After driving for 10 years, I’ve finally been a bad boy and believe I was caught speeding. Stretch of road when playing taxi, going up a hill behind lorry and a few other cars I decided to overtake them because I was impatient.

I know the stretch of road to be honest, and I know it’s regularly policed with speed traps so it’s my own fault. I know speeding is dangerous and risks lives, I’m just impatient and need to calm down my driving.

I’m not worrying about it until I get my summons / NIP through the post. Although I’m expecting around 6 points and a £200 fine, I’m crossing my fingers at the opportunity to be offered a speed awareness course.


It feels weird to me, I’ve been driving 10 years and wanted to hold a clean license. I know these things happen it just bugs me.


I’ll update the post when I receive more information.



I received a letter with an option for 3 points / £100 fine, or take it to court and contest it. I’ll be surrendering my license this weekend to get points on it then updating my insurance. No point contesting it, the court will just slap me with a larger fine and more points

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