How to replace the Front Wiper Blades on a Volkswagen Golf MK5

Article Date: 22/10/13



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Parts Required for Wiper Blade Replacement

Changing wiper blades is really easy. There's different fitments for the Golf MK5. You will need to select the appropriate ones. The set I used in this article was SET102 from Halfords, this was the side-loading pin type.

The wiper blades are 24"/600mm (Drivers Side), and 19"/450mm (Passenger Side)

Alternatively you can use the following eBay links (affiliate) to purchase wiper blades for your car


Procedure to put the VW Windscreen Wipers in the Service Position

A quick note on this procedure - the bonnet needs to be down in order for the Wipers to rise. Otherwise it would damage the wipers in the service position. If your wipers don't rise, then make sure the bonnet lock isn't faulty, or the bonnet is fully closed. If you need to replace the bonnet lock. I have also written a tutorial for this, alternatively, you can try and overhaul your existing one.


stalk pushwiper service position

wiper raisedrotate wiperside loadnew-blade-install

ignition on


Here is a video showing you how to put the blades into the service position