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Affiliate Earnings November 2023

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!

How much did I earn in November 2023?

Website running along happily. I’ve installed my Cat6a networking cable in the house to support 10Gbps networking around the home for my Fibre broadband upgrade. I’m now just waiting for the installation date. I also purchased a cheap 5 port Gb Netgear switch on eBay, because my existing Cisco Catalyst only supports 100Mbps on the ports, so about 1/10th of the potential speed I can achieve with my Fibre upgrade.

That’s now sorted. My emergency car fund also took a hammering, paid £550 for some new tyres and tracking on the car, which was more than I was expecting, but I can afford it as the money was allocated. Annoyed me though as I now have to save up again. Oh well.

Xmas is lloming, so bank is going to take a hammering again then I can start doing more stuff in the new year.

I’ve been buying more stuff for my home electronics lab too, and looking to get a Hakko soldering iron soon. So every day will feel like xmas

Finally I paid off my loan a few months early, so Im now saving £203.57 per month more which is always nice. In around 5 months I should be completely debt free and able to focus on all my goals where I was limited by finances. It’s quite a weight of stress off the shoulders when you know you’re debts will be going.

My affiliate earnings for November 2023

Google Adsense£2.46
eBay Partner Network£5.75Commision earnings
Amazon Affiliates£0.00
Newsflare£0.00Abandoned Youtube, better results with Newsflare
Shopping Receipts£0.00Amazon Shopper Panel
Amazon KDP£0.00

Total Earnings for November 2023


Monthly admin thoughts

This month was a better performance in terms of affiliate marketing. I’m noticing a lot more of my articles reaching high positions in Google for clicks. I think this is mainly because we’re in a month of problems.

Winter weather takes it’s toll on cars, and most cars need to carry out repairs at this time of year. Batteries and bulbs especially take the most. I figure when I start up an eCommerce store (probably next year with Shopify), I’ll focus on seasonal things at first. It then gives me a new challenge when it comes to SEO and developing it too.

I’ve also been planning on selling products that I plan on making myself, so no time like the present. Not sure how I’ll compete, but I like a challenge as always