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Improving adsense earnings

Improving adsense earnings

One of the things I’ve always wanted to do is make money from my website. I run a combination of multiple providers and ads, aswell as ad placements to identify which type is best suited to my website when hosting.

One of the main important facts I wanted to know was ways on improving adsense earnings so I could make money from my website

One of the main things you should consider, if your site has a niche or is specific to certain categories (such as dogs or cats). Is go into your adsense account and select the allow/block ads option.

I did the same for my website my disallowing ads not relevant to my website and allowing only ads relevant to the content. This has helped increase my ad requests highly and I’m already getting better clickthrough rati and earnings for my site

Additionally, pay specific attention to the google adsense options about ad placement and recommended ad units. Consider text links or skyscraper ads as they seem to do the best on websites.

Hopefully these will help you find a way to improving adsense earnings for your website

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eBay Partner Network

eBay Partner Network

I’m always looking at increasing the revenue available for myself throughout life. One of the things I read about was the eBay Partner Network

Supposedly it generates over 20 times more revenue than google adsense. I’m working on finding this out. I’ve actually been accepted as of yesterday for the eBay Partner Network. I can now run ads for eBay and adsense on my website

I promise they will be minimal, but I’m focussing on Volkswagen and IT documentation on my website so they will be relevant to the content I make


EDIT: I just checked my account 00:10 @ 16/08/13 and already at £0.18p earnings, it’s not much but with my adsense ads I get in the region of 1p per month if that. Think my eBay is onto a winner.


I’m running a combination of ads on my website, I’m trying not to make them too intrusive but obviously would like to make additional earnings for myself. I did use the eBay sales widget but actually removed it because it was slowing down the loading time for my site

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