Weather Headaches

This may sound like some weird rant, but for those people who are like me and sufferers like me. They will understand what I’m talking about and how much it messes you up. I thought I’d write this post to discuss it with others

What are Weather Headaches?

As much as I’d to class it as a “Spidey Sense” relating to the Weather it’s not, it’s a nightmare. Quite simply they’re headaches you experience when the Weather changes. It affects people in various ways, some people get it when the Weather is going from Hot to Cold, Cold to Hot, Barometric Pressure Changes, Humidity changes, if there’s a storm front coming on. Sounds rubbish right?

I can assure you it’s not. It’s something you learn to live with but hate at the same time. Did you ever have a grandparent who always used to complain about the Weather and they can feel it in their bones? Same situation, everyone who suffers Weather Headaches all get it in varying degrees.

For me personally, it seems to be more related to the barometric pressure. The slightest change can set me off. It’s why I’m making my own Weather Station, I haven’t been able pinpoint what’s causing it which is why I want to build a weather station so I can log it.

When the UK went into Lockdown with #COVID19 we had a period where it was red hot (about 30’c) for about 2 weeks. Well before that I had crippling headaches, and after that (before it started raining about a day later), I got crippling headaches again. How does it affect me you ask?

The way it affects me would probably depend on a pain scale based 1-10

Pain Level of 1 – I wake up, slight headache that irritates me I can work but feel grumpy until weather changes.
Pain Level of 5 – My head hurts, I take painkillers. I’m irritable, it makes me nauseous, and irritates my bowels
Pain Level of 10 – I can’t function. Unable to move, wanting to vomit, head feels like it’s going to explode.

This may sound all made up, but for people who have worked with me. Those who know me know it’s true. I rarely get anything I can’t manage, I just plod on because I’m so used to it. Normally I try to self medicate, sometimes having a red hot bath helps me when I’ve got a headache. I try to catch it before it happens, drinking more water and taking painkillers. It helps me cope with it. It sucks. The longest it has ever lasted has been about 11 hours for me. I was woken up in the morning with an enormous head pain (think huge hangover) probably 8/9 in pain. It contined until about 15:00 that afternoon.

I was pretty much in bed for the entire day. Tried talking to people on the phone, but I was just grumpy as fuck. I wasn’t really interested, and when I’m grumpy I’m very irritable. I have no tolerance or patience with people. It’s basically just a case of give me the answer, or get to the point then get lost. I’m trying not to be rude with people, it’s just that’s how bad it affects me.

The weather itself isn’t fixed, I remember another day quite vividly, I woke up about 7:30 in the morning with a splitting headache (maybe about 7 or 8 on pain). I felt like I wanted to puke all the time, my head was banging and I was constantly going to the toilet didn’t know whether I wanted to puke or shit myself. Eventually about 11am, my head felt perfectly fine. At that exact moment it literally started pissing down with rain, and it felt like a balloon was being deflated inside my skull at the exact time this was happening. (This coincidentally is also why I think mines related to Barometric pressure).

I know there’s various theories about what causes these headaches. Even as far as the cycles of the moon, this is because the gravity pulls the water in our body which can cause headaches/joints.

Weirdly enough whenever it happens, my sinuses always get bunged. Like I get ridiculously snotty and when I’m suffering from the headaches my entire nose and sinuses become blocked.

I’ve tried self help, I’d be interested what works for others. My main routine with Weather related sickness is primarily Water, Painkillers, and a hot bath. I’ve considered taking allergy tablets incase it’s related to this, and also losing weight. Maybe a high BMI causes suffering more. I’ve yet to find a decent Android App which tracks it. I know the USA has an app called Storm Headache Tracker or something which is used to alert people when there’s a weather change about to happen. So they can take painkillers in advance. None for the UK however.

Either way, it’s a bummer, but you learn to live with it. I have good days and bad days. I’d be interested in hearing from people who suffer it too and what works for them.

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