Overtime you may have heard constant references to “madbid” and how you can earn items at a fraction of the price of their real value. Is this possible at all, it’s certainly possible, you just need a bit of luck when using the madbid website.


The way the system works is that you pay for credits to bid on auction and then you are doing a live auction like eBay for the item. Each time you bid it allocates a set figure going up in pennies until everyone stops bidding.


So if 1000 people are watching an auction and each time someone “bids” when the timer reaches zero, it adds a few more seconds to the clock uses a few more credits and starts the ball rolling again. So when people finally win the item people have used maybe a few hundred to a few thousand credits (say £25-200) each per person, and then paid for the price they won the item at (say £50) then delivery. Madbid certainly doesn’t lose out, their site works in the same principals as the high APR companies on credit cards. They make a decent % on each sale (probably a few thousand %) so either way they don’t lose money

If you’re willing to take a gamble why not try out madbid for yourself and see if you can make a deal or two


Please note the above links use my referral code, it doesn’t harm you. Just helps me. So I’d appreciate if you register on the site you retain my code 🙂


I’ll make a post at a later date if I win any good stuff for cheap 🙂

Thank you

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