Virtual Hosts

Every now and then I come across a stupidly annoying problem with my website and it’s configuration before I can move on. This time it’s virtual hosts. Apache has the ability to allow you to host mobile domain names from the same directory and web server using the virtual hosts configuration.


I’m currently at this stage. I own more than one domain name and it’s annoying me.

I’m currently experiencing two problems with the domain

  • Apache not “serving” the index page for the virtual host directory. All it is serving is blank pages.

Initially I thought this was a permission problem. I later identified it and remembered it was the cause of problem#2 which is why I gave up in the first place. For reference, in the httpd.conf file there is a section called Include conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf this must be enabled (remove #) otherwise it won’t load the files

  • Apache now serves the home pages and finds them, but ignores the main /www root of the web server and goes straight to the virtual host directory

This is the current problem I’m encountering. Once I work out the virtual hosts configuration issue, I will post an update for future reference if I need to go back to it. Or help someone else out

I did a quick google search and find this post. Free link.


I’m currently researching it

Cannot start session without errors in phpMyAdmin

A quick one, I recently received the message Cannot start session without errors in phpMyAdmin when trying to logon


Usually when you get this message it’s normally because of your browse cache, or an issue with the session.save_path variable in the PHP.ini configuration file


I decided to check the session save path first and it turned out after I had a problem with my PHP configuration. I updated PHP but forgot to copy over the directories


My PHP was pointing to a /tmp folder. Once I created this, jobs a good un. Remember this in next time

Added another computer for the clustered web hosting mix

Recently decided to upgrade the computers because I’m working on a Windows based clustered web hosting solution. I want to speed up the response times of my website, whilst also at the same time developing knowledge on virtual machines, clustered hosting and high availability environments that features SANS and load balancing


I purchased an old AM3+ motherboard from eBay a while back to replace my failed burnt out motherboard (AM2 based, my fault guvnor, oc’d it and fried). Anyway, as the new motherboard using a different CPU socket I had to purchase a new CPU and RAM.


Long story short, I was paid from Google for my youtube videos and had a small amount of money spare, so thought why not.



Specs – 2GB of DDR3, Dual Core Athlon CPU @ 2.8GHz

It’s not major, but perfectly suitable for clustered web hosting because it’s mainly for the features. I’ll maybe add in a secondary network card so I can look into load balancingPC-Dimples

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