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For a longtime I’ve had a Canon Inkjet MP180 Printer. It has been reliable and served me well, it still works to this day but it’s a bit iffy. When I first purchased it, I was on Windows XP. Since then I’ve done many migrations up to the current version Windows 10. Since then Canon have been a bit reluctant to update their drivers however for the MP Navigator software and it’s a bit finnicky when trying to connect the printer for printing off jobs. I’m guessing this is most likely due to planned obsolescence, and to force people to upgrade or buy new printers. 

It was causing problems for me when trying to print documents off, because I had to troubleshoot every time I printed something. I’d been meaning to replace it as part of my Home Office update, I’d always wanted to upgrade to a more Business-class printer, so I thought why not : time for a replacement!

The printer that I decided to replace it with, and add to my home network is something I’m familiar with. It’s a business class printer, that’s capable of high demands. The one I purchased was a HP Laserjet 4350 Printer (with Duplexer) to add onto my home network. These printers are true Business class. It wasn’t uncommon to see them in large offices because they’re solidly built and reliable. They’re still widely used now because they’re robust, and the support packages are still there for them

Not only is this  printer more Universal (the printer drivers are bundled with Windows 10), it’s a lot higher quality to use and saves me money in the long run for printing.

The HP Laserjet 4350 isn’t a colour printer (although you can get Colour Laserjet’s, that’s the next addition), this printer is a Mono A4 Laserprinter. It’s a high speed reliable and robust Business printer capable of printing off thousands of A4 documents before it eventually breaks. 

As this printer is designed for printing only in Mono (Black and White), it’s designed for high-efficiency, and also for money saving. Here’s a comparison between my old Canon Pixma MP180 printer, and the HP Laserjet 4350 Printer

The MP180 uses two Inkjet cartridges. It uses 1 for Colour documents, and 1 for Black/White documents. 

  • The MP180 uses Inkjet Cartridges @ ~£13 per cartridge (490 pages)
  • The Laserjet 4350 uses B & W Toner Cartridges @ ~£165 per toner (10,000 pages)

To get the same amount of pages on my MP180 I would need to purchase the following 10,000/490 = 20.4 Cartridges
Total Cost would be 20.4 x £13 = £265.2 for same level of print outs on the Canon MP180 vs a 10,000 page “Toner”

The fact is, Inkjet will usually never beat Laser printers for the price tag. Technology has probably caught up now to the point where Inkjets that use smaller droplets are on par, however laser printers are always going to be the better technology to use for me. Generally Inkjet printers are used when you are printing something with lots of detail that needs to be crisp (for example Photographs). Where a Laserjet printer is normally something used for printing something with a high quality of legibility to it (for example Text documents). 

Documents printed on Inkjets have a risk of smudging because you have to wait for Ink to dry. As soon as a document comes off a Laser printer it can be handled. This is because the Toner for Laser printers isn’t Ink in a tank that’s squirted on. It’s physically in a powder form that is heated/burned onto the paper. So it’s dry as soon as it comes off. This is another good point with Toner’s. It tends to store better, Ink dries up within tanks. Due to Toner’s being a powder it’s normally fine long term and you just need to shake it up

As you can see a Laserjet printer is more efficient at saving money when printing off jobs. Not to mention it’s faster. The MP180 prints 17ppm. The LJ4350 prints 55ppm. It will benefit me for my home network and when printing off information for eBay sales and general documentation. Already installed and chuffed with it because I’m used to the equipment. Due to the printer drivers already being supported in Windows, it was just a case of plugging in a network cable into the printer, and installing it like a normal printer. Microsoft Windows recognised it, and installed the drivers for me. 

Another benefit of having a Network card on the Laser printer is that you can logon to the HP JetDirect Admin portal. It gives you a lot more features and customisation options. These allow you to monitor progress, increase quality or introduce cost saving features, like the Toner Density or Power Saving options

I purchased the printer from eBay. The total cost was £99 including Toner and delivery. 

This printer itself is in the region of 20 years old, and still widely used because it’s cheap and reliable. The bonus for me is that when I eventually need to replace the Toner in the printer they’re still made. If you own a HP Laserjet like me, you can buy the Toner/Fuser from Cartridge People below (They sell both aftermarket and OEM toners). If not, but you’re considering buying a Inkjet/Laser printer. Check out the following site below. Grab a deal, save some money

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