Broken exhaust

Driving home one night, when it sounded like my car had a flat tyre even though I knew it didn’t

Note: I drive with really loud music, so couldn’t hear anything

I knew something was wrong, because the entire car was resonating. If you have ever drove on a flat tyre, you will know what I mean when I’m talking about resonating, basically the vibrations go throughout the shell and steering wheel


I turned down my stereo knew something was wrong but I couldn’t figure out what. Took me about 20 secs, then I realised I either had a snapped exhaust or broken exhaust. I parked up when I got home and looked in the morning to assess the damage

Looked in the morning and it looked like the centre section had gone on the car. I don’t know the exhaust system entirely so made a post on a forum. Someone said it was a centre section / mid-box. Either way looked to be around £50. I was expecting it to be the cat (£200+), spoke to the brother and agreed to take the car into garage to price it up

Came back and the car was fixed. Turns out it was simply the exhaust clamps had snapped. So the garage repaired it for free. Talk about lucky. I was sure something had gone from it

Car Insurance

Received an email on 28th January from my current (or rather new) car insurance company where I purchased my policy from

They’d received confirmation of my no claims bonus from admiral car insurance but there was a discrepancy

I rang up their support line today (their emails are crap, described as OQD and MQD) which is actually an abbreviation of One Quote / Motor Quote direct

Anyway, spoke with a lady called Shontelle, my account is now updated for 3rd of each month direct debit on my monthly car insurance policy. The reason why there was a discrepancy on the account was because I gave them my previous policy number and they visibly needed to see my actual proof of no claims bonus. I had scanned these in an emailed them shortly after the first email but they never bothered notifying me it was updated.

Anyway, sorted out now.