Paypal Scam Emails

Every now and then, you get the occasional idiot who tries to scam some poor user out of their account information by showing information affiliated to the company in question

I received an email from “Paypal” support

I already knew it was dubious from experience, but decided to carefully investigate it. The user in question owned a website (hosted by godaddy) and had a blog with a purposely hidden upload link with a redirect onto a fake paypal login

They’re getting smarter and smarter, but when displaying links to unknown pages, always hover your mouse over them and check out the address first. It should always match the domain where it’s coming from

Needless to say I hate scammers. So I reported the domain abuse to godaddy and rackspace, and I’ll also be reporting them to paypay, eBay and the local authorities

Business Bank Account – Bad Credit

One of the major problems for myself, after registering my business. Is that my own “personal” credit score is rubbish. I know what caused this.

Now after registering my business, technically they’re separate entities. Unfortunately the major banks don’t see it that way. They only see it as debt you can’t look after. I applied for a business bank account with my existing provider and they rejected me.

Now, I know my business won’t be fully established for possibly 1-2 years, but I wanted everything separate so that it would make my finances easier to manage when it comes to the yearly tax calculations. So any basic account I could load up with money for outgoing payments (such as buying business supplies, stock) and receive incoming payments would do


In the end I went with Cashplus for my business bank account because they don’t do credit checks. When I eventually get a good enough credit rating I’ll swap to a major bank which offers better options for me and is more established. For now I can’t argue though. There will be a lot of work required. It is however really exciting at the same time. I haven’t felt this excited since I did contracting work

Rainy Days

Sometimes it pays to save for those Rainy Days. That odd £10-20 pound per month spare you have could go into savings for the times when you know it’s hard

Recently and for the next couple of months my bank account is taking a severe hit.

I had no more money to come out before payday last month then the account suddenly went to around £200 into an overdraft. Woe me I forgot about my AA membership
(edit – must remember to get the discount back)

This has had a knock on effect since I was paid, still currently 22 days until payday and already £160 overdrawn on my bank 🙁 and yet more payments to come out :/

Luckily I’m getting a large pay this month and next month, but it’s still hitting me hard because I have got to get my MOT + Car Tax yet. OMG it never rains but it pours!

Now, where did I put those scratchcards and lotto tickets, fingers crossed.

In the meantime I’m busy ebaying some crap I no longer want to build up money and I get paid off a contract and my youtube position next month so should be back in the green. Fingers x’d things pay off. Best recall all the money I constantly lend people and ask for it back