How I fixed my Car Audio with Zip Ties

I recently wrote how I replaced my factory head unit in my car with an aftermarket one. One of the problems I’ve been experiencing however, was intermittent sound AND no radio. I had a weird issue where the head unit also wasn’t powering up too. The speakers were dropping in and out, and also the next time I fitted the aerial wire, the head unit would no longer power up.

Needless to say this confused me, until I did a bit of investigation

Turns out that the ISO adapter harness I purchased to fit the head unit to my car, was connected to the block. However there was always a little bit of “play” where you could wiggle the connector in and out 2-3mm which I was never happy with

This small amount of “play” was enough to break the connection between the pins and cause a signal loss, and power loss. Hence why my previous testing on the head unit wasn’t showing any problems and why it randomly powered up again after I tested it

Basically I added two zip ties tightly against the harness, one near the speaker wires, and one near the power. It’s now permanently solid and worked flawlessly since

Car Insurance

Received an email on 28th January from my current (or rather new) car insurance company where I purchased my policy from

They’d received confirmation of my no claims bonus from admiral car insurance but there was a discrepancy

I rang up their support line today (their emails are crap, described as OQD and MQD) which is actually an abbreviation of One Quote / Motor Quote direct

Anyway, spoke with a lady called Shontelle, my account is now updated for 3rd of each month direct debit on my monthly car insurance policy. The reason why there was a discrepancy on the account was because I gave them my previous policy number and they visibly needed to see my actual proof of no claims bonus. I had scanned these in an emailed them shortly after the first email but they never bothered notifying me it was updated.

Anyway, sorted out now.