Sharia Law in UK

Islamic hardliners are trying to enforce Sharia Law in UK

Youtube Video on Sharia Law

The first point I am going to note here I want to get this as straight forward as possible.

I DO NOT hate Muslims, nor am I racist or prejudiced towards other races. I have no reason to be. A true Muslim looks after their family and other Muslims are like an extended family.

They do not sponge benefits from the country, they are hard working and honest. The so called “Muslims” who chant Allah, burn poppies and claim to do things in the name of their lord are not true Muslims, they are TERRORISTS.

They DO NOT deserve equal rights

Firstly, if you come to a country you are expected to follow their laws and rules. You are not forced to stop in your beliefs or your preachings but within the justice and legal system you are bound by their rules and regulations.

Sharia law is used by countries with no policing system that effectively puts the law into the publics hands. The UK has their own police force and government. We don’t need Sharia law.

If Sharia law comes into effect, then the gun law should come into effect and I’ll follow suit like Americans. I’ll buy a gun and shoot anyone who makes an attempt at injuring me. People WILL arm themselves and eventually an all out war will start in England

You may be thinking Sharia law is OK, well say that after you get stoned, whipped, amputated and executed depending on the errors you have done from petty theft (amputation), adultery (stoning), killing someone (beheading) and anti social behaviour (whipping).

Here’s more info on the Sharia law. Make sure you read up on exactly how something is determined under Sharia law whether the punishment depends on whether the criminal was convicted of qesas, hudud or tazir.


As far as I’m concerned. Any Muslims who want Sharia law can fuck off to a country that practices it and stay there. They don’t belong in England, I like this country to stay as it is with our laws and democracy.

I think it’s about time the government in the UK put their balls back in their sack and actually got rid of the fucking shit infesting this country who won’t follow our laws and deport them. I’m not generalising this about Islamics either. I’m talking about any race. English, Islamic, African, American, Spanish.

UK law = UK rules if you don’t like it. Go back to your own country and follow your own laws

You do not have the rights to impose your laws on us. We live in England, it is our choice to accept these laws. It is freedom of democracy

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