Gambling with Betfred

Every now and then I like to try out new forms of gambling and one of the sites I like to use a lot of is Betfred. It’s a good site, just watch out for all the welcome bonuses. I made that mistake. It’s best to start off with small amounts and work your way from there.


Now, my experience with this site, is it’s sort of OK and user friendly. Although at times the menu options can be a little confusing. I tend to like the virtual games more like roulette and greyhounds, mainly because I’m impatient. Roulette is definately my fav game though, just always remember never to bet more than you are willing to lose


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Retire at 40

Something I thought of the other night, how much I hate my job, and it had me spurred on. I would really like to work hard, so I can retire at 40. Now, this is no easy challenge. I’m talking proper retirement, not working a single day again in my life and living the life I want with it’s luxuries until I died.

Now, I manage a rather generous guess here on how much I’d need to save up to retire at 40. I worked on the basis of my current expenditure, I guesstimated I’d need around the region of £20,000 per year to live off based on current spending and finances.

I wouldn’t actually need this much, but thought it better to over estimate than under estimate. Also, I want to start this plan when I turn 30, so it’s not a short term plan, it’s a long term plan over 10 years.

Drum roll please…. in order to retire I think I’d need around £3,000,000 (3 million)

Now, this figure isn’t purely for living. I don’t expect to live beyond 70 years old but I would be putting money aside. Around £1.5 million of this is to build my very own custom house. I’m talking about a large plot of land (maybe 0.5 acre) where I have no close neighbours and a house custom built to my requirements to live in until I die. I’m talking things like home cinema, home computer room, gym, swimming pool, games room, etc.

The actual figure I worked out for retirement would be around £1 milllion. At £20,000 per year before inflation, this would work out around 50 years of no employment I could live off. The other £500,000 would be for a safety margin that I could live off if the shit hit the fan

So, how am I making this money. Working and gambling with roulette. Some say gambling with roulette is stupid, but it’s not. Just a case of using your brain and knowing when to quit and knowing your limits. The technique I’m using is very slow, but it has a very high success rate (nothing is 100% on roulette)

To make £3,000,000 in 10 years to retire at 40 years old (playing every day for 10 years). If I work on the basis of 365 days per year, I need to average £821 per day in order to make this amount.

Short of winning the lottery. Roulette will be my next go, it definately works, just a case of perservering. The method I’m using basically returns the original bet you made when you gamble. If you lose, you need to double up the bet. So for a stake of £1 you win £1 back. If you lose you need to bet £2, and then £4, and then £8, etc.

This method is slow, but the money you earn picks up when you have large figures.

I’ll keep adding more posts the further I go, but even using this method of £30 per day you can still earn yourself £900 per month. As for the money on £20,000 per year. Part of this plan is to pay off the mortgage and all debts and buy myself an evo. That way I have a disposable income of £600 per month towards adding into ISAs or high interest accounts. I leave these with a large deposit (say the 500k safety money) compounded interest over 20 years, probably puts this in the region of 1 million more

So, it’s a dumb plan, but something I intend to achieve. Hopefully I’ll take pictures when I save up the money when the house is built 🙂

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Good Karma

I like to think I’m a good person sometimes and deserve rewards. I’ve had a hard life, but I don’t tell everyone about it. It’s my problems to deal with, I’m a grown man so I like to cope with the problems myself

I recently had problems with my car resulting in me having to spend about £400 on top of my normal pay. Had to get a wonga loan to fix my pay. Long story short, I applied for a loan of £1000 which I was going to use to fix my finances. Not the best approach but desperate times

I lost my temper on the phone today with loan company (sorry Paul if you’re reading) because they wouldn’t give me it. Checked my bank balance to find there was a whopping £4000+ sitting in there

Remember that good karma I was speaking about. Well, I got an early pension I put in for, so I’m far more calmer as such I don’t need to worry and my finances are now back on track to start paying off debts.

I had a credit card balance of £4000, I’ve paid £3500 off and kept the other amount left in my bank. I should have about 300-400 leftover at the end of the month which I’ll clear my card with

I’m much happy. I’m not arrogant, but sometimes I feel I deserve a little reward, I always make sure I give money for cancer, dogs, children and soldiers. They’re all close to my heart.


Moral of the story. If you can do something small to help make a difference, do it. Eventually when you’re in need of a hand down something will come your way for the good karma you have provided to someone elses life.


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Improving adsense earnings

One of the things I’ve always wanted to do is make money from my website. I run a combination of multiple providers and ads, aswell as ad placements to identify which type is best suited to my website when hosting.

One of the main important facts I wanted to know was ways on improving adsense earnings so I could make money from my website

One of the main things you should consider, if your site has a niche or is specific to certain categories (such as dogs or cats). Is go into your adsense account and select the allow/block ads option.

I did the same for my website my disallowing ads not relevant to my website and allowing only ads relevant to the content. This has helped increase my ad requests highly and I’m already getting better clickthrough rati and earnings for my site

Additionally, pay specific attention to the google adsense options about ad placement and recommended ad units. Consider text links or skyscraper ads as they seem to do the best on websites.

Hopefully these will help you find a way to improving adsense earnings for your website

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Gambling to make money

As part of my way of paying off debts this year I decided that gambling to make money would be my way forward. Now, I’m not stupid, I know gambling costs you money. However, I’ve always believed in you need to speculate to accumulate.

I always put on £24 per month on the Irish Lottery (£1 stake on betfred taking the half odds) because if I win for a £1 stake I still get £301 back

Out of that £301 my winnings would be divided as follows…..
– £200 for my credit card to pay off
– £50 for “ME” as my own personal savings or spending money (you have to look after yourself)
– £24 for another set of months lines for the irish lotto (again half odds) 2 x lines, 2 x chance
– £27 to “gamble” away and lose if need be, to possibly increase my odds

The whole rule about gambling, is always know when to quit and call it a day. There’s always another day. I took a big chance tonight (transferred £20 earlier today in my betfred account btw) been on and off winning during day (I tend to lose money when I don’t play smart nothing more).

I had £11 remaining in my account that is part of my normal gambling money on betfred, put an each way bet on two random greyhounds (£5 each to win) – one of em won. Hello £85 in my bank

I transferred £50 into my bank (always helps top it up). Put a months worth of irish lotto on, and then gambled away the rest for fun. So I never actually “lost” any money, yet still managed to win some and spend some for fun. In the end I’m actually £30 in profit over my initial transfer

Remember, think smart, play smart and you can win. Pay off your debts and live a comfier life.

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Get rid of debt

I’ve recently decided I want to get rid of debt unfortunately my money circumstances mean I rarely get any free money to myself.

I’ve decided to do this by playing the odds with gambling. I put myself a fixed amount of money in betfred/national lottery so I’ll be using the extra money to put towards clearing debt. I’ll be working on paying off the highest debt first by slowly chipping away

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Rainy Days

Sometimes it pays to save for those Rainy Days. That odd £10-20 pound per month spare you have could go into savings for the times when you know it’s hard

Recently and for the next couple of months my bank account is taking a severe hit.

I had no more money to come out before payday last month then the account suddenly went to around £200 into an overdraft. Woe me I forgot about my AA membership
(edit – must remember to get the discount back)

This has had a knock on effect since I was paid, still currently 22 days until payday and already £160 overdrawn on my bank 🙁 and yet more payments to come out :/

Luckily I’m getting a large pay this month and next month, but it’s still hitting me hard because I have got to get my MOT + Car Tax yet. OMG it never rains but it pours!

Now, where did I put those scratchcards and lotto tickets, fingers crossed.

In the meantime I’m busy ebaying some crap I no longer want to build up money and I get paid off a contract and my youtube position next month so should be back in the green. Fingers x’d things pay off. Best recall all the money I constantly lend people and ask for it back

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I’ve always been meaning to do transcription as a way of boosting my earnings and earning more money, well why not. It’s basically just listening to what people say and type it. Easy right?

Yeah, NOT. My first project was 2 hrs 20 mins long

OH, by the way. Most NORMAL people talk in the range of 80-100+ words per minute.
OH, there was also around 7 people in the conversation. So think along the lines of ~ 100+ wpm for 140 mins,

The final file took me around 9 hrs non stop to complete. Resulting in nearly 20,000 words.

Damn it was intensive.

Also when your transcripting you constantly have to stop and rewind. The perks of the job are for a TRUE transcriber, not a shitty job like odesk like I have. If I went full time and became a pro, I could claim jobs on a rate of £30-40 per HOUR. Yes, so a file that may take me 24 hours to do for 8 hrs of audio may seem a lot of typing, but when your earning more than some people make in a week, it’s a nice little thing for the kitty

If you’re going to do it though, get some decent headphones, a decent sound card, a footpedal for controlling the audio (or some software) and possibly a voice to text program that can read the files to make translation easier after training (i.e dragon naturally speaking)

I’ll be discussing this more on my website. I’ve completed my first file and awaiting payment. I’m using 2013 as a way to boost my earnings big style.

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So close, yet so far….

Received an email from my Irish Lotto that the winning numbers were….. {as below}

If I had 4,15,31 I would have been £600 richer lol

Here are the results of the Irish Lottery for Wednesday, 12th December
03,09,12,15,31,33 Bonus Number 20.

There was no match for the winning numbers drawn. Tonight’s top prize is
4,034,765 EUR.

First division prize on Saturday, 15th December 2012, will be for 4.5M

(Minor Prizes) – Returns in Euro.
5 numbers plus bonus :: 25,000.00 Euro.
5 numbers only :: 940.00 Euro.
4 numbers plus bonus :: 105.00 Euro.
4 numbers only :: 33.00 Euro.
3 numbers plus bonus :: 21.00 Euro.
3 numbers only :: 5.00 Euro.

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Short on cash – work at home jobs

Should you find yourself short on money or have lots of spare time and want to “boost” your earnings you can be paid to review music for doing nothing but listening to 90 seconds of music each time.

I currently review music on slicethepie where I get paid anywhere from $0.08 to $0.20 per song. It’s better to focus on quality over quantity and be open-minded when reviewing the songs.

Firstly, if you give a rubbish review the system doesn’t feed you as many songs because the quality of your reviews don’t give a good judgement. This is why I only listen to about 10-15 songs per day. Secondly real artists (both famous and upcoming) use this site, so they need real opinions of their seconds

Now. I currently review around 15 per day (~300 per month) and this nets me around $50 which is around £35 in UK money per month. It’s not much but when it’s around 40 mins of your day it’s a hell of a lot of free money you can use towards debt or boosting your earnings.

If you’re interested please use this link as I get paid for recruiting you and it joins you up to the site….

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