How to change Air Filter in VW Golf MK5


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Tools Required for replacing the Air Filter in a MK5 Golf

Part Numbers

The car I drive is a MK5 Golf GT TDi 140BHP Model - the part number I used was as below (AF446 made by MEHR) it cost me £7.75 UK prices
I have included a picture from the box holding the part I purchased, showing the optional part numbers this compares to from other makes


Replacement Procedure

  1. Open the bonnet, using the screwdriver, remove the 2 x screws at the MAF (1) and the 6 x screws on the Air Filter Housing (2)
  2. Inspect old filter (if desired, to see condition)
  3. Replace filter with new one and record mileage it was replaced on the pink/orange surround with a marker for future reference
  4. Replace the cover and screws on the cover (swearing optional when you drop one down the engine bay) :o(



I decided to replace the filter on my VW Golf MK5 GT TDi as a bit of maintenance, I didn't know when it was last changed and for the price of it I decided I may aswell. I replaced my filter at 54466 miles on the car. I don't do much city driving but it does clog up. The benefits of replacing something so cheap on the car once every service is worth while for something so cheap. The slightest bits of dirt clogging up the filter can affect the consumption of fuel on the vehicle

I realise this guide is completely basic but not everyone feels confident around car mechanics. This job takes less than 5 mins to do and can be done by a complete novice with cars. Perfect for developing confidence in maintenance of your vehicle