Blog not found, Woorank

Well, in order to improve my site performance and optimisation I constantly use Woorank amongst a host of other websites to improve and design my existing one.

One thing has always bothered me however and that is whenever I run a query I always get a Blog not found message from Woorank for my website (similar to we could not find a blog on your website)

Turns on the woorank program can’t find Blogs unless it points to the directory. Some bad HTML coding by me too. My internal links where pointing to Blog/index.php as soon as I removed the Blog /index.php and left it as woorank found it thus improving my score

A quick tip to help anyone else with a similar situation. I’m now currently @ 71.9% on woorank

Resolving WordPress “page cannot be found” messages

OK, came across a really stupid but interesting problem tonight.

When I was trying to view “older posts” via my wordpress main page I would always receive a message that the server couldn’t find /BLog/Blog on the server as if it didn’t exist.

I did a quick bit of googling as similar problems to this exist already, turns out my typo on the URL address of the site was causing it to redirect URLs

When I was typing the site address in the preferences I specified the blog address as BLog using a capital L aswell, this resulted in screwed up addressing

To resolve, just changed it to a lowercase l now all my blog works properly again!