General Elections 2015

Another general election is currently taking place. At the time I write this post it looks like conservatives will win but the result isn’t definitive yet

It had me thinking though everytime elections come they always tell you what you want to hear in reality it never happens that way and they just spend the budget the way they want to

How would you spend it ?

Personally to me. Throwing money at the problem isn’t the solution.  Money is infinitive.

To me you focus on the knowledge. You should set aside a large portion of budge for research and development or technology.  That way the knowledge acquired from this improves your

Your still spending money but you look at the long terms goals. When I invest in shares I’m looking at companies with a heavy speciality in r and d / tech since this is where the future lies to me

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Broken exhaust

Driving home one night, when it sounded like my car had a flat tyre even though I knew it didn’t

Note: I drive with really loud music, so couldn’t hear anything

I knew something was wrong, because the entire car was resonating. If you have ever drove on a flat tyre, you will know what I mean when I’m talking about resonating, basically the vibrations go throughout the shell and steering wheel


I turned down my stereo knew something was wrong but I couldn’t figure out what. Took me about 20 secs, then I realised I either had a snapped exhaust or broken exhaust. I parked up when I got home and looked in the morning to assess the damage

Looked in the morning and it looked like the centre section had gone on the car. I don’t know the exhaust system entirely so made a post on a forum. Someone said it was a centre section / mid-box. Either way looked to be around £50. I was expecting it to be the cat (£200+), spoke to the brother and agreed to take the car into garage to price it up

Came back and the car was fixed. Turns out it was simply the exhaust clamps had snapped. So the garage repaired it for free. Talk about lucky. I was sure something had gone from it

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Start your day with a cold shower

Recently I’ve been having a cold shower each day to help wake me up, there’s many reasons over why this benefits you on-line and quite simply you feel more manly stepping into a freezing cold shower and forcing yourself to stay calm without crying like a little bitch. Now, I like my creature comforts, but alongside the obvious benefits of saving money having a shower. Having a cold shower means you also don’t waste time when cleaning as your in and out quickly anyway and additionally it doesn’t cost me as much money in electric / gas because the water doesn’t need to be heated.

There are many benefits to taking a cold shower. I’ve trawled the web and posted as many as I can find here for you to review and consider it. If you take up the 30 day challenge of a cold shower, or just want to tell me how you felt about it then why not make a comment and let me know

I’m going to post the benefits below and try to backup the claims with links to research articles rather than just spamming content. A lot of this content was used from other websites as I wanted to collate the data, however I don’t want to copy word for word so I will be taking the information and modifying it with references to articles from research


Health benefits of cold showers 


Cold showers help burn fat aiding weight loss

Claims on the web have reported that Scandanavian researchers found exposure to cold temperatures accelerated the metabolic rate of brown fat by as much as 15 times which could result in a weight loss of almost 9lbs in weight of white fat over a year. For reference …

Brown Fat = Good (this burns it)

White Fat = Bad (this is what stores it)

(1 Stone in weight is 14 pounds so it’s almost 1 Stone in Weight Loss)

Now, I did a search for the article about it but I couldn’t find it. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, I did however find an article in the Wikipedia for Brown Fat, which is also known as BAT or Brown Adipose Tissue. This article describes the Activation of Lipolysis and Metabolism by Cold Exposure. Basically if you can’t be bothered to read it, they did lab tests on mice for 8 weeks after feeding them a heavy-fat diet so both groups of mice were really plump.

The mice were then split into two groups and were exposed to two different temperatures. The mice exposed to 30’c didn’t show much change, but the mice exposed to a temperature of 4’c (they were acclimatised by by exposure to 18’c first) showed marked elevation of the metabolic rate as measured by O2 consumption and CO2 production which is consistent and linked to weight loss and the decrease of BMI. This same test was carried out on “normal” mice fed on a usual diet, and after they were exposed to similar temperatures they were also shown to be decreasing in BMI and weight. So there’s at least some proof to the claims, but the temperatures must be at least 4’c and for 8 weeks to have any real effect.


Cold showers help wake you up

When you step into the cold shower, and that oh so icy cold water hits your skin. It sends your brain into panic mode, and forces you to breathe deeply and longer, it sends your body into shock and makes you shiver. As a result this speeds up the oxygen intake and your heart rate which results in increased blood flow. The result? It gets more oxygen around your body and makes you feel wide awake in an instant. I actually stood in my shower when I switched it on, my resting heart rate was 51bpm and when I went into the shower it instantly jumped to 101bpm. After finishing the shower and measuring it again around 30 secs later it was back to 51bpm.


Make yourself like good with that N(ICE) cold shower

Apparently cold water is good for your skin and hair. The only real benefit of hot water is opening up your pores. As your body does this to increase removal of excess heat from your body. For your body however, the hot water dries out the skin and removes essential oils in it. Cold water does the opposite it firms your cuticles and pores and closes them up aiding the grip on your body and preventing dirt from entering it

Improving your bodies immunity to illness and stress

Similar to the effect of waking you up cold water increases heart rate and oxygen circulation throughout your body. This has claimed additional benefits like lowering blood pressure, clearing clogged arteries and boosting your immune system. Additionally research has shown it can help with depression

Quote from site “this is because exposure to cold is known to activate the sympathetic nervous system and increase the blood level of beta-endorphin and noradrenaline and to increase synaptic release of noradrenaline in the brain as well. Additionally, due to the high density of cold receptors in the skin, a cold shower is expected to send an overwhelming amount of electrical impulses from peripheral nerve endings to the brain, which could result in an anti-depressive effect

Showering in cold water is a hormonic stressor too which improves you bodies ability cope with stress tolerance by a reaction known as Hormesis which works by your body being exposed to low doses of an agent that is toxic or lethal at higher doses

Increased fertility and testosterone production

Several research articles, the majority of copy & paste articles about cold showers online quote the Thrombosis Research Institute and University of California. Claim that taking a cold shower increases your testosterone. Additionally it’s also reported that this can increase your sperm count too, those “nads holding your lads” don’t like being too hot. There’s a reason why those balls are held in a sack that shrinks or expands. They work a miracle at maintaining your little swimmers temperature. Exposure to cold shower helps keep those little swimmers alive rather than killing them off. The same reason as wearing tight underwear and sitting down is meant to be bad for sperm production too. So if you’re trying for a baby it can have benefits for things that may seem a lost cause

Speed up recovery from hard exercise

After a hard exercise session, your body builds up a lot of lactic acid which is produced as a result of your body breaking down glucose for high demands of energy which then forms a bi-product of pyruvate which is generated from oxidised glucose. The problem with this is generally your muscles can’t get rid of the lactate produce which can lead to symptoms such as cramps. One way of solving this is by cold water therapy such as showers and ice baths. This works because the cold water shocks and constricts the veins holding all the blood which removes the lactate and then when you step out of the ice bath or shower new fresh blood is pumped into the body. The shock also causes your heart to pump faster which helps to circulate the blood better containing the lactate

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BG44K Fuel System Cleaner

A while back I was lucky enough to be gifted some BG44K Fuel System Cleaner for free and just never got around to using it until tonight. I received a call from my brother asking me if I had a pump. when he said this I was thinking along the lines of a foot pump what you would inflate a bike tyre with.

When he explained it was to suck fuel through the fuel filter for his partners car, I understood what he meant. I mentioned I did have a Mityvac which was designed to pull the fuel through the lines by vacuum so he came over.

We went into my garage and got out the tools and I helped him with the work. He disconnected the hoses for the fuel filter on his partners car and we held them to one side. I asked why he didn’t pre-fill the filters like we normally do. The specific fuel filter for that car is a sealed unit. So you have to pull the fuel through the lines via vacuum

We hooked up the Mityac, luckily all parts were there. I thought I’d lost it and proceeded to draw Vacuum through the fuel lines. After pumping for around 15 secs fuel started being sucked up. We pulled enough fuel to fill the bottle and then connected the hoses. The car started first time. My brother mentioned it was a “good piece of kit”. Indeed it is and it’s all mine.

He filled up the car with the BG44K Fuel System Cleaner and after he told me I mentioned I still had mine. He emptied the entire can into my tank, I went to the garage and filled it with some Shell V-Power Diesel then took it for a blast. The car determinately sounded a lot more gutsy and seemed to pull a lot harder too.

There is a lot of stigmata surrounding power products like BG44K saying people will believe it has power when there’s none. Although there may be some truth to this, I’ve drove my car for 3 years, I know how it responds.

It’s definitely responding better than before. The fuel system cleaner was carried out on my car at 77,900 miles and given that my car was meant to have “full” service history from new from VW I wouldn’t be surprised if it developed gremlins along the way

My car had the old cleaner (BG44K) – which is suitable for Petrols & Diesels. However the company have now released a diesel specific fuel system cleaner called BG244 which does the job. The product isn’t cheap (retails for around £20) but it’s been proven to work and de-coke your engines. I may look into seafoaming at a later date but as I regularly do an Italian Tune-Up on my car it doesn’t get the chance to accumulate soots and burnt on carbon

You can read more about the BG series of products on the company website via the links below aswell as their long list of fuel cleaning products

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Clearing debt

One of the problems I’ve experienced in the last year is I’ve accumulated a large amount of debt. I had my own debt anyway, but after taking out some car finance my credit rating with my existing debt went from Good to Poor. I’m now left with the long struggle of clearing down my debts and restoring my credit rating

Surprisingly the bank I’m with has now never been more than happier to contact me continuously because I have more funds going out than coming in.

Typically, all companies now use your credit score. The banks even use it when applying for loans. I’ve only been with them 20+ years so it’s not like they know how much I can afford or anything. It’s just “bam” and you’re done. No face to face with my bank now, just that’s it and get lost

I’m very religious when it comes to my finances, I know exactly what I owe, it’s all written down and where it goes how much comes out. So I know the exact figures I need

Part of the problem I experienced is I made the mistake on my birthday of taking some extra money out to celebrate (as I wasn’t paying a loan) but I forgot about the car finance. So the past few months I’ve been overdrawn with my bank by around £400 each month. Resulting in charges.

When my annual review comes for my overdraft, I think I’ll be increasing it.

I tried getting a Wonga payday loan to fix my short term issues. Paying the extra £100 each month is better than paying £300 + fees. Which would give me time to correct my finances. Alas, no! Wonga now uses credit scoring as they’re a “responsible lender” (with fucking high APR’s still) and because my credit rating is … shit they wouldn’t lend me it.

So high and dry with no source of help. I refuse to go bankrupt or anything of the sort. I just need to put my head down, get my thinking cap on and sort bills.

Currently I’m also overpaying 3/4 of my credit cards by £25 extra per month. It’s not much, but when your bank goes in negative the interest you pay off on the cards works out cheaper than with the bank. Plus I know I’m guaranteed to pay off at least £300 more each year from my cards.

I do actually win money gambling, I just don’t do it often. Even just £1 per day is £30 per month extra off my balances, which helps in the long term. Just slowly building it up and hoping for some luck. I’ve had a really bad string lately so looking for a change. I’m always for the positive attitude.

Along with my debt problems, I’ve recently changed energy suppliers as they were extortionate, I just checked my Gas and found I was over £250 in credit when they closed the account. I asked for a refund which should help with my bank charges and interest. I’m also going to close down all the accounts I don’t use to help recover lost expenditure alongside my credit cards. As currently it’s showing I have 5 open credit cards. I use 4 of them but it’s more source of borrowing. So I’m going to close it down and hopefully rebuild my credit a bit more. As I actually forgot I owned one card which would damage my rating.

I’m going to update the post more as I go, hopefully things will be more positive in the summer time. Need some stress free days for a change

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Flat Battery

Sooner or later it had to happen, my car showed all the warnings signs of a flat battery. Primarily it was weaker starting in colder temperatures, but it was also my remote key fob not working properly and slow power to winding the electric windows up. After my recent dilemma with a broken rear spring, the last thing I wanted to fork out money for was a new battery, but I knew it was eventually going to be one of those jobs.

Unfortunately. Or rather “sod’s law” I mentioned to the mother about the spring and said I’ll need a battery next as that is starting to show signs of failure….. never ever mention what’s about to go wrong with your car. The damn things are telepathic and just throw pissy fits when they want.

Well.. not really. That’s why they call it sod’s law.

Anyway, I can’t really fault the battery. Turns out it was the original battery installed in the car when it was first manufactured. My car being 10+ years old is quite good going so shows a testament to the quality of batteries used by VW. I tried using my booster pack but it was too low drained. I had no jumper cables around or anyone available to jump start my car so in the end I used my AA membership and called them out. (Hey I pay for Roadside, Relay and Home Start) so why not. Went back in the house and made another cuppa whilst I waited. When the AA were out he hooked up his Battery meter. The car was reading as 11V and 380Amps of power in the battery (batteries need 12V minimum to start) so a battery low in power. Soon as he hooked up his booster pack my car started. We let it run for 10 mins and it was showing as charging again.

The car would still start in warm temperatures but the strain was showing in the colder ones. So that same day I made sure I bought a new battery.

The one problem with diesel cars is they require big beefy batteries to cope with the extra strain on the engine. So it means you can’t just get an el-cheapo £50 battery unless you’re good friends with people in the trade.

After talking with euro car parts and discussing with halfords I managed to score a decent battery. Got it for £81.62

Now, the battery is a 74aH battery (amp hours) and 720 CCA (cold-cranking amps)

For reference to make it easier original battery is 72ah and 680CCA

  • Amp Hours – The battery “juice” how long you can run the vehicle components and electrics without the engine running before the battery goes flat (basically it’s run-time)
  • CCA – Cold Cranking Amps are how primarily used for cold starting the engine in really low temperatures. When you start your engine in low temperatures it puts extra strain on the battery and components. So a high CCA is needed for the extra “boost” that’s required

Generally speaking with car batteries, you can always go higher. As long as it will still fit in the engine bay

Now.. everything is hunky dory with my car at least, another few years of happy motoring aside from the usual services. I’ve kept the original battery as it would still do as a good spare for a Petrol Vehicle or generally testing with. Always remember to buy a decent battery

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Victoria Sponge with Buttercream Icing


  • 225G Butter or Margarine
  • 225G Sugar
  • 225G Self-Raising Flour
  • 4 Eggs


  • 200G Icing-Sugar
  • 100G Butter
  • 300G Jam (Strawberry / Raspberry)
  • Toppings (optional)


  1. Heat the oven to 160’c (Fan Assisted) or appropriate temperature
  2. Whilst oven is heating, grease and flour two 8″ circular baking tins by smearing butter/margarine all over them, then sprinkle some flour on it and shake the excess back into a tub. This will aid removal
  3. In a large bowl, mix the 4 eggs, butter, sugar and flour with a whisk at high speed until it is all mixed together. This should take no longer than 30 secs to a minute
  4. When all mixed together, using a a scoop (preferably silicone / plastic) for non-stick seperate the mixture between the two tins
  5. When oven heated up, place the two cake tins into the oven for 30 minutes
  6. After 30 mins, remove the cake tins and place on a wire rack. Whilst the mixture is still hot, slide your spatula around the edges of the tin. Leave it to cool for 5 mins
  7. After 5 mins, turn the tins upside down and pat the back of them into your hands (with oven gloves on). Then when they fall out, put the bases of them downwards to cool on a wire rack
  8. When cooled on a wire rack. Turn one surface face down onto a plate. Spread jam in the middle of the cake, then layer the other piece of cake flat side first on top of the jam so it is all uniform
  9. Mix up the butter-cream recipe, adding a little hot water to make it a quick paste that mixes easier and spread it over the top of the cake. Decorate as desired
  10. Once it has been done, put in the fridge to rapidly chill, or leave out to cool naturally. Personally, fridge taste nicer with cold butter cream. Once ready cut into sections of 2-3 slices per cake quarter as the mixture is very rich and enjoy



Whilst writing the recipe, I thought about “ice-cold” butter cream. I’ll experiment on using crushed ice (maybe 1-2 pieces) instead of hot water with the recipe to see if it tastes any better. Probably not but it’s worth experimenting to see what works well

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Broken rear spring

Through the joys of wear & tear and British weather, about to drive to work when my rear spring failed on the car. Luckily, I was just driving off the kerb about to head to work when I heard a loud bang. Immediately reversed back onto the kerb because I knew what that sound was.

Looked on the path and spotted little bits of metal, looked at the arch and it had greatly dropped so knew the spring was gone. I looked under the car with my torch and could see the beam sitting on the spring although didn’t look like it had snapped.

I called my brother and in between him coming over to look I fished about under where the spring sits and found the other part of it… Yep, definately broke!


Hmmm, maybe not too bad


Nope, I was wrong!

Now, that I knew the spring was broken, there was definately no way of me being able to get into work at 10pm on a Thursday night. So I just called in and said I wasn’t coming in. Pointless trying really and no way was I driving my car.

I decided to have an early night and get up early. I went to Durham and purchased 2 new springs from Eurocarparts (made by Anschler for around £30 each). Have to buy them in pairs otherwise the extra load effects the opposite side and eventually breaks it. The springs will be replaced and a write it will be added to the main site. Fingers crossed this is the last wear and tear part I have to replace for a while

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Mitsubishi Evo

The day finally came when I could use my drivers day card that my brother and his partner and their family bought for me as a Christmas present. Needless to say I woke up thinking it was Christmas I couldn’t get the day out of my head and was bouncing with excitement knowing I was going to go drive my dream car a Mitsubishi Evo

For those who don’t know a Mitsubishi Evo is a Japanese designed rally car which took the world by storm when Tommi Makinnen used it to won a series of consecutive world rally championships. There’s something about the raw appeal to me that makes an Evo like evil it has so much road presence

Now the choice of destination where I was going to drive my Evo was down Elvington air field and museum a good 70 miles away from where I live. After much hassle when I first called up to sort it out, I was told the Evo is a popular car and it’s only available at a few selected destinations.

I set off down there with my brother and after a quick stop off for some healthy breakfast (McDonald’s) when we got there the appeal was really dawning on me and I was so happy to be there I spot the Evo from about half a mile away it was like a magnet to me.

The event to host the driving day was done by Everyman Racing it’s recommended to get there an hour early and register this I would definitely agree with you will see why if you went the amount of people who turn up early are unreal and mine was one of the earliest timeslot. Plus it’s an open day event as well so people can just turn up and drive as long as they have their licenses I believe.

When I got there I signed the optional waiver in case I crashed the car otherwise I’d be paying 5000 in excess to cover the loss or damage of the vehicle. This excess is entirely optional. It’s your own choice if you purchase it but it’s recommended you don’t need it of you are only doing passenger rides. The earlier you get there during the day the better really as over the course of the day the vehicles will suffer from brake fade.

Now onto the event. After I went through the sign up process which takes around half an hour of waiting in a queue signing forms and paying in I was given a slip which gave a brief overview of what was paid for for my event. In my case it was 3miles as a driver in the Evo and a high speed passenger lap

The instructions say to wait at a coloured flag and listen for your name. Although when I was there I didn’t see any form of blue flag. I simply walked towards the nearest entrance gate closest to the Evo and waited admiring all the different cars

Eventually after waiting for what seemed forever my name was called. I handed my USB stick for in car recording and saving photos onto, after a short while (around 15 mins) the camera was set up and recording. I was given a brief run-down with some instructions by the examiner and drove to the start line for a photograph before going onto the main track

Once the photographs were taken I was instructed to drive up towards the airfield, once on the air field the instructor informed me where to accelerate, when to slow down, when to turn. The first time I drove around the airfield I didn’t know where I was going. The instructor said turn at the yellow cones. To be honest I think the cones weren’t really that visible in contrast to the course, and I wasn’t really familiar with the track.

The second lap around the airfield I was very familiar with the layout so I was a lot more keen when it came to driving on the course as I knew where to turn and slow down so I didn’t hesitate when driving. As you go around each lap you are instructed where the camera woman is, after the second (and final) lap waved to the camera and returned to the paddocks. The instructor then gave me my piece of paper with my score on (37/40 IIRC) and instructed me to wait again for the paddocks.

My next ride out was a passenger ride with non other than the stig… well someone dressed as him. The passenger ride was a high speed lap, when I first was given the gift I was positive it said in an Ariel Atom. When at the course I was advised the default high speed lap is in a Vauxhall Monaro VXR8. These cars aren’t exactly slouches either, but I REALLY wanted to a high speed lap in the Atom so stumped up the money for one lap (around £25). After waiting my turn for passenger ride finally came. I was given a helmet to use and as I lowered into the fibreglass bucket seats it really amazes you how low they are (loads of legroom too). The instructors connected up the harnesses which you REALLY need in them and the driver. Whom I shall call Stig took me for a lap.

Before I go further, I just want to note, the Atom I was sitting inside was the most powerful there. All the Atoms’ there were supercharged, but the one I was in was 320hp

Anyway, I we set off, I was expecting “Stig” to drive slowly up for the photograph shots. Absolutely fuck no,,, soon was I was strapped up and ready to go his foot was to the floor and wizzing through the gears. We hit 100 before we even touched the airfield (these cars have the same 0-60 acceleration as the £1,000,000 Bugatti Veyron and I have some perspective just how fast the Bugatti is now. The Atom was unreal. As the course was familiar, Stig knew all the perfect spots to turn and when to accelerate, the car never dropped below 100 when we were on the airfield, you could hear the tyres screaming for grip. The sheer air force on the helmet actually lifted the helmet upwards off my head and I had to pull it back down. I made sure I pulled it down because I couldn’t see. The lap only lasted around 30 seconds, but I couldn’t stop smiling. Way more than the Evo, safe to say the Atom was next on my wishlist for lotto cars to buy.

Whilst waiting for the Atom, I paid for Steven (brother) to go out in the VXR8 (he’s a Vauxhall nut) he came back with a smile too.

After that, we collected the photos and left the event.

Overall, the entire day cost me around £140.

I’ll be updating this post later with some pros + cons of the event and including the Youtube video of me driving the Evo.

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Car maintenance and breakdown products

I decided to make a post on my favourite car maintenance and breakdown products after recently going through a thought process over everything I’ve bought over the years. I’m going to constantly add to this post products which I’ve personally found extremely useful and recommend on the car. Or ones which I’ll fit to my car and then review at a later date

Products posted here are affiliate links, however I’m posting them because I personally use the products and recommend them. There are cheaper products that can be found online, but because I haven’t used them personally I will not recommend them. However, you are more entitled to purchase them at your own decision if you need to save money or if money is a bit tight for you. This is more of a general guide to help others find useful things for their cars.


Oil, I’ve ALWAYS used Mobil1 ESP 5w/30 Fully Synthetic Oil when carrying out oil changes for my own personal car, as it is a good quality make of oil and meets the stringent testing standards for VW. For those who don’t know, using the wrong oil in VAG family cars can cause sludge issues and a host of other problems. VAG family are really fussy when it comes to fluid. So it’s best to get the right ones. The oil is also low ash which reduces soot build up on the turbo and helps lower emissions for MOT testing. Additionally, I personally found that using this oil I never had to top it up. Newer VW based cars say it’s common to top up every 1000 miles or so. I’ve personally never had to top up once with my old VW Passat and since changing to this oil still haven’t to date. Oil is designed to lubricate and protect the engine, but don’t expect to drive at 100mph+ and not burn some oil. If you are doing normal town / motorway driving I wouldn’t worry though

Screenwash, it varies what I use at the time, however the last few years when I can afford it I’ve used Prestone Screenwash. A few years back I tested it at Asda when first released. It was around £2 for a 1Litre bottle and I loved it. It has an excellent rate of keeping the windscreen clear. I believe the formula must have a silicone compound added to it, as when I was driving I didn’t have to use my wipers much. This was because when washing my windows it was coating the windscreen in a layer which formed water to bead when driving and rolling off the windows quickly which enhanced the visibility when it was heavy rain and driving at high speeds. It also protects really low down which aids de-icing windscreens in the winter



Tow Bar, generally if a car breaks down the old method of towing someone was just to use a rope to drag the car in tow and using the car in front to help recover it. This was banned for multiple safety reasons. One of the common problems that would occur was the driver behind was always having to use braking on the car to keep the tension between the towing car and the broken down vehicle. Anyone who’s driven a car with no brake assist knows how forceful you need to be, and if there is a sudden need to stamp on the brakes then it usually resulted in going into the rear of the car towing you. To overcome this, everyone now uses a rigid towing bar. The towing bar I use for recovery is a Clark 2-tonne towing bar with Spring Damper it suits all the requirements of a modern broken down vehicle. One of the main benefits is that it’s rigid, so there is no need for the driver behind to keep pressing the brakes, although they should still press them to assist the driver in front as the towing vehicle has to overcome the brake force of 2 x vehicle weight.  With a fixed rigid line, there is a constant tension between the vehicles, the spring damper helps reduce the loads between the two vehicles both when braking and pulling away. Any sudden “jerks” on a normal rope could potentially snap it. The equipment comes in 3-pieces which rapidly dismantle and goes away into a bag for ease of transport. Total weight approximately 5 kilograms.



Ice Scraper, this is a bit of a tough decision really. Ice scrapers are generally only the thing you use when the weather gets bad but some people live in areas where the weather ices up a lot. I live in the UK so we rarely get much snow/ice unless there’s a bad spell across the pond. I’ve tried multiple variations of scraper, they all do the job to some extent. Although I’m trying to find one which suits the needs and does the job efficiently. This is the scraper I use so far is made by Signstek. It’s actually sold at Asda, but this is the closest match I could find online for those who don’t have a local Asda / Walmart store near them. I’ve tried the cheap scrapers which are the ones where they have a small sqeueegee at the end. I didn’t like them very much because you couldn’t get enough of a decent angle and the blade isn’t very sharp. Also found my hands were really cold. I’ve also tried the gloved ones where it’s a mitt with a scraper. These do the job at keeping your hands warm, and work fairly effectively, but the ones I had eventually started falling apart. This is more of a personal decision more than anything else, but I’m really liking the one I purchased from Asda to date. It’s a good length (around 8-9″) is made of stainless steel with a hardened plastic edge. It doesn’t appear to scratch the windscreen and it cuts through the ice very easily. I’m sure I’ll change this post, but this is the most effective one I have found to date and don’t intend on changing in a while.

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