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OK, I’ve had firm dealings with myhermes now , but their latest attempt at courier services shocked me and has well and truly pissed me off. I consider them a rubbish courier now and will no longer be using them. Here is my myhermes review of them

Basically, I’ve used them multiple times before, had no issues. My last parcel was a complete nightmare. Myhermes promise a turnaround time maximum of 5 or 6 days, well how does 2 weeks sound?

Then to add insult to injury, I select a large amount of compensation which I PAID for and the amount of money I’m reimbursed is that to cover my values of the item, not the expenses I lost or time I wasted having to sort everything out whilst at work all the time

The box had been thrown in the van, greatly damaging the item I sold beyond repair, I reimbursed my customer immediately and yet the turnaround town for myhermes is “within 28 working days”. When actually IT IS 28 working days. So not only had my package been posted early november time, it was delayed because myhermes sent it to the wrong dispatch warehouse. It was then damaged due to mishandling, then to add insult to injury they made me wait 28 days for my own money that I received for the item and then didn’t even bother to offer me any money in compensation as a sorry

So quite frankly, go fuck yourselves myhermes. I’ll never use you again

OH, and to any eBay users who use myhermes. DON’T give them any reference to the parcel number, eBay auction ID or any sniff of it being eBay. If you have to fill in any details I’d try and pass it off as a cash or electronic sale you did online. Even if you can’t fib it, I still wouldn’t give them the details


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  • “OH, and to any eBay users who use myhermes. DON’T give them any reference to the parcel number, eBay auction ID or any sniff of it being eBay. If you have to fill in any details I’d try and pass it off as a cash or electronic sale you did online. Even if you can’t fib it, I still wouldn’t give them the details”

    Why is this?

    • Their claim forms asks for reference numbers for things like eBay auctions. A reference number would allow them to view the price of the item

  • Suffice to say, I’d also give myHermes a miss, especially after I found out that their scanners aren’t using GPS (unlike DPD for example), so they have no clue where your parcel was the last time it was scanned. That’s how they ‘lost’ my brand new suitcase.

    I’ve taken the liberty of copy-pasting my review from another website in order to warn others who are thinking about using myHermes:


    MISSING: Eagle Creek Tarmac AWD 28 suitcase
    PRICE: £299.80
    PARCEL ID: 5750076246706184

    If you’re a career criminal and you need to get rid of incriminating evidence, I would recommend giving myHermes a go.

    They’ll make your parcels disappear without a trace – no questions asked!

    Thanks to the incompetent staff at myHermes, my brand new suitcase worth £300 vanished on June 19 2014 without a trace, in or between the national sorting hub and the local depot.

    As per their instructions, I had deliberately left a delivery slip with my contact details inside the suitcase, so at this stage I can only assume that one of the lovely myHermes employees stole my suitcase and threw away the delivery slip.

    TRANSLATION: ‘We took your suitcase, thank you very much, and there’s nothing you can do about it. At myHermes we handle so many parcels that missing ones are just statistics to us. We operate with impunity because we are not regulated by Ofcom, so we can do as we please.’

    Well, we’ll see about that. I’m in the process of reporting myHermes to the police, as they refuse to deal with the disappearance of my suitcase as a criminal case. Well, someone has got my suitcase, and I want it back.

    So far, myHermes employees have repeatedly refused to disclose the addresses of the national sorting hub as well as the local depot in Edinburgh citing ‘security reasons’. Incidentally, this also makes it harder for me to inform the police of the last known whereabouts of my suitcase. Thanks, guys – that’s really ‘helpful’.

    After many emails, web chats and a phone call, the inevitable conclusion is that the tracking system which myHermes employs reeks of the 20th century. It’s way too low-tech to accurately track parcels.

    Why? Well, a customer relations advisor who I shall refrain from naming told me this:
    “… As we are a low budget parcel company the only means of tracking the parcel through the network is when the parcel is scanned by a hand held terminal, they are not GPS tracked. As a result we are unable to pin point the exact location of your parcel within our network.”

    TRANSLATION: ‘We have no clue where the parcels are. Especially yours.’

    On the ‘Lost Parcels’ page of the myHermes website it says that they ‘… check inside the parcel for the delivery slip for information about the sender and the recipient.’ However, I was later informed by another customer relations advisor that they are not allowed to open unclaimed parcels, and that unclaimed parcels are destroyed if left for X days.

    I say X days because the myHermes website states that they’re left for 90 days. However, one of the myHermes staff members on 0330 333 6556 informed me that parcels are sent to Bradford in order to be destroyed after just 10 days. I asked her to check with her supervisor who confirmed that it was indeed 10 days. Lo and behold: One of the employees on the myHermes Facebook page told me it was 90 days. And lastly, a customer relations advisor informed me that it was 60 days. To this day, I don’t know who is right.

    TRANSLATION: ‘We have no clue how long unclaimed parcels are kept for before they are destroyed. It could be anywhere between 10 and 90 days.’

    On numerous occasions, I have offered to help myHermes locate the missing suitcase by driving up to the myHermes national sorting hub and unclaimed parcels department, and even to the local depot in Edinburgh. They have declined on the grounds of health and safety reasons. I then asked them to forward photos of unclaimed parcels in their possession, so I could help them locate the suitcase. This request was simply ignored by the customer relations department.

    On another occasion, I provided myHermes with new information regarding the parcel to help them identify it, but the customer relations advisor decided that the search had gone on for long enough, and that I should just file a claim (which would only cover £50 in compensation). The net result was that the new information was never forwarded to the unclaimed parcels department.

    TRANSLATION: ‘We can afford to lose both your parcels and you as a customer.’

    This was the second time I used myHermes. The result so far is a 50% failure rate, and on more than one occasion staff members told me that they hoped this experience hadn’t deterred me from using myHermes again.

    You know what? There’s a special kind of hell reserved for people who tell you this after informing you that your parcel is gone, and you realise that you’ve just lost £250.

    In any case, I have learned my lesson and will never ever use myHermes again.

    I hope this review will help you make an informed decision the next time you need to send a parcel to someone. My advice is to find a different courier company that uses a more advanced tracking system. Unless of course you’re a career criminal who are looking for a way to get rid of incriminating evidence!

    • I’m sad to hear of your experience with myhermes. Whether an item is £1 or £1000 to me it’s the principal of the purpose. If I’m sending an item via a courier I expect it to be delivered. I’ve used them many times before, but it appears whichever sorting office my item went to ended up losing it. So there’s clearly a shit depot somewhere.

      Sorry to hear your experience but thanks for updating me. Hopefully this will spread about the service you received and prompt myhermes to actually sort out their rubbish. I actually liked them as a courier for eBay. I guess however eventually you get what you pay for.

    • my hermes dont destroy lost parcels they sell them at auction as a lady just found out when she seen her supposedly lost pram for sale on facebook the lady who was selling it bought it from my hermes they are a absolute disgrace of a company

  • I bought something off ebay and for 6 days the tracking hasn’t moved past the first courier pick up it hasn’t even reached the sender’s local depot!

    It has “Awaiting collection by myHermes” Highlighted 12 hours after it was picked up from the sender, it was picked up at 18:00, then that appeared at 06:00 the following morning. Then at 10:43 it says “Parcel collected by myHermes” and “Collected by the courier” the next step should’ve been “Received at the sender’s local depot” but nothing since last Friday! it’s now Thursday at 18:00 it will be a week since it was first picked up!

  • Yes, they are thieves. I live in Essex, and to see a myHermes driver who can actually SPEAK English correctly is extremely rare.
    Yesterday their parcel tracking said it had been delivered in the morning.

    A LIE!

    I was in all day for the last 6 days as I have flu and the ONLY delivery I have had is a DVD via Royal Mail.


    The quicker the UK Government shut them down, the better.

  • Anyone who deals with this tin pot company needs there head testing , if you want missing / stolen parcels , Jon payment of insured items and a total lack of customer care then MY HERMES is for you !
    I have this morning issued a county court summons against these robbers

  • This is a blow by blow account of my experience with MyHermes, without a doubt the worst, most incompetent, most dishonest company I have ever dealt with. In October last year I purchased a computer part on Ebay from a seller in Manchester. The parcel was entrusted to MyHermes and was never delivered. MyHermes created a fictitious delivery docket stating that the parcel had been delivered to an address in Kennington in South London, nowhere near my studio in East London.

    They claimed to have passed this document onto the seller and to Ebay who then refused to enforce a refund on the grounds that I had signed for the delivery and was lying in order to steal a few lousy pounds off someone I didn’t even know. In April this year I issued proceedings against the seller in the Small Claims Tribunal and also issued a summons to MyHermes under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act obliging them to provide me with all documentation relating to the delivery.

    They refused on the grounds that they are not required to release any information to anyone but the seller, a legal fiction that I brought home to them via a solicitor’s letter. From that point they had forty days to provide the information requested, failing which I would have bailiffs visit them and obtain the documentation by any means they saw fit. MyHermes then realised the game was up and they were stuck between perjury and contempt of court, and shortly before we went to court they admitted that they had lost the parcel in December last year and that they had known that all along.

    All of their protestations regarding the safe delivery of the parcel had been deliberate and calculated lies. The seller settled, paying all my legal costs, and last I heard he intended to recover his considerable losses from MyHermes. Okay, parcels get lost, it happens, but nothing – and I mean NOTHING – can excuse the grotesque and dishonest manner this incompetent shower dealt with this matter. They knew perfectly well that they had not delivered the parcel but they continued to claim that they had, and they deliberately lied to the seller and to Ebay in order to back up their deception.

    I might also add that Ebay was utterly useless in helping to resolve this dispute and took MyHermes word without question, despite clear proof that they had been lying from day one. When I sent them the email from MyHermes showing that I was right and they and MyHermes were wrong, the pompous little jobsworth who had been ‘dealing’ with the dispute broke contact.

    Needless to say I have never received an apology from any of the parties involved. So, never, ever assign a parcel to MyHermes and do not buy from anyone who does. Before you buy from Ebay, Amazon or any other online marketplace do what I do and ask the seller to assure you that they will not be using MyHermes, and if they are, do not buy from them.

  • I ordered and paid for a quantity of leisure clothing from an eBay seller based in Hong Kong. This was on January 16th. The package was sent by Chinese courier SFC. Tracking could be seen using with the tracking code provided by the seller. The courier from LHR to my address was MyHermes. Only one delivery attempt was made. Since then after hundreds of messages to MyHermes via their Facebook page – there are no other contact methods availabe – I was informed that I had to contact the sender. However SFC and MyHrmes are in breach of contract to the sender. AND it is obvious that the MyHermes courier has failed to deliver the package – that is he/she has stolen it. And no-one wants to know.

    This is the trackng details:

    Date Time Status
    23/01/2017 09:54 Delivery attempt made, allow 24h on 24/01/2017
    23/01/2017 08:33 Due to be delivered today
    23/01/2017 06:16 On its way to the courier
    23/01/2017 01:22 At the customers local depot
    23/01/2017 01:19 At the customers local depot
    22/01/2017 14:20 At the national sorting hub
    16/01/2017 23:49 Order placed

  • I hasten to add that an attempted delivery card was left on the 23rd of January – it was blank but its bar code was enough to elicite the tracking detais. So there was one – but only one attempt at a delivery. Since then nothing. So the courier has stolen the package; and Hermes have done nothing about this. Period.

  • From ‘MyHernmes Rants’ Facebook and numerous other consumer sites it appears that whilst the courier companies do attempt to deliver packages to distribution depots OK, the weaknesses in the system are the couriers themselves. So many packages ‘disappear’ once they are ‘out for delivery.’

    The second weakness is that the courier companies themselves are failing to control their couriers, failingk to monitor why so many packages ‘go missing,’ and failng to follow up on customers’ complaints.

    This all smacks of organised crime, and fraud. Fraud, if not on the recipient customers, certainly by ‘breach of contract’ on the unwitting senders.

    In the area where I live we have a predominently ever-increasing mixed-ethnic population. Many are out-of-work but with a car they have easy pickings. I am sure that many of the couriers see the continual arrival of clothes and shoes, digital devices including mobile phones, and goods of all kinds as gifts from God or Allah. They can pick and choose which packages to ‘deliver’ especially those from overseas via eBay – China, AliBaba, etc., because the contents must be declared for customs, and they know full well that any ‘disappearances’ will never be investigated.

    It has been reported that ‘lost’ items could then appear on eBay to raise funds for their own needs – maybe even to promote terrorism.

    The second issue is the failure to investigate ‘disappearances.’ For example MyHermes always refers an intended recipient back to the sender, effectively refusing to try and locate a ‘missing’ package locally. This is a nonsense when the sender might be in China and the recipient in the UK.

    BTW it has been noticed that the (My)Hermes website no longer accepts emailed enquiries from customers, and even its Press Enquiry form has been blocked. Why?

    And the police? They are not interested in ‘missing’ packages of say clothes. But added up the issue of courier theft is a national scandal. It is an industrial scale fraud on the public – sellers and buyers alike. And nobody cares.

  • Hermes World website no longer accepts emailed enquiries from customers, and even its Press Enquiry form has been blocked. Why? – doesn’t work – doesn’t work

  • Latest update – only ONE attempt to deliver my package was made on 23-1-2017. Since then despite 100s of emails to myHerpes via FB messaging – the ONLY way of conacting them – no further attempts were made. I was continually referred to the Chinese sender – but being Chinese New Year they never replied either. However Chinese eBay sellers are paranoic about getting 5 star positive reviews. So eventually I got them to agreed to contact myHerpes. But myHerpes gave them the run-around too. By March I’d had enough, but the Chinese sellers then offered a complete refund; this I accepted. But interestingly they also stated that they would NEVER use myHerpes or any of their agents ever again. I gave them positive feedback for at least trying to get myHerpes to deliver my package.

    From comments all over the internet on numerous forums it appears that theft of items by myHerpes’ UK-based couriers is at an industrial scale. These courers must be funding a lavish lifesryle by keeping the packages, or selling them on, or maybe even tradng them between each other. But this is all criminal theft, it brings myHerpes’ name into disrepute, it breaches the contracts between myHerpes and its senders, and also breaches the trust between sellers and buyers. Of course myHerpes doesn’t help itself by refusing to find missing items or bringing the couriers into line, I suspect that the supervisors or managers are also complicit in all of this. In general the whole issue of missing / stolen / lost items brings the whole courier busines into disrepute.

    As an aside the couriers are categorised as ‘self-employed.’ This means that they are also on benefits. So, as someone remarked, the packages that they are supposed to deliver must be deemed to be gifts from God or Allah.

  • I had an account with them when they first started stopped using them for my deliveries too many complaints from customers. The experience in the last 12 months as a receiver of parcels i,e as a end user has detterated because now the drivers can do what ever they want because there is no customers service no tel – no on line chat unless you count the digital on line only by email and by the time they reply it is too late and they very rarely understand or care what the complaint is. The driver who comes to my home is a very arrogant unpleasant unhelpful person delivering using a small car. to carry the parcels. And twice now I have had to spend my time trying to solve a problem were he told his head office that he could not deliver because no access. It is a normal House why no access. Second time same thing but because it was the weekend they just sent the parcel back to seller I have deliveries daily from Amazon Prime. Yodal post office, parcel post and others with no problems of access to my normal home only Myhermes I try my best to avoid sellers who user this company because the problems are too big an issue to spend my time on and being completely let down by this Company Who when the seller contacts them te customer services tells them a untrue situation SELLERS wake up you are loosing buyers move your business to a better Company

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