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Hose replacement on White Knight 44AW Tumble dryer

Decided to do a quick write up on replacement of the tumble dryer hose on a White Knight 44AW tumble dryer.

After all, my mother had a replacement hose ordered from Amazon, that required fitting to her tumble dryer because her old one was failing. I think most people have carried out a basic repair to their hose. The old piece of tape wrapped around it. My mothers had plenty.

Tumble dryer hose covered in tape repairs
Faulty hose to replace

As tumble dryer’s are a potential fire hazard (Indesit, Hotpoint and Creda models mainly). I opted to have it replaced for safety in the household, and because the replacement was there, plus it gets the job out of the way and it’s easy enough to do replacing a tumble dryer hose.

Identifying your tumble dryer model

On the rear of the tumble dryer there’s a sticker which says model. On this model it was a White Knight 44AW. The bit below the 45AW on these model is the actual serial number. The information is very good on the White Knight website, so it gives you all the part numbers you need to order a replacement hose for it on sites like amazon.

Model code and serial sticker for white knight tumble dryer
White Knight 44AW Tumble Dryer model

Accessing the hose to replace in the tumble dryer

Before you can replace the hose on the White Knight 44AW Tumble you first need to get access to it. In order to access the hose you need to remove the lower portion of the rear panel. The the lower portion of the front panel. A simply PH2 phillips screwdriver will be all you need for this. There are 2 screws holding the front panel on.

There are about 8 screws holding the rear panel, and 2 for the hose. You should be able to work out which ones from this picture (basically 4 at the bottom of the tumble, and 4 at the bottom of the large rear panel).

Watch out for the corners when you disconnect the panels, they’re sharp, in order to remove the tumble dryer panel, after the screws are out. Just lift it up the bottom pieces will come off and then lower it.

Front access panel on tumble dryer removed
Front access panel removed
Screw hole for front access panel
Front panel screw hole
Front access panel screw hole
Screw hole location on access panel
Access hole for tumble dryer hose
Lower access panel for hose
Rear access cover removed for tumble dryer to replace hose
Tumble dryer lower access removed

Disconnecting the tumble dryer hose from the internals

After you’ve remove the panel, you should be able to see the insides. You need to unclip the housing box at the outlet. In the below picture it’s attached near the yellow cable (to the right of it). Just pull backwards on the clip enough to lift it off the connector (doesn’t need pulling far). Then the front cover is removed you should be able to unhook it from the union.

Inside tumble dryer underneath it
Inside the tumble
Tumble dryer hose securing clip
Securing clip
Securing clip 2 for tumble dryer hose
Front secure clip that needs releasing
Front cover clip to undo
Securing clip at front of tumble

Swapping over the tumble dryer hoses for replacement

Now that you’ve removed the cover box, simply loosen the screw holding the old hose in replace. Then fit the replacement hose with around 3 or 4 rings behind the connectors, then secure the screw back in place. The screw itself doesn’t really need tightening down onto the hose. It just needs tightening down behind it so that the replacement tumble dryer hose won’t come back off.

Tumble dryer drainage box
Hose attachment box for tumble
Replacement tumble dryer hose
New hose for tumble dryer
Retaining screw to secure hose of tumble dryer
Tumble dryer retaining screw

Reassembly of the new hose fitment

I didn’t take any pictures, basically it’s just a reverse of what you have done. You may find it easier  attaching the plastic shroud the screws onto the rear panel first. Then feed the hose through it and clip it onto the tumble, then you can just pull the hose through. After this, simply tighten all the screws again, and make sure the clips are on then you’re done replacing the hose on the White Knight 44AW tumble dryer.

Things to watch out for replacing tumble dryer hoses

Metal is sharp! Careful or you may need to get some plasters and strap up your finger like I did, because I’m a magnet for things which inflict pain to me.

Dangers of working near sharp metal cut fingers producing blood
Sharp metal produces ouchies
Finger wrapped in plaster after being cut
Ouchies produced blood

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