PS4 Destiny

For a long time a friend has been nagging me about getting the computer game Destiny for the PS4

I’ve never really been one for shooting games, because quite frankly I’m rubbish at it. I didn’t want to spend the money incase I didn’t like it. I took the chance and purchased the digital download copy from the playstation store for the game which includes a season pass, DLC’s and upcoming expansion alongside some others for ingame customisations of your character

I have to admit, since I’ve bought the game, I’m definately hooked. It’s very interesting to play. You are thrown into the combat quite literally for a quick introduction to the game.

It has it’s own pace whilst playing, but there’s never a dull moment, bosses are tough and OBSCENELY big in the game but they’re still down to die eventually

The PVP is quite good, although I don’t play it much, I will get to that point, I’m working through the story line at the moment


There’s a massive amount of weapons, armour and customisations available, you can pay for it, or you can do the slow technique of grinding and becoming stronger as you level up in the game

After playing this game, I definately rate it at least a 9/10 , the only improvements I could suggest would be for the game developers to look into the sound options. I found mine was a bit twitchy and kept breaking up in party chats. It was due to the sound on the microphone, it needed to be blended on the the channels to work properly

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The Last of Us : Left Behind DLC

On the 14th of February. Naughtydog producers released a new DLC add on which was 5 gigs in size for their much liked game “The Last of Us”. The DLC was entitled “Left Behind” and goes deeper into the game of Ellie and her friend Riley Abel.
last of us dlc

The DLC adds much needed information to the storyline of game but it’s best to have completed the game itself before playing this as you will understand the game better and be more familiar.


Overall, I found the game quite enjoyable, albeit REALLY short in terms of a DLC add on. The first time I played it, I completed it in around 3 hrs on normal mode. I then played it in hardcore survival mode, and completed the game itself in around 1 hr. It really is that short, I just skipped all the cutscenes.


The DLC focusses more on a filler gap and how Joel survived his injuries. If you are asking yourself what injuries, then why are you reading this? Play the game first!


There’s not really that much fighting in the game other than a couple of scenes where you have to play through the game, if you play in the hardcore mode of the left behind dlc you really need to remember to use bricks. There’s not enough ammunition to justify your survival in the game


I’ll do a playthrough for my youtube channel at a later date to show this new game. It’s fairly basic but in terms of playthrough was still enjoyable like the original


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The Last of Us Survival Guide

This guide is still under development and not yet finished…………………

Let’s face it, if you’ve bought The Last of Us, you love it. If you haven’t bought it why not, unless you own an XBOX, then you’re missing out haha. This game is truly a survival horror franchise. If you play the game on normal mode by comparison easy/normal are nothing. Soon as you complete the game once you unlock Survival mode which is the reason I decided to make this The Last of Us Survival Mode

You see, in survival mode, resources are extremely limited, some of your skills are disabled, and any helper prompts on the screen are disabled. So either play smart or play dead.

Now, topic over, here’s my thoughts on the game playing so far and suggestions for improving them.

Shivs are cool, but until you can start upgrading them, you’re limited to 3 shivs. When fully upgraded you effectively get 9. Anyway, when you have a shiv you can unlock the shiv doors which hold all the goodies. In Survival mode these doors are a lifesavers. Generally all you will find is Weapon Parts, Ammo and Pills. Sometimes the odd one or two bits and pieces, but primarily that’s all these rooms store. Also I really really recommend learning all the locations of these and using every single one as they’re generally your supplies in this game and they’re what give you your upgrades.


Health is a key factor in this game, the healing kits are very hard to construct or come by so don’t go healing constantly like easy mode. You also don’t need to get hit much, I had a decent stash later in the game as I didn’t need to use them that much. The thing about the game is when you get to one of the “major” cut scenes, you actually get a free health refill. So use these wisely, there’s no point refilling your health if you get it at the next level. Just keep it as long as you can and use in desperation


OK, going out guns blazing is good when you have an almost infinite amount of ammo in the game, however when you’re playing The Last of Us in Survival mode, your supplies are extremely limited. There’s no point fighting if you’re avoiding conflict. Clickers can’t see you so just slowly creep past them and avoid them. Stalkers can but take them out by choking them silently. Learn your enemies patterns and have patience

Learn to know your enemies, and wait. Their patterns, their weaknesses. Tactics you can use against them. Since you’ve unlocked survival Mode in The Last of Us, you already have an idea of what’s going to happen. So plan your attack or evasion before hand. There’s no point fighting it if you can avoid it. If multiple clickers are nearby, don’t make a noise unless you can kill them all in one go.

Seriously, you know how the saying goes in this game, they’re lifesavers. Sneak up on the enemy throw a bottle or a stone and hit them with your item. It saves ammo and it’s a guaranteed one hit kill on the monsters (except for the Bloaters, they’re bad news so stay away). Always keep an eye out for a brick or bottle, I always make sure I’ve got one in my inventory and try to have a piece of wood or pipe. You will absolutely love these. They’re great for distraction too if you want to make a getaway from the enemy. So remember to keep these and you won’t use anywhere near as much ammunition. Remember to conserve the ammo, because you’ll need it in later levels. You burn through it so fast in Survival Mode and it’s always nice to know you’re carrying loads of supplies for when you need it. It also saves health when your one hitting enemies too so allows you to conserve your limited health kits.

Like Lewis from Left 4 Dead. Pills are your friends. Much like the shiv locations, you really need to have a good idea of where every pill pot and pill plants are located in this game if you want to maximise your character throughout and get them levelling really quick within the game. The stronger you become the easier it will be. Another reason to save your shivs so you can open the special doors containing the pills in the game. I personally don’t think there’s any point going for shiv master. The save points are fairly good in this game and until you can upgrade your shivs you will only have enough for shiv doors. So I prefer to put all the points into maximum health and healing speed. Max Health for a longer beatdown and more chance of surviving. You could also put in for weapon sway might help a bit but I’d prefer the health more. Allows you to “tank” the multiple enemies that face you

Fists of Fury from Joel all over the place, he loves to punch and give the beat down on the enemies. Make use of all the punching ability and timing for your enemies. Why waste ammo shooting them when you can punch them. If there’s only a couple just make note of their locations and give them the beatdown. If you’re facing tougher enemies or enemies with guns. Then stun them with a brick or bottle and go in for the instakill with your fleshy knuckles and make a dent in their foreheads as you wipe them out

Make sure you open shiv locations because they contain large quantities of weapon parts, and collect all the other small weapons parts from every location possible. The better the upgrades the longer you survive. I wouldn’t bother getting the pistol holster straight away, I’d save the parts for the “second” upgrade { In Bills Armoury where he gives you the bomb } – for the first upgrade I’d just do your revolver and pistol. Try to focus on fire rate + clip size. The bigger clip size will help you in the long run when you’re collecting ammo because it allows you to hold that little bit more. Once you start getting the more powerful weapons let shorty, shotgun and rifle. Upgrade them as fast as possible (Get the weapon holster too) so you can go along and kick ass with these weapons.

Here are some of the “major” encounters you come across and how you could deal with them…..

FIREFLY “Subway”

    – 5 or 6 clickers and 3 or 4 hunters

Firstly, soon as you start on the level, look left. Grab that shiv from the cupboard. Then wait for the clicker to walk back towards the hunter eating the body. Whilst the clicker is turning around to come back at you, throw a bottle as far back BEHIND it down the corridor as you can see. This grabs their attention, wait a few more seconds. As they start moving away, throw a molotov where the brick was. This will grab their attention and burn them. It SHOULD kill at least one of the other clickers, maybe at least 2-3 of them if you time it right. After you have killed that group. Enter the room on the left and grab the safe combination. Then slowly navigate passed the enemies, remember patience is key. Go towards the clicker blocking the exit and pick up the piece of wood. Throw a brick or bottle to stun the clicker and one hit it then pick up another bottle. If there was another clicker use the same approach. After that all that should be left over will be a hunter near the safe. Go give them the beatdown and collect the weapon parts. Leave the area

DESOLATE TOWN “Sharpshooter”

    – 1 sharpshooter with sniper rifle and about 10 hunters

You may way to consider starting this level with full health. When I first tried this level on survival mode, I was doing my instinctive route of going to the right. This wasn’t working because I was always getting killed by about the 2nd house. The BEST technique, as soon as the level starts, stay to the left. Go up the stairs and keep to the edge of the house then next to the wall. Drop down and go through the window of the house. Go up the stairs, get ready with your brick as there is an enemy here. Take him out. Wait patiently up the stairs as another 3 enemies will come in.  A molotov, a thug and a gunner. Take them out one at a time, then proceed to exit the house by the rear door. Go down this alley way. There is full coverage all the way down and the sharp shooter can’t get you. Now, at the bottom there is a fence with a sort of broken house. Don’t go this way although there is a piece of smoke grenade inside there so collect it but careful as sharpshooter can get you here. When you have this bit, crouch walk along the house (not between the house/fence) but between the two houses, then as your near the end it will trigger a scene for some more enemies to come out. As they’re lurking around, sprint across the roadway (sniper will shoot at you) and go into the house across the road. I found they ignored me so I explored the houses and collected the items. Be careful around one of them because the closest one to the start point the sharpshooter can hit you. The next one down (or the one after) a thug comes out one of the rooms so be ready to take him down. You will hear him first, it’s basically the room where you go up stairs and there is a boarded up toilet in front of you. Then as you have collected all the parts. You should sneak out the houses and go around the long way which is basically the side you ran across to as this has the most cover and the sharpshooter can’t get you. There will be 3-4 thugs. Take your time with them. I managed to have enough to construct a molotov and a smoke bomb. You can use the smoke bomb to lure them or wait for them to all be near and throw a molotov, it should kill 2-3 of them if you’re lucky. That should then leave one you can choke out. After this go to the nearest house and collect the parts. Then go into the sniper house and go up stairs, he doesn’t come out to get you, it just triggers a cut scene. After you kill him, you need to protect the others. Kill all the enemies (you MUST kill them) then that will trigger the armored MPV to come. They will throw molotovs. He throws one, the second time he goes to throw aim carefully and you can snipe him. When he snipes him after the truck crashes, kill the small mob that attacks your companions. After this loads of monsters from previous level come. Don’t bother and just let them come, it will trigger a cut scene. Level complete


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Private Game Servers

Following my love my Knight Online and to develop my game knowledge, aswell as IT experience I’m developing a private game server for knight online.

I’m pruning the database and cleaning out all the buggy shit so I have somewhere to start from properly, it’s just a long term project because I’ll never get to see what a GM edited char plays like

There’s rumours of private servers on the ROFD expansion, possibly one to see

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Dead Space 3 Weapon Combinations

I love the amount of Dead Space 3 Weapon Combinations that are possible when you are playing this game.

If you focus on having chunks of damage, make sure you have a weapon with plenty of splash damage or something with crowd control for when you’re being surrounded (cough rocket launcher cough)

I love the fact you can customise your weapon loadouts, they’re so many to play with. Here’s my favourite ones so far. Please note, I’ve completed the game once already so have the +3 circuits available at my disposal, you can do the same with the +2 circuits however, just the +3 gives a bigger boost

Also, I’d focus on getting the best frames if possible. A supercharged MK5 frame has stats built into it and comes with the full 8 circuit slots on it. Whereas a heavy elite still has 8 slots but no stats built in. Therefore the weapon combinations you can get are good, but better with the supercharged variants.

I always favour damage + rate of fire above all else, don’t need much ammo when you’re tearing them apart

Here’s my favourite build outs so far – I will be constantly updating this as I find better ones

Bullpup Asssault Rifle with Bouncing Bolas
This weapon absolutely rips monsters apart, I did use to use acid bath as one of the attachments but the fire helps them burn a bit longer haha. The Bulbpup is a full auto assault rifle with a good rafe of fire, and the bouncing bolas absolutely dices the enemies apart
Frame: MK5 Supercharged Heavy Frame
Top Weapon: Military with Rail Accelerator
Bottom Weapon: Tesla with Accelerator (makes a electrified bouncing bolas)
Attachments: MK5 Flame Addon + MK5 Damage Support
Circuits: Primary (+3 damage and clip), Secondary {+3 damage and rate of fire)

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Dead Space 3 is coming

Dead Space 3 is on the way. The monsters and necromorphs are appearing waiting for another ass kicking

They’re coming here February 5th in America and February 8th in the UK

Can’t wait to play this game, there’s a whole new concept to the game but it still retains the actual original structure of the game itself and the whole scared shitless concept.

Look up for my youtube playthrough as it happens on release date

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