Myhermes – Failing to deliver again

Yet again I’m writing another article about myhermes. I purchased an item from eBay 12th April for the upcoming bank holiday period when I was off work on holiday. 

It got to the end of the week and still no parcel delivery. I asked the eBay seller for the tracking information as I thought it was them taking their time. Sure enough it wasnt. It was myhermes

Now. Complaining about Myhermes isn’t just enough because all couriers get slow periods, but this isn’t the first time I’ve had this problem and quite frankly the way their courier handled delivery of my product annoyed me

 I was at work when the courier attempted delivery. The courier but a failed delivery note through the door. Fair enough I left them a note on the door window reporting I was at work and to leave a number to contact them

Next day. Another delivery note. No number. After the 3rd attempt the courier returns the item

So. What was the end result. After two weeks of waiting my item was returned back to the supplier and I had to get a refund

What could Myhermes have done to improve the service…

  • Handle the product better and stop taking so long to sort it. Slow gits
  • Make sure the couriers actually follow protocol and leave a number . You know it would help !
  • Offer an inpost option for failed deliveries such as Argos click and collect or inpost lockers. This is more convenient for people who aren’t at home often

This doesn’t make me feel any comfortable using Myhermes as a courier. This is now the second time I have been let down by them. 
I’ll be adding screenshots of the slips as proof that the standard procedure wasn’t followed and proof of my online tracking of the product to see just how long it took

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Brexit survival

One of the problems with Brexit is that it’s never happened before. No one knows what will happen, nor will they be able to predict correctly what will happen. They can only assume.

I myself have never been one to worry over things like this, although I do still have my own concerns because living in the North East of UK there’s one main employer here and I’m directly connected to them. So if the proverbial shit hits the fan, and they go under. How do I plan on Brexit survival if I lose my job?

Well. I can’t see I’m stacking myself for a zombie apocalypse, but the main priority is saving money and thinking long term solutions. Americans are known for their zombie apocalypse planning and end of the world scenarios for hoarding etc but everyone thinks that it’s a load of shit.

Well, the difference is in the UK, we are in an era where bad times have a very real possibility of coming. Brexit isn’t just a rumour, it’s already taken place. If everything goes to shit, there will be a lot of people unemployed, job competition will be fierce and the market will be saturated with desperate people who will do anything to survive. I probably shouldn’t post this article, but I don’t really give a fuck either since I like to prepare myself should the worst come to the worst. There’s always a bit of a mad streak hidden away in me anyway and I have plenty of frying pans around me 🙂

If nothing happens in a couple of years, you’ve got extra money to spend and a plentiful supply of food built up and some new skills. These are a couple of the things I’m planning

  • Food storage
  • Gardening

One of the main expenditures with a household budget is Food. A normal average households spends on average £200 per month from their salary… I live alone but usually average around £100 for everything (food, washing, etc) – I’m fairly simple anyway. So given that since the whole “Brexit” debate, nothing will really start showing up in the next 2 years or so that gives me 24 months of being able to overspend on tins. Doesn’t have to be excessive, but even adding another £10 per month onto my shopping gives me enough shopping to last at least 3 months and not worry about food supplies

If I had a chest freezer I’d focus on meats, I simply don’t have one yet. Although it might be something for long term solutions since meats are where you get most of your Proteins from.

Now, there’s no point going excessive. I have quite a large house though living by myself, so at the very least, I can afford to stash away a decent hoard of food in cupboards to take up some space. Make more room for food and keep a good supply going.

The food cupboard isn’t entirely because of Brexit. I’ve always wanted one in general, it’s just made me think a lot because of Brexit. There’s no harm in having a large food pantry where you can walk in and collect food when the weather has gone to shit and everyone is snowed under. You can calmly collect and keep going with everything.

I’ll be building up the essentials, tinned veggies, tinned meats, pasta, flours and oils. They all have a decent shelf life anyway. I figure an extra £4-500 worth of food over 2 years will be a decent 6 months to keep me going if the shit hits the fan and if there’s nothing to worry about. I’ve got extra food for a while without worrying or when I hit a bad payday with no overtime at work

Now, again the 2nd part of my theory is gardening. Gardening itself, is stress reduction and sustainable. For a rather cheap expense you get a long term solutions. You get free food just for a small amount of work and it helps calm you

Those are two things I’ll be taking up and blogging about long term when I start working on it



As of 27/10 a post was made that Nissan have confirmed they will be building the new X-Trail and next model of Qashqai at Sunderland plant. This means for the immediate future jobs are safe.


As for this post, I’m still going to do my pantry and gardening, simply because I’ve always wanted one to start with. So keep an eye out for future posts 🙂

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General Elections 2015

Another general election is currently taking place. At the time I write this post it looks like conservatives will win but the result isn’t definitive yet

It had me thinking though everytime elections come they always tell you what you want to hear in reality it never happens that way and they just spend the budget the way they want to

How would you spend it ?

Personally to me. Throwing money at the problem isn’t the solution.  Money is infinitive.

To me you focus on the knowledge. You should set aside a large portion of budge for research and development or technology.  That way the knowledge acquired from this improves your

Your still spending money but you look at the long terms goals. When I invest in shares I’m looking at companies with a heavy speciality in r and d / tech since this is where the future lies to me

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2014 New Year Resolutions

Given that I’m turning 30 years old this year, I decided it was time for some big changes in my lifestyle, me as a person and my general life.

2014 is going to be a big year of change for me, here’s all the resolutions I have planned, I’d like to achieve them all but I’ll work on it, I want to list them all so they pose as a reminder


My resolutions

  • Lose weight (current weight 141kg – lil over 22st) by 31/01/14 I want to be around 17,5st
  • Buy my house (around £60,000)
  • Clear all debt (around £16,000)
  • Keep an up to date exercise / health log
  • Upload more youtube videos
  • Update my website more
  • Get my life in order
  • Start paying money into savings/thinking long term

Overall I’m doing good so far, what’s your 2014 New Year Resolutions?

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I’ve always been meaning to do transcription as a way of boosting my earnings and earning more money, well why not. It’s basically just listening to what people say and type it. Easy right?

Yeah, NOT. My first project was 2 hrs 20 mins long

OH, by the way. Most NORMAL people talk in the range of 80-100+ words per minute.
OH, there was also around 7 people in the conversation. So think along the lines of ~ 100+ wpm for 140 mins,

The final file took me around 9 hrs non stop to complete. Resulting in nearly 20,000 words.

Damn it was intensive.

Also when your transcripting you constantly have to stop and rewind. The perks of the job are for a TRUE transcriber, not a shitty job like odesk like I have. If I went full time and became a pro, I could claim jobs on a rate of £30-40 per HOUR. Yes, so a file that may take me 24 hours to do for 8 hrs of audio may seem a lot of typing, but when your earning more than some people make in a week, it’s a nice little thing for the kitty

If you’re going to do it though, get some decent headphones, a decent sound card, a footpedal for controlling the audio (or some software) and possibly a voice to text program that can read the files to make translation easier after training (i.e dragon naturally speaking)

I’ll be discussing this more on my website. I’ve completed my first file and awaiting payment. I’m using 2013 as a way to boost my earnings big style.

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Car Parking Fine

Went out to visit a friend recently and nicely received a car parking fine for the sum of £75 reduced to a kind gesture of £50 if I pay within 2 weeks

I overstayed according to the ANPR parking charge notice of 18 mins but it only shows my car entering and leaving the mentioned car park.

I’ve got too much on at the moment with regards to this fine so I just paid up. I didn’t want to but quite frankly there’s a lot of stuff in my personal life I’m dealing with atm and I’d rather not have the hassle over something like this. What goes around comes around. I’ll get the money back at a later date.

If you want to challenge the fine if you get one I heavily recommend pepipoo. It’s an amazing forums full of free advice and guidance for contesting these piece of shit fining systems

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myhermes review

OK, I’ve had firm dealings with myhermes now , but their latest attempt at courier services shocked me and has well and truly pissed me off. I consider them a rubbish courier now and will no longer be using them. Here is my myhermes review of them

Basically, I’ve used them multiple times before, had no issues. My last parcel was a complete nightmare. Myhermes promise a turnaround time maximum of 5 or 6 days, well how does 2 weeks sound?

Then to add insult to injury, I select a large amount of compensation which I PAID for and the amount of money I’m reimbursed is that to cover my values of the item, not the expenses I lost or time I wasted having to sort everything out whilst at work all the time

The box had been thrown in the van, greatly damaging the item I sold beyond repair, I reimbursed my customer immediately and yet the turnaround town for myhermes is “within 28 working days”. When actually IT IS 28 working days. So not only had my package been posted early november time, it was delayed because myhermes sent it to the wrong dispatch warehouse. It was then damaged due to mishandling, then to add insult to injury they made me wait 28 days for my own money that I received for the item and then didn’t even bother to offer me any money in compensation as a sorry

So quite frankly, go fuck yourselves myhermes. I’ll never use you again

OH, and to any eBay users who use myhermes. DON’T give them any reference to the parcel number, eBay auction ID or any sniff of it being eBay. If you have to fill in any details I’d try and pass it off as a cash or electronic sale you did online. Even if you can’t fib it, I still wouldn’t give them the details


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Sharia Law in UK

Islamic hardliners are trying to enforce Sharia Law in UK

Youtube Video on Sharia Law

The first point I am going to note here I want to get this as straight forward as possible.

I DO NOT hate Muslims, nor am I racist or prejudiced towards other races. I have no reason to be. A true Muslim looks after their family and other Muslims are like an extended family.

They do not sponge benefits from the country, they are hard working and honest. The so called “Muslims” who chant Allah, burn poppies and claim to do things in the name of their lord are not true Muslims, they are TERRORISTS.

They DO NOT deserve equal rights

Firstly, if you come to a country you are expected to follow their laws and rules. You are not forced to stop in your beliefs or your preachings but within the justice and legal system you are bound by their rules and regulations.

Sharia law is used by countries with no policing system that effectively puts the law into the publics hands. The UK has their own police force and government. We don’t need Sharia law.

If Sharia law comes into effect, then the gun law should come into effect and I’ll follow suit like Americans. I’ll buy a gun and shoot anyone who makes an attempt at injuring me. People WILL arm themselves and eventually an all out war will start in England

You may be thinking Sharia law is OK, well say that after you get stoned, whipped, amputated and executed depending on the errors you have done from petty theft (amputation), adultery (stoning), killing someone (beheading) and anti social behaviour (whipping).

Here’s more info on the Sharia law. Make sure you read up on exactly how something is determined under Sharia law whether the punishment depends on whether the criminal was convicted of qesas, hudud or tazir.


As far as I’m concerned. Any Muslims who want Sharia law can fuck off to a country that practices it and stay there. They don’t belong in England, I like this country to stay as it is with our laws and democracy.

I think it’s about time the government in the UK put their balls back in their sack and actually got rid of the fucking shit infesting this country who won’t follow our laws and deport them. I’m not generalising this about Islamics either. I’m talking about any race. English, Islamic, African, American, Spanish.

UK law = UK rules if you don’t like it. Go back to your own country and follow your own laws

You do not have the rights to impose your laws on us. We live in England, it is our choice to accept these laws. It is freedom of democracy

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Induction Heating for clearing snow

Can induction heating be used for rapid melting of snow?

OK, every now and then I get a completely random idea. Plague of my life, my head is filled up with so much junk and it’s always on the go that I’m always thinking of things. Today’s curse. I already know of induction heating and given that the country is snowed under I wondered if it could be applied to snow removal instead of using a load of rock salt + sand.

The theory is snow ploughs could be retrofitted with a huge ass induction looop that has a focussed heat around the plough section. The plough then pushes up and collects all the snow as it drives, and the massive heat of the induction loop melts the ice as it forms, basically turning all the snow into water. Which can then run down the drains.

This would clear any issues with snow and just result in the drainage system having to get rid of crap loads of water. It should in theory save money on rock salt that is taken out of yearly budgets. Although I don’t know how much an induction heater would cost, but given it’s basically a huge electrical current over low voltage passed through a copper wire, generating a magnetic field full of heat I should think it would be cheaper overall.

Anyway, that’s a rambling thought of mine for the day, I’d love to see it applied into practice. Hell, I might even do it as a DIY project at some stage, would be a nice little thing to carry around instead of a snow shovel, just walk around and melt all the bloody snow on your drive before it can be compacted to ice. Let it drain away overnight and nothing freezes, resulting in constantly clear roads.

This wouldn’t work in countries like Sweden because they’re full of snow, but in countries like the UK which gets random spouts of almost everything it would become a good backup solution when we run into shortages. Heck, induction heating could be the way forward if you could bake a temperature high enough and could waterproof the electrics. Stick a giant amount of heat (2000+’c) into a lake or puddle across the road and it could probably rapidly get rid of all the water

If anyone has any thoughts on this feel free to add them, I know melting technology already exists for driveways etc, I’m just thinking of it more on a widescale use and I’d be interested in hearing thoughts or opinions.

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