Social Media and Search Engine Optimisation

Social Media important. We now live in the 21st Century. Time and Technology has evolved, which means so do Businesses.

A lot of people now have access to the Internet, when it comes to making your Business known in the world of SEO, you need to optimise your Website. This means making it Social.

If you don’t exist online, how are people expected to find you. There’s a lot more competition now than there was 300 years ago when it comes to Business. Any Business needs to be willing to change and advance with the times in order to stay competitive. If they don’t stay competitive, ultimately they will fail

This is why any Business needs to focus on Social Media Networking and Search Engine Optimisation. This works for a few reasons.

When a Business has something people can refer back to, it makes finding them easier. When you’re on Social Networking sites, this is great for SEO, because people can create backlinks to your Business. Which helps drive traffic. Google also links this, because it indexes pages, and any page which is frequently indexed and referenced to gets a high score. Google likes High Quality content when it comes to SEO scores. The higher the content, the better the result.

So, whenever you’re focussing on making your Business in the 21st Century, you should always focus on Social Media alongside your SEO Marketing strategy

For me, I would propose in the UK you focus on the following for Social Media Networking. This helps to create Brand awareness of your Business, and because these sites are all indexed by Google’s search queries too, it means you get more results pointed towards your Business. This helps build Brand Authority, people love interacting, when you interact with your Customers they become more engaged.

This interaction promotes discussed and feedback, which not only helps improve the service from your Business, but helps drive traffic to yours and create backlinks by your customers talking about you (Good AND Bad). One post when it comes to Social Media can make your Business thrive, or end you. The best thing about the sites below is that you don’t need to post often. Just a quick simple picture, with a link to your Business, and keywords related to the content you’re writing and what our business is about. People can find it by searching, and when they’re interacting you’ve got 1 more potential customer

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

So, if you’re thinking about getting your Business online. Make sure you focus on doing Search Engine Optimisation, and also Social Media, as this is great for marketing, and helps promote your Business due to Google indexing more content. If you integrate this with dynamic content that changes regularly (such as a simple blog post) and tag it with the keywords to help find it. Google will love this, because it then crawls your site like one giant cooker monsters, wanting more.

Remember in the terms of SEO/Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing

More content = More links = More Business

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