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For a longtime I’ve had a Canon Inkjet MP180 Printer. It has been reliable and served me well, it still works to this day but it’s a bit iffy. When I first purchased it, I was on Windows XP. Since then I’ve done many migrations up to currently Windows 10. Canon have been a bit reluctant to update their drivers however for the MP Navigator software and it’s a bit finnicky when trying to connect the printer for printing off jobs.


Time for a replacement!


I decided to add a new addition to my network, I’m used to working with business class equipment. So recently purchased a HP Laserjet 4350 Printer (with Duplexer) to add onto my home network.


Not only is this more Universal (the printer drivers are bundled with Windows 10), it’s a lot higher quality to use and saves me money in the long run for printing.


The MP180 uses Inkjet Cartridges @ ~£13 per cartridge (490 pages)

The Laserjet 4350 uses B & W Toner Cartridges @ ~£165 per toner (10,000 pages)


To get the same amount of pages on my MP180 = 10,000/490 = 20.4 Cartridges

Total Cost would be 20.4 x £13 = £265.2 for same level




As you can see a Laserjet printer is more efficient at saving money when printing off jobs. Not to mention it’s faster. The MP180 prints 17ppm. The LJ4350 prints 55ppm


It will benefit me for my home network and when printing off information for eBay sales and general documentation. Already installed and chuffed with it because I’m used to the equipment


Total cost of printer was £99 including Toner.


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