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Should you find yourself short on money or have lots of spare time and want to “boost” your earnings you can be paid to review music for doing nothing but listening to 90 seconds of music each time.

I currently review music on slicethepie where I get paid anywhere from $0.08 to $0.20 per song. It’s better to focus on quality over quantity and be open-minded when reviewing the songs.

Firstly, if you give a rubbish review the system doesn’t feed you as many songs because the quality of your reviews don’t give a good judgement. This is why I only listen to about 10-15 songs per day. Secondly real artists (both famous and upcoming) use this site, so they need real opinions of their seconds

Now. I currently review around 15 per day (~300 per month) and this nets me around $50 which is around £35 in UK money per month. It’s not much but when it’s around 40 mins of your day it’s a hell of a lot of free money you can use towards debt or boosting your earnings.

If you’re interested please use this link as I get paid for recruiting you and it joins you up to the site….

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