If you're looking for content relating to Volkswagen Repair articles, then I've added some here. The articles primarily focus on Volkswagen Golf MK5 repairs, and Audi A3 repairs and common problems. However I have also included content for other cars that I have owned. Im always adding to this section of the website, so keep checking back for newer content relating to VAG repairs and maintenance. I owned the Volkswagen Golf for approximately 7 years, so have encountered most of the common problems that appear with the VW Golf MK5 as I've had to repair them. The vehicle uses the BKD engine

This section of my website is devoted to the articles and content. This section of my website is for downloading files that I have created with my own time and knowledge. I use them as a guidance or files to supplement my Youtube videos that I upload. Here are the direct links to the files - please feel free to download them or share them. As long as you credit me as the original creator and where you obtained the files from.

I'm a firm believer in sharing content, the reason I created this website was because I couldn't find useful articles for Volkswagen Repair when I was trying to fix my Volkswagen Passat. All the information I found was poor quality, so it started from there. I started writing Volkswagen repair articles, and doing Youtube videos on Volkswagen Repair and Common problems. Then developed my traffic over time.

I currently rank in Google for multiple terms related to repairing common problems so you may come across my site from time to time. My site name is unique so it's easy to recognise. I like to provide useful content for others to help them save money when they're repairing their Volkswagen or VAG family vehicle.

These files may NOT be used for profit, but can be used for personal or commercial repairs, I provide no support not hold any responsibility for damages that occur. I'm an avid DIY fan of moneysaving with everything I do so make these guides to act as pointers and nothing more. If something fails when you use these guides. Tough luck. I always recommend professional repairs.

As I'm an avid car owner when I'm looking to repair cars, sometimes it's cheaper looking for VW Car Parts on eBay because the spares are usually cheaper when people strip down their cars. Sometimes I go to scrap yards aswell because buying used then reconditioning is always a good money saver :)







I've compiled a list of sites on my Blog that will show you some useful sites to use



Some of these documents are older ones that I created, the intention is to eventually have them all available in multiple formats (HTML, PDF and a Video). I will be updating these as I go along, once the icon is visible there is a link available to the documentation or tuition. I retain all copyright and ownership to anything created on this site and it's free for distribution as long as it stays free and not used for commercial gain and I am credited as the original author


Description of Item

How to remove a dashboard in a VW Passat

Repairing a broken glovebox handle in a VW Passat

Repairing a VW Door Lock when the lock barrel spins

Driveshaft Removal of a B5 Passat

How to remove and replace the Boot Lock on a VW Passat

VW electric window repair

How to replace a broken bonnet lock in a VW Golf MK5


How to change the front brake discs and pads on a VW Golf MK5


Air Filter Replacement on a VW Golf MK5


Oil Dipstick Modification on a VW Golf MK5


Replacement of ABS Pump for G201 sensor error on a VW Golf MK5


How to change the windscreen wipers on a VW Golf MK5


Procedure to replace a blown headlight bulb on a VW Golf MK5


Replacement of a pollen filter on a VW Golf MK5


How to change the Oil and Filter change on a VW Golf MK5


How to replace a broken rear wiper for a VW Golf MK5


How to replace the fuel filter for a MK5 Golf


Fixing a faulty brake pad sensor on a VW Golf MK5


Overhauling a sticky bonnet lock on a VW Golf MK5


Replacing the wheel bearing on a VW Golf MK5


Installation of a Dashcam Hardwiring Kit (Nissan Almera)


Installation of a Underbonnet LED Strip (Nissan Almera)


Hardwiring a Dashcam Kit in my Almera with two Power Feeds (Switched Live and Permanent Live)


How to replace the Ignition Starter Switch in an Audi A3

Ignition Starter Switch Audi A3 HTML

Replacing the Air Filter in an Audi A3

Air Filter Replacement HTML in Audi A3

Carrying out an Oil Filter and Oil change in an Audi A3 (BKD Engine)

Audi A3 Oil and Filter change (BKD Engine)

Replacing the Front windscreen wipers on Audi A3

Audi A3 Front Wiper replacing

Replacing the Fuel Filter in my Audi A3 (BKD Engine)

Audi A3- Fuel Filter replacement on a BKD engine

Repairing the G45 Front Wheel Speed Connector on my Audi A3

Audi A3 G45 Connector Repair

Changing the Front Brakes and Calipers on Audi A3

Front brakes and Calipers

Changing the Handbrake Cables and Guide Tubes on Audi A3

Handbrake Cables Audi A3

Repairing the ABS Brake Pad Wear Sensor on my Audi A3

ABS Brake pad wear sensor Audi A3

Replacing a sticky caliper carrier pin on Audi A3

Audi A3 caliper carrier retaining pin replacement

Mass Air Flow sensor replacement on Audi A3

Audi A3 MAF Replacement

Replacing the Turbocharger in my Audi A3

Audi A3 Turbocharger Replacement

Installing a new Pollen Filter into my Audi A3 Sportback

Audi A3 Pollen Filter Replacement

Replacing the rear wiper on an Audi A3

Audi A3 rear wiper replacement

Changing the rear wiper motor on an Audi A3 Sportback

Replacement of an Audi A3 rear wiper motor

Removing UV damage on headlights of my Audi A3

Audi A3 Headlight Restoration

Repairing my broken glovebox hinge in the Audi

Audi A3 Glovebox Hinge Repair