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The Last of Us : Left Behind DLC

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On the 14th of February. Naughtydog producers released a new DLC add on which was 5 gigs in size for their much liked game “The Last of Us”. The DLC was entitled “Left Behind” and goes deeper into the game of Ellie and her friend Riley Abel.
last of us dlc

The DLC adds much needed information to the storyline of game but it’s best to have completed the game itself before playing this as you will understand the game better and be more familiar.


Overall, I found the game quite enjoyable, albeit REALLY short in terms of a DLC add on. The first time I played it, I completed it in around 3 hrs on normal mode. I then played it in hardcore survival mode, and completed the game itself in around 1 hr. It really is that short, I just skipped all the cutscenes.


The DLC focusses more on a filler gap and how Joel survived his injuries. If you are asking yourself what injuries, then why are you reading this? Play the game first!


There’s not really that much fighting in the game other than a couple of scenes where you have to play through the game, if you play in the hardcore mode of the left behind dlc you really need to remember to use bricks. There’s not enough ammunition to justify your survival in the game


I’ll do a playthrough for my youtube channel at a later date to show this new game. It’s fairly basic but in terms of playthrough was still enjoyable like the original