Dead Space 3 Weapon Combinations

I love the amount of Dead Space 3 Weapon Combinations that are possible when you are playing this game.

If you focus on having chunks of damage, make sure you have a weapon with plenty of splash damage or something with crowd control for when you’re being surrounded (cough rocket launcher cough)

I love the fact you can customise your weapon loadouts, they’re so many to play with. Here’s my favourite ones so far. Please note, I’ve completed the game once already so have the +3 circuits available at my disposal, you can do the same with the +2 circuits however, just the +3 gives a bigger boost

Also, I’d focus on getting the best frames if possible. A supercharged MK5 frame has stats built into it and comes with the full 8 circuit slots on it. Whereas a heavy elite still has 8 slots but no stats built in. Therefore the weapon combinations you can get are good, but better with the supercharged variants.

I always favour damage + rate of fire above all else, don’t need much ammo when you’re tearing them apart

Here’s my favourite build outs so far – I will be constantly updating this as I find better ones

Bullpup Asssault Rifle with Bouncing Bolas
This weapon absolutely rips monsters apart, I did use to use acid bath as one of the attachments but the fire helps them burn a bit longer haha. The Bulbpup is a full auto assault rifle with a good rafe of fire, and the bouncing bolas absolutely dices the enemies apart
Frame: MK5 Supercharged Heavy Frame
Top Weapon: Military with Rail Accelerator
Bottom Weapon: Tesla with Accelerator (makes a electrified bouncing bolas)
Attachments: MK5 Flame Addon + MK5 Damage Support
Circuits: Primary (+3 damage and clip), Secondary {+3 damage and rate of fire)

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