Weird Dreamstates

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always had weird dreamstates. Never sure whether I’m having some weird out of body experience, something internally in my brain, or I’m simply just having a trippy as balls dream.


It never scared me, it was just always “weird”. This is actually really hard to explain, simply because I don’t know what it is. Or how accurately to describe it.


Until now anyway. Black Holes are one thing which really interest me.

I’ve recently came across an animated gif about black holes, and this actually describes it quite well with what I experience in my dreamstate.




Imagine at the focal point of the singularity is your “subject” of your dream.

Dog, Cat, Person, whatever.


Now, imagine your subject stays at that focal point, but you are being dragged out of the black hole and pulled in instantaneously back to where you started once you read the outer edges of the black hole. Imagine you’re sitting on the “horizon” ring of the gif, and your subject is at the focal point


Keep focussing on the singularity, and let your eyes go a bit trippy seeing the animation of the arrows going inwards.


You might find it easier staring constantly at the focal point, you will go a bit cross eyed, but that’s what the experience is like. A bit trippy


It’s like that. Basically you become extremely close to the object, are pulled out, then you get close again.

Black holes with Singularities


Pro-rata Debt Repayment Calculator

One of the problems a lot of people will experience in their life, is that they will experience financial difficulty.

If the difficulty gets to the point where they can’t manage it, they may get advised to use a “pro-rata” style method of payment towards their debts.

This method basically does a calculation based on how much you can afford. Then allocates a certain percentage of that payment, to each lender or debt that you owe money to.

Each lender receives a portion of the amount you can afford, proportionate to how much you owe them. This can work out saving you a lot of money if you’re in Financial trouble.

FOR EXAMPLE : If you are spending £300 per month on debts, but if you can only afford £100, then that would be saving you £200 per month in terms of finances. Rather than you constantly getting back into financial problems again and again.

The pro-rata style of payment helps you get your finances in order again, as it allows you to have a fixed payment plan in place when it comes to your lenders.

The pro-rata is generally considered the debt repayment method to use, because it treats all of your lenders fairly. Everyone receives the amount of money, proportional to how much you owe vs how much you can afford.

If you want to access the calculator, you can download it from this site using the following link below. This may prove useful and help some of you.


Pro-rata Debt Repayment Calculator

Cleaning hard skin on feet

One of the best things about being a male, is we think out of the box, and sometimes we’re just downright lazy so will use whatever is at hand.

I’ve worked in Warehousing for 10 years with steep toe caps and tough shoes. So over time I developed hard calluses on my feet from walking/wearing them

Found the solution that doesn’t involve Listerine

The Man file! 🙂


If you’re ever looking for a good file to remove hard skin (or even superglue on fingers), keep a good Metal File handy. I had plenty of metal files lying around that I never use, so kept one aside just for random shit in the house.

The set I own is this one from Machine Mart

The actual file is the 5th one from the left.


Then just simply scrape away gently, within a few minutes your fingers/feet will be soft to the touch again


Ta da!

Jobs in North East England

Whilst I’m doing my own approach for Job Searches, I’ve been finding a lot of jobs listed with private companies that hire directly. I feel these Jobs in my area of North East England are unknown to people. As the sector suffers from unemployment like any other. I’d like to help others find these jobs. The North East region has always suffered. Time to make it a strong area again

I’ve created a page on my website for this very thing. You can use the following link to access it – or the menu at the top of the page and find jobs dedicated to our areas


I may eventually create a jobs board style page where I only plan on listing ACTUAL jobs, not fake ones. I have ideas on how to make Recruitment Businesses better, but I feel they’re never going to change, so I’d probably just implement it myself 

This primarily focuses on the North East UK jobs, showing listings for places like Consett, Newcastle, Sunderland, Peterlee, Hartlepool, Durham, etc. If you’re from this area, you know the places we live in. 

Website Migration and Reviews

Just a quick update. Stability issues with my Website should now be resolved.

My previous host I was with for 2-3 years ( / was good. However my most recent experience I’ve had about 10 instances of non stop outages, and eventually it just got worse.

Initially it started with some file-corruption. I spotted this by chance as I was working on my Website and every page had bullet points on. Then a couple of days later, nothing worked. Reason was a failed drive, then after that it was over heating servers. Pretty much every day when the server was rebooted, I had a new problem. Getting to the point where I decided to go elsewhere, because I’m sorry to say I’m no longer receiving the service I expected.

This was a hard decision for me, because whenever I migrate Web Hosting, it’s always been a hassle for me to reupload and reconfigure files again. So I try not to migrate unless needed. I’m not going to bash them, Jamie as an owner is good. I would say personally the problems started after the merger. When it was looked after by Jamie the tech-support was always resolved and the servers were spot on. To me however, it just wasn’t worth the hassle I was getting for the money I was paying.

So – I looked for a new host. I went through a couple of hosts. Trying to find the right one. – I opted for these first, because I came across an eCommerce based Website that was hosted by them, and it was blisteringly fast (which is always good), they’re also my Domain Registrar, so it would have made it easy when it came to hosting records. However, I opted away from these after speaking to their Live Chat. I made an enquiry about hosting my Website on their shared hosting (mentioning it contained a blog/ecommerce platform). I was responded that I would need one of their dedicated packages. When I enquired about the platforms, regardless in their size, I received the same answer. OK, scratch those then (Just as a note my Blog/Magento are really low users), hence why I asked about size. The fact I was given the same response meant I just wasn’t going to waste my time

Just as a note, if you’re from reading this from – if you offer platforms like WordPress/Magento as part of your “1-click apps” on all of your packages on shared hosting. Then expect people to use them. What’s the point in offering them if people have to pay for dedicated hosting? – Stupid no? – I was going to go with these. I’ve actually been with them before. The last time I was with them however, I left because they had their own custom cPanel. They’ve now replaced it with the genuine version. The reason I decided not to go with them however this time was because their site migration process is an absolute pain in the arse.

I couldn’t find any option which allowed me to update my DNS/Nameserver records. The only ones I found related to site migration host–>host and for me to update my domain records with fasthosts. Sorry I don’t want to transfer ownership of my account. Maybe I misunderstood this, but I was already frustrated enough dealing with my site outages, I just got sick of the pain when it came to dealing with migrating my Website too. I just want a simple cPanel interface where I could upload a backup and restore it, or amend my name server details. When I try to login to cPanel for these it kept trying to provision the domain. So I got irritated and said sod it. This host has good reviews however and from my previous experience with them, I would recommend them, however their introduction method needs to be as painfree as possible. For me personally it wasn’t. Most people leave their existing hosts because of price, or service. – This is my NEW host. Came across a post on WebHostingTalk and just clicked on the signature and read the website. I spent a lot of time talking to the support (who was actually the owner) prior to purchasing it. Chris understood my needs relating to the service, and understood that after I gave him my domain name, I just needed to update my records so told me the option to use when purchasing.

I’ve now fully migrated my Website after uploading a backup, Chris restored it for me. He offered to migrate it for me, but I’m comfortable with cPanel navigation and site had downtime anyway. Took about 2 hours to get everything over again. Everything back in place with the full backup (Emails / Databases). I was expecting to have to reconfigure WordPress again, but it looks like restoring using the Backups does this for you too. I’m happy with the servers, their equipment is modern. Caters for my needs, and sites load even quicker than before. I’m unable to comment on the host since they’re new to me but long-term if it stays like this current service I’ll be happy. If my site grows to the point where I need more powerful servers, the option is there to grow as needed.

UK Taxes and Government Spending

There was once a question posted towards the government about ringfencing taxes and dedicating them to specific sectors like care/NHS. Typically, the government dodged this, because they don’t have the back bone to say yes to taxing people, and because most people know fine well the Government wouldn’t give the money to the NHS, they’d use it for their own purposes. So they left it with Council’s to tax people instead

I’m discussing this, because quite frankly, something needs doing with it. The NHS is an amazing service, but without increasing Taxes and making more money, eventually the service will fail. Services are already under pressure now, which is why we have long waiting times. This is due to lack of staff. A budget that is the correct amount would provide the cover for this. Eventually the UK government WILL increase the taxes, but they will allocate the budgets where they see fit. I’m just posting this so people can get a general idea of how the money would be produce, and what it would be equivalent to. If you don’t like the idea of raising Taxes, consider this, the UK could eventually have a privatised NHS service like America when they have no more money and need to raise it via other methods

Personally I think the government needs to be more exact with where they are dividing the money. The treasury need to start coughing up. Boris is wanting to make the British a Scientific Superpower. We are barely doing well now because of the allocation of budgets. So to add something else into the mix is stupid. Make us stronger medically first, we already have the structures in place, just cough up the funds to allow them to develop more.

Now, here’s some numbers

In the UK there are “approximately” – 1.5M NHS Staff, and 1.5M Care Workers
In the UK there are “approximately” – 48M Working age (1.5M Unemployed)
In the UK there are “approximately” – 2000 Hospitals, 22000 Care Homes and 7500 GP Surgeries

Just for reference…
If the government implemented the suggestion £0.01 to NHS for every £1 earned. That’s equivalent to about £10p/m

Assuming the Government said “Yes” they’re willing to tax people X amount which will go directly to the NHS, you would get the following. I broke it down in a table. Click the link below to open it up in a new Window as it’s quite detailed


As you can see, regardless on even the most miniscule amount even if it was just £1 per month out of everyone’s pocket. There would still be a nice payrise, or increase in budget for whatever place/person is receiving it, and it’s hardly going to affect someone that much for them to notice the difference. In the table I’ve written various breakdowns, these included the following

  • 100% of the money being given to the NHS / Care Workers,
  • 100% of the money being given to the Facilties such as Hospitals, GP Surgeries, Care Homes
  • 50% of the money being split up between the NHS workers and the Facilities
  • 50% of the money being split up between NHS workers and the Facilities dividing it further
    • The last part would be a Split of 70% / 15% / 15%. It’s pointless saying a care home needs more money than a Hospital. End of the day, what’s bigger, what needs the bigger budget? It’s just common sense. You would have to prioritise more of the money towards the larger Facility. They need the money more.

After the #COVID19 outbreak is over, the Government will be remembered for the slimeballs they were, and the #NHS and #CareWorkers and all the other staff will be remembered for the sacrifices they had to endure. So if the option ever comes up about increasing Taxes to ringfence for NHS, the opinion to me should be yes, providing it’s guaranteed for the NHS. This helps medicine and cures be developed when more money is pumped into Science. So the more budget they have, they more they can hire and train. Which increases the overall effectiveness

This is currently how the government breaks down their annual taxes based on budgets. As you can see, there’s virtually no headroom. My annual tax last year is example below. Interesting enough, I’ve actually just added up the below and it comes to 99.8%, so where the hell is the other 0.2%. I’ve included sources below, but 2019 appeared to be around £810B for the entire Government budget which would make the National Debt Interest around £41.31B last year. So 0.2% is the equivalent of £16.2B – damn, I’d love to know where those pennies have gone?

  • Welfare (23.5%) £1,171
  • Health (20.2%) £1,006
  • State Pensions (12.8%) £638
  • Education (11.8%) £588
  • Defence (5.3%) £264
  • National debt interest (5.1%) £254
  • Transport (4.3%) £214
  • Public order and safety (4.3%) £214
  • Business and industry (3.6%) £179
  • Government administration (2.1%) £105
  • Housing and utilities, like street lighting (1.6%) £80
  • Environment (1.5%) £75
  • Culture, like sports, libraries and museums (1.5%) £75
  • Overseas aid (1.2%) £60
  • UK contribution to the EU budget (1%) £50
  • Total£4,981

One of the excuses they made with the ring fencing was that they had to prioritise other areas like Transport/Defence.

I would say Yes to Transport, the idea of Defence personally is just rubbish to me, but that’s what happens, they have to either sacrifice something, or find more money somewhere. This is done via taxation

The UK as a whole contribute towards a National Debt. Apparently every single citizen has about £15,000 of value in National Debt. That 5.1% above in National Debt Interest is somewhere in the region of £47 Billion. Imagine what the government could do with that much more money at their disposal if we weren’t servicing Debt. That’s a different issue however.

So, as you can see. Eventually we’re all going to be taxed more, it’s just a case of WHEN not IF

You can read more about the UK Government 2020 Budget via this link
You can also read more about the UK Government Debt here
You can read about the Government budget forecast at this source

Weather Headaches

This may sound like some weird rant, but for those people who are like me and sufferers like me. They will understand what I’m talking about and how much it messes you up. I thought I’d write this post to discuss it with others

What are Weather Headaches?

As much as I’d to class it as a “Spidey Sense” relating to the Weather it’s not, it’s a nightmare. Quite simply they’re headaches you experience when the Weather changes. It affects people in various ways, some people get it when the Weather is going from Hot to Cold, Cold to Hot, Barometric Pressure Changes, Humidity changes, if there’s a storm front coming on. Sounds rubbish right?

I can assure you it’s not. It’s something you learn to live with but hate at the same time. Did you ever have a grandparent who always used to complain about the Weather and they can feel it in their bones? Same situation, everyone who suffers Weather Headaches all get it in varying degrees.

For me personally, it seems to be more related to the barometric pressure. The slightest change can set me off. It’s why I’m making my own Weather Station, I haven’t been able pinpoint what’s causing it which is why I want to build a weather station so I can log it.

When the UK went into Lockdown with #COVID19 we had a period where it was red hot (about 30’c) for about 2 weeks. Well before that I had crippling headaches, and after that (before it started raining about a day later), I got crippling headaches again. How does it affect me you ask?

The way it affects me would probably depend on a pain scale based 1-10

Pain Level of 1 – I wake up, slight headache that irritates me I can work but feel grumpy until weather changes.
Pain Level of 5 – My head hurts, I take painkillers. I’m irritable, it makes me nauseous, and irritates my bowels
Pain Level of 10 – I can’t function. Unable to move, wanting to vomit, head feels like it’s going to explode.

This may sound all made up, but for people who have worked with me. Those who know me know it’s true. I rarely get anything I can’t manage, I just plod on because I’m so used to it. Normally I try to self medicate, sometimes having a red hot bath helps me when I’ve got a headache. I try to catch it before it happens, drinking more water and taking painkillers. It helps me cope with it. It sucks. The longest it has ever lasted has been about 11 hours for me. I was woken up in the morning with an enormous head pain (think huge hangover) probably 8/9 in pain. It contined until about 15:00 that afternoon.

I was pretty much in bed for the entire day. Tried talking to people on the phone, but I was just grumpy as fuck. I wasn’t really interested, and when I’m grumpy I’m very irritable. I have no tolerance or patience with people. It’s basically just a case of give me the answer, or get to the point then get lost. I’m trying not to be rude with people, it’s just that’s how bad it affects me.

The weather itself isn’t fixed, I remember another day quite vividly, I woke up about 7:30 in the morning with a splitting headache (maybe about 7 or 8 on pain). I felt like I wanted to puke all the time, my head was banging and I was constantly going to the toilet didn’t know whether I wanted to puke or shit myself. Eventually about 11am, my head felt perfectly fine. At that exact moment it literally started pissing down with rain, and it felt like a balloon was being deflated inside my skull at the exact time this was happening. (This coincidentally is also why I think mines related to Barometric pressure).

I know there’s various theories about what causes these headaches. Even as far as the cycles of the moon, this is because the gravity pulls the water in our body which can cause headaches/joints.

Weirdly enough whenever it happens, my sinuses always get bunged. Like I get ridiculously snotty and when I’m suffering from the headaches my entire nose and sinuses become blocked.

I’ve tried self help, I’d be interested what works for others. My main routine with Weather related sickness is primarily Water, Painkillers, and a hot bath. I’ve considered taking allergy tablets incase it’s related to this, and also losing weight. Maybe a high BMI causes suffering more. I’ve yet to find a decent Android App which tracks it. I know the USA has an app called Storm Headache Tracker or something which is used to alert people when there’s a weather change about to happen. So they can take painkillers in advance. None for the UK however.

Either way, it’s a bummer, but you learn to live with it. I have good days and bad days. I’d be interested in hearing from people who suffer it too and what works for them.

Why use a dishwasher?

I’m lazy! There I said it, here’s my life hack for the method I use that should make you think why use a dishwasher?

I prefer this method, simply because I live alone, this is the approach that I use. It works for me. I live alone, but I have a habit of grabbiing a new piece of kitchenware rather than wash the last. I then just tend to wash everything all together, the end result being I ended up developing my own pattern for doing things which gives me free time.

I do actually wash dishes individually from time to time. I just get distracted a lot, and prefer to grab a new one from the cupboard than to clean an old one to reuse it. Don’t ask me why, just seems a pointless idea. If I only owned 1 dish, 1 cup etc then I’d be forced to wash them all the time. Maybe adopting a minimalist lifestyle would work for me, but this is the approach I use and I’m fine with it.

If I can find a way of doing something quicker, I will. Lazy people find the most efficient way of doing things, it’s a fact. We will figure out a fast way of doing something so we can spend more time being lazy.

Here’s my Life Hack. Which is the reason I rarely use a dishwasher, firstly it takes forever, secondly, it’s more expensive. Lastly, it never used to get into every nook and cranny no matter how I cleaned it. So it was a waste of time anyway. Dishwashers rely on you getting rid of the the dirty stuff on a plate so it can clean off the lighter stuff. What’s the point in that. If you’re going to clean something and replace the manual labour of it, then you should do a better job. Dishes, everyone hates them and doing them. If you love them, I think you’re a Psychopath… you weirdo you! Joking, whatever makes you happy, but I can think of other things.

My time is precious to me. As a person I’m lazy, I know I am. I didn’t really develop the right mindset and mentality to clean as I go, so I’ve had to make up my own. Either that, or I just can’t be arsed doing things and just prefer doing things my own way. Which sounds more like me.

Anyway, I normally do my dishes when there’s a full load. I hate doing them one at a time, that’s just the way I am. Seems a waste of effort. I used to use Dishwasher, but it’s expensive.

A quick google search suggests a Dishwasher uses about 1.5KWh of Electricity per cycle (about 20p of Electric), you then have to factor in the tablets for materials, you’re probably looking at around 50p for every cycle. Not good.

My method that I use which makes dishwasher inefficient, and is a faster, cheaper and easier way to wash dishes.


  • Run the tap until boiling hot, plug the sink and give it a squirt of good ol’ Fairy liquid for some bubble magic
  • Chuck in a full sink of your washing inside it and leave it to sit for about an hour or so.
  • When the water is cooler, take out the items one at a time and scrub them down/clean them, empty sink
  • Fill the kettle with water to the max and boil it. When the kettle is boiled, put them all back in the sink
  • Pour boiling water over it all, and dry them off / put away

That’s it, simple!

PERKS and reasons why you should consider doing this

  • Less work, all you have to do is quickly scrub them and dry them
  • It’s faster to dry , because the boiling water is 100’c, essentially instantly dries so there’s very little to clean
  • It frees up your time, it gives you time tocus on other chores around the home, or just reading a book
  • It’s cheaper (a full kettle costs 2.5p to boil) and Fairy liquid about £3 and lasts forever.

As you can see, this is the reason I clean this way. When you’re pressed for time, a Dishwasher might help. However it costs you more. The method I use works for me, it’s cheaper than a dishwasher, and makes me more efficient at house work

if you don’t use this method, that’s your choice, just a life hack to help others out

Book Collection

The following books are ones that I own. I’ve listed the ISBN for each book and it’s name so you can identify it if you want to read about it. If you want to purchase the book, I’d appreciate you clicking on the book name, it will take you through to amazon where you can purchase it and I’ll get a small commission. Costs you nothing and gives me a small tip in return. Amazon tracks the click, so if you decide to buy after reading about it, I’ll still get rewarded. So thank you regardless even if you don’t want to buy it. Use your own opinion if you want to buy the books or not, read the reviews. I have some books I don’t like, but the purpose of this entire post is just to share my literature I own and to help share ideas for other people if they’re stuck

I also read various magazines on the same subject to help me learn knowledge. I do own some books, but they’re few and far between because I mostly get bored. This is the entire collection I have to date. I’ll be adding them as I go. Some were given as gifts, some are just things I bought years ago. Most I buy second hand from Charity Shops if they interest me, some I buy new

I’ll add photos as I go










Household Prepper Pantry

Prepper Pantry. The first thought that’s probably popping into peoples heads right now is that I’m some kind of nut job prepping for an end of the world diseaster. Not really, I just prefer being ready for situations which could affect me in real life. The outbreak of #Coronavirus that hit the world should be proof of this. Rather than stick to normality, people started panic buying like complete idiots. Exhausting supplies and generally fighting over common goods.

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a prepper. People I worked with used to have a laugh about it, but they always knew I was the one person who would probably have it. So the jokes kind of died down after a while. I wanted to have a realistic “pantry” so that if needed I could effectively not leave the house for a few months and avoid things until things calm down.

Now, in reality. Prepping is a thing EVERYONE shold do. This pantry is for real life emergencies. What about a job loss. Anything could happen, you could be struck down with an illness, or injury where you can’t afford to work. If you’re self-employed then you may struggle to find money for the bare essentials. What about power cuts, flooding, snow storms? – All these can happen in the UK (especially flooding) and cut off the supplies you desperately need to make life normal again.

Prepping is just a way of life for people, people who save up for xmas are preppers. Or women who buy extra nappies/calpol for their children so they always have some. Just the word springs to mind the kind of stuff Americans do when they’re gearing up for a fall out or nuclear apocalypse. That’s not me. Last thing you want is stress.

On with the show. As mentioned I’m prepping for natural things which can affect me in every day life. I don’t want to panic into getting supplies I need at the last minute as this is when you start thinking irrationally. The reason I’m also creating this is because I hate bloody looking for things. Batteries, light bulbs, packing tape etc. I just want one place for everything I’d normally use over time

I’m slowly adding to the collection by buying a bit extra when I go shopping each time. The supplies I buy are designed to be things I’d normally get on a normal shopping trip, but there in “reserve” if suddenly they’re not available, or I find myself in financial difficulty or unable to get to a store. It costs me maybe an extra an extra £10-15 per week ontop of my normal shopping budget allowed me to slowly collect supplies. I live alone so don’t generally bother anyone or have a need to go out unless I need food

The pantry room is a small cupboard (approx 94″ Height x 45″ Width x 35″ Depth). Approx 2400 litres or 85 cubic feet. Not much but it holds the essentials I need. That I tend to buy/use all the time. It’s not stocked currently, but I’m slowly adding to it. As you can see it’s a mixture of everything, cleaning products, food, drink, toiletries. Like I said, prepping for real life. I have a set of drawers in there which helps keep my bedroom empty and allows me to store items in a logical manner. Any toiletries are kept in a basket. I plan on putting up shelving to implement a FIFO system with the stock.

In the cupboard is as follows. I’m always adding to it. Before you think I’m selfish, this is my insurance policy for job losses, or any situations where I’m struggling for food/money. I also have a family, I give to them if they need the supplies. Nothing will be wasted, it will always be given away if I won’t end up using it

People are going to judge me for posting this anyway, but I don’t particularly care. I’ve been in situations where I was counting every single penny and stressing about my next meal. I’m now fortunate enough that I can start affording to build up my pantry and protect myself in the future so I don’t make bad decisions

I highly recommend people start building up a pantry and learn the rotation. Even if you can only afford an extra £2-3 per week, think how much extra supplies you could get over the course of a year with another £100-150 worth of money in your back pocket


This is the current picture. I might add a gallery over time to show how it’s been built up. The drawers currently hold clothes, but eventually I plan on using these to seperate items further. One for cleaning products etc

Prepper Pantry
    • 4 x 300G Baked Beans
    • 1 x Hot Dogs
    • 1 x Stewed Steak
    • 1 x Rice Pudding
    • 1 x 12 Pack of 500ml Water
    • 2 x 680ml Rowse Honey
    • 1 x Pack of Tooth Paste
    • 1 x 18 Pack of Toilet Rolls
    • 2 x 4 Pack of Bath Soap
    • 2 x Bin Bag Rolls
    • 1 x 4 Pack Kitchen Rolls
    • 1 x Bottle of White Vineger
    • 2 x Aluminium Foil Rolls

I still have lots more I want to buy, I’ll slowly add to this over time

In case you’re wondering. The total cost of all these supplies will probably be in the range of £400 when finished. Over the course of 1 year, this will cost me an extra £7.69 per week in shopping. Not really much when you think of it. All essentials that I can use and it gives me a huge safety net should I need to stay in the house for a while. It’s kept nice and tidy out of the way inside a cupboard that doesn’t interfere with my life. Supplies are always at hand though

A breakdown of all the supplies and how much I’ve spent

1 2 3