrison) who is later revealed to be Khan.

The show then goes on a one man bounty hunt with an ultimate couple of twists at the end of the film

I recommend watch it I’m really tempted to go watch it again because it was that good. You can check out my review on Youtube I gave it a 7.5/10

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Geek Gets The Girl Films…

Yes at times I’m a complete sap but I do like watching films like this and it’s surprising how many come up. I want to compile a long list of movies to stop people searching and allow you to browse fully this list… this list is in no order just the ones I’ve found so far it will be regularly updated until I deem it complete.

I have compiled this list using my own knowledge and searches on google so it can be consolidated into a megalist. I plan on doing more of these if there’s enough interest

Also for a film to be included on this list, it needs to follow a criteria of a loser/geek gets the hot chick in the end of the film. So sequels where they are together don’t count because the loser/geek didn’t “get” the girl

I’ll do a breakdown on the films once I’ve added them all up

  1. The Girl Next Door
  2. American Pie
  3. Transformers
  4. Loser
  5. The Matrix
  6. Spiderman
  7. Superbad
  8. Kick-Ass
  9. Scott Pilgrim vs The World
  10. Juno
  11. Adventureland
  12. Zombieland
  13. Weird Science
  14. Revenge of the Nerds
  15. Can’t Hardly Wait
  16. I Love You Beth Cooper
  17. Ghostbusters 2
  18. Revenge of the Nerds
  19. Revenge of the Nerds 2
  20. The New Guy
  21. She’s Out My League
  22. Take Me Home Tonight
  23. Sex Drive
  24. Disturbia
  25. Hackers
  26. Just Friends
  27. Clueless
  28. The Sandlot
  29. 10 Things I Hate About You
  30. Win A Date With Tad Hamilton
  31. Bring It On
  32. Angus
  33. Back to the Future
  34. Zack and Miri Make a Porno
  35. Wargames
  36. Teen Wolf
  37. A Walk to Remember

Films about Girls Winning the Guy

  1. Bridget Jones Diary
  2. Chasing Liberty
  3. Never Been Kissed

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