I’ve always been meaning to do transcription as a way of boosting my earnings and earning more money, well why not. It’s basically just listening to what people say and type it. Easy right?

Yeah, NOT. My first project was 2 hrs 20 mins long

OH, by the way. Most NORMAL people talk in the range of 80-100+ words per minute.
OH, there was also around 7 people in the conversation. So think along the lines of ~ 100+ wpm for 140 mins,

The final file took me around 9 hrs non stop to complete. Resulting in nearly 20,000 words.

Damn it was intensive.

Also when your transcripting you constantly have to stop and rewind. The perks of the job are for a TRUE transcriber, not a shitty job like odesk like I have. If I went full time and became a pro, I could claim jobs on a rate of £30-40 per HOUR. Yes, so a file that may take me 24 hours to do for 8 hrs of audio may seem a lot of typing, but when your earning more than some people make in a week, it’s a nice little thing for the kitty

If you’re going to do it though, get some decent headphones, a decent sound card, a footpedal for controlling the audio (or some software) and possibly a voice to text program that can read the files to make translation easier after training (i.e dragon naturally speaking)

I’ll be discussing this more on my website. I’ve completed my first file and awaiting payment. I’m using 2013 as a way to boost my earnings big style.

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