Turn £10 into £10,000 with Investments


  1. This article contains my affiliate link to the product I’m discussing. I’d appreciate if you’d use it if you decide to carry out this investment option as it earns me money and it doesn’t affect you when you invest
  2. The website(s) given work on a principle of Investments, and is similar to a Pyramid Scheme. You are also investing in a Cryptocurrency which while stable, they are considered to be volatile. If something crashes over night you could lose everything you have invested. This is why I recommend you invest the most minimal stake that you are willing to lose if it all fails



  • Sign up to control-finance.com preferably with my affiliate link included 🙂
  • Register with a Cryptocurrency exchange such as Coinbase
  • Purchase Bitcoin after verifying your details on the exchange
  • Install a Cryptocurrency wallet capable of receiving funds
  • Send money from the exchange to the wallet
  • Click on deposit option, enter the amount and choose Bitcoin
  • EXCHANGE RATES APPLY, SO $50 won’t pay $50
  • The website will tell you the address, and amount to pay to
  • Launch your wallet, click on send
  • Enter the address, and the amount
  • If you have enough click send
  • You will then need to wait for the website to verify the transactions
  • This can take between 15 mins – 1 hour depending on how much
  • Once deposited go to your deposits click on the “pencil”
  • Change the auto reinvestment option to “ON”
  • Click on “withdraw funds” – go to Bitcoin option in wallet
  • Click “receive”, copy the address, paste into the field for Bitcoin wallet
  • Wait 1 year for your investment to grow
  • When 1 year has passed, cancel auto investment, and withdraw daily



Much like stocks and shares you are investing in the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. If you choose the traditional method, you break even and ROI is within approximately 3 months


Traditional interest pays you a fixed return based on your investment

  • If you invested £100 @ 1% interest, you make £1 per day


Compounded interest works the same way, but because you are reinvesting what you get out the total “invested” actually increases



Day 1 – You invest £25, after 1 day you gain 1% interest = 25p

Day 2 – Rather than withdraw this amount. You reinvest.New total investment £25.25

Day 3 – The cycle repeats, you now gained another 25p, total now £25.50 and so forth, so the more you balance increases, the faster you earn more money via interest


This goes on and on everyday, attached is a snippet of the calculation in the sheet for the first 1-3 days, and then at days 360-365. As you can see from a £25 stake, on Day 1 you’re only getting 25p per day. On day 365 you are earning £17.80 per day. If the market crashes, you’ve lost £25. Plus if you want some extra money, there’s nothing stopping you cancelling the auto investment (say 6 months in), all that happens is it then reverts to a fixed interest return and you gain X.XX amount per day until you reinvest again. The reason why you do this should become clear.

Think long term, if you invest £10 (minimum) after 365 days if the market hasn’t crashed you earn £36.50 (365 days x 1 % of £10) per day


If you invest £10 (minimum) and compound it 365 days, if the market hasn’t crashed. On day 365 you cancel the auto investment option. You’re now earning £5 per day interest (£150 per month)




Total Investment Interest Total
Day 1 £25.00 £0.25 £25.25
Day 2 £25.25 £0.25 £25.50
Day 3 £25.50 £0.26 £25.76
Day 360 £1,185.92 £16.60 £1,202.53
Day 361 £1,202.53 £16.84 £1,219.36
Day 362 £1,219.36 £17.07 £1,236.43
Day 363 £1,236.43 £17.31 £1,253.74
Day 364 £1,253.74 £17.55 £1,271.30
Day 365 £1,271.30 £17.80 £1,289.09

Gambling with Betfred

Every now and then I like to try out new forms of gambling and one of the sites I like to use a lot of is Betfred. It’s a good site, just watch out for all the welcome bonuses. I made that mistake. It’s best to start off with small amounts and work your way from there.


Now, my experience with this site, is it’s sort of OK and user friendly. Although at times the menu options can be a little confusing. I tend to like the virtual games more like roulette and greyhounds, mainly because I’m impatient. Roulette is definately my fav game though, just always remember never to bet more than you are willing to lose


Gambling to make money

As part of my way of paying off debts this year I decided that gambling to make money would be my way forward. Now, I’m not stupid, I know gambling costs you money. However, I’ve always believed in you need to speculate to accumulate.

I always put on £24 per month on the Irish Lottery (£1 stake on betfred taking the half odds) because if I win for a £1 stake I still get £301 back

Out of that £301 my winnings would be divided as follows…..
– £200 for my credit card to pay off
– £50 for “ME” as my own personal savings or spending money (you have to look after yourself)
– £24 for another set of months lines for the irish lotto (again half odds) 2 x lines, 2 x chance
– £27 to “gamble” away and lose if need be, to possibly increase my odds

The whole rule about gambling, is always know when to quit and call it a day. There’s always another day. I took a big chance tonight (transferred £20 earlier today in my betfred account btw) been on and off winning during day (I tend to lose money when I don’t play smart nothing more).

I had £11 remaining in my account that is part of my normal gambling money on betfred, put an each way bet on two random greyhounds (£5 each to win) – one of em won. Hello £85 in my bank

I transferred £50 into my bank (always helps top it up). Put a months worth of irish lotto on, and then gambled away the rest for fun. So I never actually “lost” any money, yet still managed to win some and spend some for fun. In the end I’m actually £30 in profit over my initial transfer

Remember, think smart, play smart and you can win. Pay off your debts and live a comfier life.

Rainy Days

Sometimes it pays to save for those Rainy Days. That odd £10-20 pound per month spare you have could go into savings for the times when you know it’s hard

Recently and for the next couple of months my bank account is taking a severe hit.

I had no more money to come out before payday last month then the account suddenly went to around £200 into an overdraft. Woe me I forgot about my AA membership
(edit – must remember to get the discount back)

This has had a knock on effect since I was paid, still currently 22 days until payday and already £160 overdrawn on my bank 🙁 and yet more payments to come out :/

Luckily I’m getting a large pay this month and next month, but it’s still hitting me hard because I have got to get my MOT + Car Tax yet. OMG it never rains but it pours!

Now, where did I put those scratchcards and lotto tickets, fingers crossed.

In the meantime I’m busy ebaying some crap I no longer want to build up money and I get paid off a contract and my youtube position next month so should be back in the green. Fingers x’d things pay off. Best recall all the money I constantly lend people and ask for it back