Changing gas supplier

Recently after having extortionate gas supply bills and trying to reduce my outgoing expenditure I decided it was about time I started looking into changing my gas supplier

I’m currently with British Gas – lived in this house for the last 3 years with no change in circumstances other than cold winters. When I first moved in my gas supply was around £40 p/m and over the course it’s been building and building where it is now an average of £82 p/m with British Gas on their flexible payment scheme

After inputting my yearly usage according to British Gas (around 17,912kw/h) on the cheapest provider I liked the look of was Scottish Power.


With all the charges everything brought in worked out around £57 per month saving me a nifty £25 p/m or £300 per year in savings.

Plus after buying through quidco which redirected to uswitch I am also eligible for a £10 cashback from changing gas supplier for a single fuel (£20 or £30 if dual fuel)