17th September

Yes, I do have an abnormal taste for hobnobs which is my downfall I love em a lot, but I don’t actively go out and buy them in a supermarket. Oh the calories will add up

Cup of Tea
2 weetabix + sugar {whole milk}
7 hobnobs {mcvities}
1 digestive {asda}
4 beefburgers with tomato sauce {white bread}
2 Pint water
2 litres water
2 slices toast {white}
Tin Meatballs
Portion of Smash
2 Slices Bread
2 bananas
1 tin tuna, lettuce, mayo and chicken salad

16th September

Not had much to eat today – been uploading a couple more videos to Youtube and modifying the website along with housework. Today’s meals include….

5 Fish Fingers ({birds eye}
1/2 Tin Spaghetti Hoops {asda smartprice}
2 handfuls of chips {asda smartprice}
2 white bread buttered {warburtons}
7 hobnobs {mcvities}
3 weetabix + sugar {wholemilk}
Cup of tea
Bowl of mash potato {smash}
2 white bread buttered {warburtons}
2 pints milk
20 chicken nuggets

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