What’s it like to live in South Hetton?

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So, what’s it like living in South Hetton?

Truthfully, it depends what you are looking for. Firstly, I’ve lived here all my life – so it’s all I’ve ever known in terms of living location. It’s a quiet place to live with the occasional bit of drama. There’s always something going on. There’s a lot of history with this place, made famous by the Angus Sibbett Murder, body found at Pesspool bridge.

It is however a really quiet place to live, so good if you like to get away from the big city and move to somewhere where people don’t interfere in your life as much. You have to be aware, as a small community, we talk… a lot. So people are chatty and will want to know your business, where you’ve come from, who you know. Why you moved into the area. It’s our business to be nosy. Getting to know our local community.

South Hetton comes under Durham County Council in terms of Parish, as you’d expect with any other council. This starts from Snippersgate, then it becomes Sunderland.

South Hetton is a former coal mining community. So you will find a lot of OAP living here. So a lot of them are good friends and know each other. There’s still a few houses around the area use coal fires. Not as cheap as Gas, but anyone who’s grew up with a coal fire can probably remember the memories of their mother, or their nan standing in front of it and hitching up their skirt then warming their arses in front of it. Coal fires are one of those things you miss, they radiate heat in an entirely different method and are so relaxing.

South Hetton is full of pensioners, but there are a lot of middle aged people living here too. This is because of some new houses being built into the area and people moving in. Since I’ve lived here, I know of at least 4 or 5 new areas (Abbeydale Gardens, Regent Court, Maythorne Drive, one around Grasmere. I’m not sure of the street name, but I think it’s called Windermere Road). This created approx 200 more properties in the area, which has driven the local population from about 3000 to probably closer to 3500-4000 people.

South Hetton, other than OAP, and new builds is a council based community. So a lot of the people who live here that don’t work or either on Job Seekers, Sick or claming benefit some how. It’s a typical council estate. You get your mix of good and bad people. We have a relatively low crime rate, it’s mostly thefts and anti-social behavior that happens in the area. Other than that nothing really happens.

There’s not really much to do in the village, it’s quiet. In terms of social activities, most people tend to go to the Cricket Club. On Thursday’s they have a quiz night, which is great for communities. Alternatively, you can go to the Robin Todd Centre which always has something going

If you’re into Sports. There’s a Cricket Field, 2 Football Fields (1 of which usually has a team playing on a Sat/Sun), a bowls green, basketball court and five a side court. These facilities still exist, but they’re run down now because they’re not really used often. If you have younger generation there’s somewhere for them to kick about. There’s also a small children’s playground for them to go to at the local Welfare park. Alternatively, the Robin Todd centre is the newest building opened up (it used to be the local recreation centre). There’s usually activities going on there and there’s a gym so good if you want to work out. You can also join the local Facebook Group to find out about other activities that people do themselves or run in the local area. There’s a local equestrian centre nearby too if you like horse riding

If you’re a socialist person. I can’t really recommend anywhere. We have a Cubs / Scouts hut and a Cricket Club. There is a quiz night every Thursday so it’s great for a cheap drink, and friendly banter and a bit of competition.

(If you’re from South Hetton and I haven’t listed you. Drop me an email and I’ll look into it then add you). Please note, the only businesss I have listed here are the ones I found on Google Maps. This doesn’t account for Self Employed tradesmen. i’m happy to list you but you have to contact me first otherwise I don’t know about you

KEY NOTES TO SUMMARISE – Click here to open the below in a HTML page you can view

  • RELIGION : We have a Church and a Chapel
  • FOOD : There is an Indian takeaway, 2 Fish & Chip Shops, 1 Pizza Shop, a Cake Shop and Catering Business
  • SPORTS : Sunday league Football team, Cricket Club, Bowls Club, Local Welfare Park, Local Community Centre
  • SERVICES : We have an Optometrist, a Mechanic, Post Office, Haulage, 2 x Driving Lessons Tutors, Hair Salon, Hair Dresser
  • HEALTH : Local NHS Surgery, Care Home, Day Care Centre, Boots Pharmacy
  • EDUCATION : Primary School
  • TRANSPORT : Go North East

If you don’t like South Hetton. Then we are within 15 mins drive of the bigger towns and cities (Peterlee, Murton, Seaham, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Sunderland, Newcastle) which are easily accessible via the A19 and opens up the options that you have available to you

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