What annoys me as an affiliate marketer

I have to admit, as an affiliate marketer advertising someone’s products through the (EPN) platform (eBay Partner Network). The one thing that really bugs me is when you don’t get commissions.

I noticed this a while back, I thought it was a bug initially, but I’m guessing because of the item value EPN decided it wasn’t worth paying me a commission.

This is the downside to being in the EPN partner program, you’re taking a share of someone elses share. eBay provide the landing page to list the products, and you refer them

At this moment, one of my most succesful affiliate referral products, is still making sales through my Website promoting their products on eBay, and I’m no longer earning anything. Previously I had a 4% commission rate from the product sales, For reference, this specific referral has made around £3500 in sales through me, because I wrote an article on my Website, directly listing their products.

As 85% of my traffic is organic, and 10% is direct. The product wasn’t found through eBay, it was found by people coming through me.

This is one of the main annoyances of working as an affiliate marketer. You spend time writing content that people will find useful, promote someone else’s product so that they earned a commission and you receive one for the work you put in

The reason why I haven’t deleted the link, is because situations might change for the sales commission (which I doubt), but at the same time. Covid had a drastic impact on the economy, and helping out someone else can be useful for them in the future. There’s no point me being annoying and screwing over someone else, because I’ve been screwed over.

It is however the reason, why a lot of affiliate marketers are now seeking direct partnerships with the people who sell the product. They can cut out the middleman like the EPN, sell a product directly, and also make a higher commission

As a side note, a lot of the content on my Website is focussed towards Automotive Repair.

If you are interested in partnering directly with me get in touch

(admin @ mydomain.co.uk)

I’m especially interested in people who sell products repairing VAG Family cars

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