Dedicated server

Did a configuration change on the website and it brought me to something I really need to work on with the limitation of this webserver. Eventually I’m going to have to migrate to a dedicated server or build myself one


This lowly quad core PC is taking a lot of brunt. I did some changes and applied some programs with my cloudflare settings, my inbound connections on MySQL went from around 4-10 to nearly 500. The PC slowed down drastically because they I/O was taking a hammering


This is the perfect time to start building my cluster of PC’s.  A bunch of low powered cluster computers acting as a dedicated server for my website will be faster than this PC as the load requests can be split up.

I’ll get some software and load test this PC, then find out the comparison with the new server I build

Watch this space 🙂

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Improving adsense earnings

One of the things I’ve always wanted to do is make money from my website. I run a combination of multiple providers and ads, aswell as ad placements to identify which type is best suited to my website when hosting.

One of the main important facts I wanted to know was ways on improving adsense earnings so I could make money from my website

One of the main things you should consider, if your site has a niche or is specific to certain categories (such as dogs or cats). Is go into your adsense account and select the allow/block ads option.

I did the same for my website my disallowing ads not relevant to my website and allowing only ads relevant to the content. This has helped increase my ad requests highly and I’m already getting better clickthrough rati and earnings for my site

Additionally, pay specific attention to the google adsense options about ad placement and recommended ad units. Consider text links or skyscraper ads as they seem to do the best on websites.

Hopefully these will help you find a way to improving adsense earnings for your website

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Cannot start session without errors in phpMyAdmin

A quick one, I recently received the message Cannot start session without errors in phpMyAdmin when trying to logon


Usually when you get this message it’s normally because of your browse cache, or an issue with the session.save_path variable in the PHP.ini configuration file


I decided to check the session save path first and it turned out after I had a problem with my PHP configuration. I updated PHP but forgot to copy over the directories


My PHP was pointing to a /tmp folder. Once I created this, jobs a good un. Remember this in next time

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Added another computer for the clustered web hosting mix

Recently decided to upgrade the computers because I’m working on a Windows based clustered web hosting solution. I want to speed up the response times of my website, whilst also at the same time developing knowledge on virtual machines, clustered hosting and high availability environments that features SANS and load balancing


I purchased an old AM3+ motherboard from eBay a while back to replace my failed burnt out motherboard (AM2 based, my fault guvnor, oc’d it and fried). Anyway, as the new motherboard using a different CPU socket I had to purchase a new CPU and RAM.


Long story short, I was paid from Google for my youtube videos and had a small amount of money spare, so thought why not.



Specs – 2GB of DDR3, Dual Core Athlon CPU @ 2.8GHz

It’s not major, but perfectly suitable for clustered web hosting because it’s mainly for the features. I’ll maybe add in a secondary network card so I can look into load balancingPC-Dimples

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Cloudflare Servers

Recently when working on my blog, one of my plugins suggested an option for “Cloudflare Servers”. I actually thought I was already a member when I installed the plugin but I wasn’t

I decided to take a look at the setup and registered for Cloudflare Servers.

Now I’m glad I did, their name servers are ultra fast and the options they give for free users are amazing. They’re definately speeded up my site. I was running eBay ads on my website and the load times were crippled to a halt. The second I changed over to Cloudflare Servers they loaded with very little delay

Additionally I changed my nameservers to Cloudflare Servers too. Normally when my IP changes it takes a few hours for DNS to update so my site works again. I updated on the site for Cloudflare and it registered in about 15 mins. Talk about rapid


Needless to say I’m very happy with the configuration and speed that has now been applied to my site and I’m heavily considering their railgun packages and more when I get the money

Thumbs up for Cloudflare Servers

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What can a computer handle?

With me hosting my own website and files, I’ve been asking a lot lately from my tiny old home PC.It’s custom configuration of Windows 7 Home Premium, 4GB Ram, Quad Core AMD CPU and a Western Digital Raptor Hard Drive. This got me thinking enough to ask the question, how much is too much. What can a computer handle exactly?

Currently this PC is running at 90% memory usage, and 100% CPU usage. So it’s safely close to maximum and probably swapping to the page file a lot at the moment


On this PC at the moment I’m doing the following

  • Running Google Chrome and Firefox (surfing web, website testing)
  • Playing youtube
  • Running a virtual machine for development (Windows 7)
  • Running a webserver (Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • Running a backup software
  • Listening to windows media player
  • Running an exchange server
  • Recording a cctv feed
  • Running all background and host apps (antivirus etc)
  • Folding on all CPU cores with SMP client (folding at home) – 100%

So this little beasty is doing well to be honest. I can’t wait for the new build. How much is too much, enough until your PC calls quits. I’ll reward it with some increased hardware and being a controller of my newly built cluster when I make it

It’s safe to say computers have advanced so far you can easily run virtual machines with the simplest of hardware now and still chuck more at the computer



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Website Redundancy

After a recent episode of PEBKAC affecting my website and completely trashing it’s config (i.e ME) I had to do a thorough bit of research and sort out multiple problems with a broken PHP config and Apache not loading. This has helped me in hindsight understand two things…

1) I really need to get myself a dev server built for testing website and not doing live

2) The recent downtime has helped me identify I need to look into failover and load balancing for my website on a secondary server

Not only will the failover server add website redundancy, it’s also mitigating the risk of data lost. Now, it’s going to be a bit difficult at first because I have to research computing clusters and load balancing

Once I work it out however, I’ll effectively have twice the computing performance and don’t need to worry too much if one server goes out of action


I’ve been going a bit mental on new hardware. Here’s a current spec I’m looking at doing for my new cluster. It could change too as I’m also looking into 4 x 12-core Magny CPUs for a PC too. Here’s the initial spec I’m looking at. Safe to say it will be a beast in performance increase when I get the cluster setup if I stay with this configuration

5 PC Cluster -New

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Website Analytics

Something I’ve come to establish whilst running and hosting my own website is that there is a firm need and a constant requirement to carry out Website Analytics.

I say this because without any analysis being ran on your website, you can’t identify ways to improve SEO scores and Google page page of your website. Additionally you can use the analytics feature to help your website be found more often when people run a search term in Google

I’ve only wrote a few articles on Volkswagen Car Documentation but I’ve made sure that whenever I write them I share them to twitter and facebook, this helps increase my views, but also exposes them to social networks should they be popular documentation.

I’ve also discovered my website is actually #1 in google for a fair few terms relating to Volkswagen car repairs, although I won’t specify which pages or queries that are entered into Google to find my site for development and optimisation reason, but safe to say my documents are generating a good range of hits and helping out people with their cars.

Now, onto Website Analytics. I haven’t fully developed the knowledge with this, but I’m running a large number of analysis programs with my website. These include the following…

Clickheat – for heatmap monitoring (finding the popular locations)

Analytics – through google (for monitoring keywords etc)

Tracewatch – another alternative good program

Clustermaps – to identify where my key traffic is coming from


I also use counters for unique visitors but that’s just for my reference

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eBay Partner Network

I’m always looking at increasing the revenue available for myself throughout life. One of the things I read about was the eBay Partner Network

Supposedly it generates over 20 times more revenue than google adsense. I’m working on finding this out. I’ve actually been accepted as of yesterday for the eBay Partner Network. I can now run ads for eBay and adsense on my website

I promise they will be minimal, but I’m focussing on Volkswagen and IT documentation on my website so they will be relevant to the content I make


EDIT: I just checked my account 00:10 @ 16/08/13 and already at £0.18p earnings, it’s not much but with my adsense ads I get in the region of 1p per month if that. Think my eBay is onto a winner.


I’m running a combination of ads on my website, I’m trying not to make them too intrusive but obviously would like to make additional earnings for myself. I did use the eBay sales widget but actually removed it because it was slowing down the loading time for my site

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Custom server

I’d have an IT dream if I had an won the lottery, bar making all my friends and family rich, having a house I could live in for the rest of my life (preferably miles away from anyone) I’d have my own dedicated custom server room.

I’d mainly use the server room for number crunching and folding at home, but in more realistic terms, the equipment I’d like to buy would be a Dell Poweredge M1000e Blade Server and a SuperMicro 4-way Nehalem or Westmere server.

Ideal spec for me would be using 10-core Intel CPUs (x4), PCIe SSD Hard Drives and a chunk of memory.

Then run my own virtualisation business or simply do an arsehole of folding at home

Gotta love custom servers, eventually I’ll have one, or two, or more 😉

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