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Interesting Sites

Every now and then I come across web pages when doing Googe searches. These are random sites I found where I like them. I tend to find some of these sites are hidden gems, they don’t have a fancy layout, it’s just raw information, or their topics are interesting to read which I tend to love. Please note, these are in no specific order. I just list them as I find them if I like them. These are just links to help increase their Domain Authority and ranking with some free traffic.

NOTE : If you’re the owner of the any of these sites, feel free to put a link to my site / blog if you want, I appreciate any traffic. If you want me to remove the links, feel free to contact me too. I don’t like hurting other peoples SEO / DA, just trying to help boost it with some higher quality links inbound to you.

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Tim Maxwell

He’s a Software Developer that graduated at Caltech. I came across his site for the ATX power Supply breakout board

BX Project

Just known as “M” (I just briefly skim read sorry owner – I was searching for Arduino stuff), a person similar to me, owned cars for a few years, and grew up with car forums now basically running their own site and posting a mixture of Automotive / Electronic stuff after the introduction of sites like Facebook killed the car forums. I used to frequent on 306gti6 and psooc since my car was a Frenchie too 🙂 now I’m mostly VAG



Kris Harbour Natural Building

Kris built up his own Business, and lives completely off grid with his partner Dot. He lives the lifestyle I’d love. Limited interaction and an environment where you live with the materials around you and your only limitation is what you can create. Sustainable living. Simple life. Limited technology and more just focussed on living

Tom Pemberton Farm Life

Another youtuber who has embraced technology. Like Kris, he lives a lifestyle. Although he’s a working farmer, he’s built it into a full scaled Business. His content is interesting, because as most farmers, there’s plenty to do and through his channel you get to see everything being built, upgraded or used to its full potential