27th July

100g chicken

Cheese + Tomato on 4 slices of buttered wholemeal

Pint Water

50g Chicken + Lettuce on 2 slices wholemeal bread

Cup of tea

Cornflakes + 300ml whole milk

2 rich tea

Pack of small seedless grapes (green)

2 chicken legs

1 fried egg sandwich

Cup of tea

3 custard creams

1 slice of white bread

26th July

Weight Watchers Chicken Curry

2L Evian Water

1 Panini Bread

1 Blue Powerade

Cornflakes with sugar (300ml whole fat milk)

2 Rich Tea Biscuits

1 Custard Cream

Cup of Tea

1 Custard Cream

1 snackpot

1 satsuma

Cheese + Tomato on 2 slices of buttered wholemeal

26 pellets asda micro mash

1 tin peas (small)

3 slices buttered bread (warburtons white)

500g chicken breast

25th July

10 birds eye fish fingers

1 tin Asda smart price new potatoes

1 small tin marrowfat processed peas

200g LA Diner Potato Letters

1 fried egg

3 Asda smart price sausages

3 pints water

1/2 tin Branston baked beans

Cornflakes with sugar (300ml condensed milk mixed with water)

4 slices wafer thin ham

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