Gambling with Betfred

Every now and then I like to try out new forms of gambling and one of the sites I like to use a lot of is Betfred. It’s a good site, just watch out for all the welcome bonuses. I made that mistake. It’s best to start off with small amounts and work your way from there.


Now, my experience with this site, is it’s sort of OK and user friendly. Although at times the menu options can be a little confusing. I tend to like the virtual games more like roulette and greyhounds, mainly because I’m impatient. Roulette is definately my fav game though, just always remember never to bet more than you are willing to lose


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Gambling to make money

As part of my way of paying off debts this year I decided that gambling to make money would be my way forward. Now, I’m not stupid, I know gambling costs you money. However, I’ve always believed in you need to speculate to accumulate.

I always put on £24 per month on the Irish Lottery (£1 stake on betfred taking the half odds) because if I win for a £1 stake I still get £301 back

Out of that £301 my winnings would be divided as follows…..
– £200 for my credit card to pay off
– £50 for “ME” as my own personal savings or spending money (you have to look after yourself)
– £24 for another set of months lines for the irish lotto (again half odds) 2 x lines, 2 x chance
– £27 to “gamble” away and lose if need be, to possibly increase my odds

The whole rule about gambling, is always know when to quit and call it a day. There’s always another day. I took a big chance tonight (transferred £20 earlier today in my betfred account btw) been on and off winning during day (I tend to lose money when I don’t play smart nothing more).

I had £11 remaining in my account that is part of my normal gambling money on betfred, put an each way bet on two random greyhounds (£5 each to win) – one of em won. Hello £85 in my bank

I transferred £50 into my bank (always helps top it up). Put a months worth of irish lotto on, and then gambled away the rest for fun. So I never actually “lost” any money, yet still managed to win some and spend some for fun. In the end I’m actually £30 in profit over my initial transfer

Remember, think smart, play smart and you can win. Pay off your debts and live a comfier life.

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