Hiya. This is my personal website which I use to put myself on the internet, share my experience and knowledge to help others.

I'm creating a new website seperately for professional networking. This will be focussing on advertising myself professionally for jobs/services, etc

This website is my own personal dumping ground for information. So it contains a lot of random rubbish that I talk about. Ideally I'm trying to update this website so I become a full time blogger. A lot of people enjoy my articles I write for car repairs, because they're informative and easy to follow. My blog topics are mainly to keep myself in touch with people and blabber about not related things

You can contact me via LinkedIn (Professional Network) and GitHub (Developer Network) (When I eventually start using it)

I'm very much a self confessed geek. I love learning about Science and Techology. I created this site initially when I made Youtube videos, it started off with me writing articles on how to fix Volkswagen cars and producing documents on repairing Volkswagens. I still keep these articles online, and post the content to the pages when I write new content. I am trying to focus on this site in a more professional sense, as I intend on using it like a portfolio for my knowledge and experience eventually.

I've learn a lot of new things when working on this site, whilst I don't possess the outright knowledge, I have the fundamental knowledge behind MySQL, PHP and CSS when I first started creating this site, as I never understood how everything tied together. Now, I've got a basic understanding of them all, so it helps me a lot when it comes to troubleshooting.

When it comes to jobs, I have worked in 3 main sectors, IT, Office and Warehousing. I don't really move about much when it comes to jobs, I just get stuck there. For me personally, I try to spend more time in home based jobs, or ones which give me more free time. This allows me to follow my real passion / projects. I'm proficient with the use of computers and have an average typing speed of around 90 words per minute. I prefer using sites like KeyHero over 10FastFingers and TypingCat.

10FF gives you a higher speed because it's simple words (my normal speed on there is around 120wpm) and TypingCat just makes you type constant short sentences, but makes you press enter after every single line which isn't what you'd normally do. So my average speed on there is about 85wpm. Which is why I prefer KeyHero, it gives long pieces of data, but uses punctuation and it's "normal" text you'd see. Either way, I type a decent enough pace (Audio-Typing, I currently only can type around 35wpm without using a foot-pedal)

I'm always interested in helping out humanity, I love Science, Medicine and Techbology as the constant research in these helps me develop new knowledge. I don't really learn from text book or exams, I switch off through boredom. I'm more of a hands-on person with the way I learn and gain knowledge. If I want to learn something by studying, I go down the rabbit hole and ask myself constant questions then study them until I understand it. My car, and home are my platforms for developing my knowledge and skills. I use my house to develop my practical experience, alongside my house modernisation. My car is used to increase my Automotive knowledge.

I'm always trying to improve my own skills to help me out later. I prefer practical skills as you can carry them across multiple sectors when it comes to jobs.


All the topics I research are usually related to Medicine. I have a strong interest in helping people who have lost limb function due to illnesses, birth conditions or injury. They may have adapated to it as a way of life. However, I'd like to look into solutions that can increase the quality of their lives too should they desire it. Below are the topics I'm focussing on. For reference, I'm not qualified to any degree to specialise in these sectors. I'm just another dumb idiot with a strong imagination and good at research, which means I think outside the box and it helps me develop new solutions that people haven't come across

These are the following topics/projects that I'm working on or ones I'm just interested in


I only wrote this section - 13/06/20 - so don't expect me to have any comprehension about the below for at least another year or so.....
Currently I'm learning game design with Unity. I've created an XLS spreadsheet to track how long I've been studying on each topic, because there's about 140+ different subject basis I'm touching on

I do not believe intelligence has a limit, the human brain has the most amazing capacity for learning, and is probably the most complex computer you could ever encounter. I'm always on a thirst for more knowledge to help me progress in life, with my jobs, opening communication barriers and helping me with my projects. I do a lot of things behind the scenes, as such, I am going to be self-educating (Research / Studying / Teaching) myself on the below topics via my own teaching methods. Simply because I know my learning style, and the typical approaches don't work for me. I've listed my reasons why below, another reason why I'm doing this is that at this moment in time, I don't have a job, so I'm learning new skills to better myself, and to help pass the time. I do not believe that something is impossible, I prefer to think it's just something we don't understand yet

PROGRAMMING / COMPUTER LANGUAGES : C | Javascript | CSS | Python | VBScript | .NET | ASP| PHP
The above programming languages help form the basic building blocks of almost any software and site design around. As I'm interested in Web Design, Writing my own software and scripts for projects, I feel it would be beneficial for me to learn these and because I like to redesign this website a lot I need the underlying knowledge to build the functions I want. I'm also planning on developing Android applications, so need to learn how to build those

This is mainly for Website Design and general knowledge. Windows sucks, Linux is by far the best.

SKILLS : Sign Language | Shorthand (Pitman or Gregg)
This is for job knowledge and being able to communicate with people who are Deaf / Hard of hearing. I come from an IT / Office background, so feel being able to use shorthand would benefit me

FOREIGN LANGUAGES : Chinese | Japanese | Finnish | French | Spanish | Polish | Russian + additionals I'm considering (German | Portuguese | Hindi | Swedish | Dutch)
There's a famous saying by Nelson Mandela: "If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart"

Communication breaks down barriers : it makes it easier to talk to people because you can understand them, and they understand you and talking to someone in their own language is more respectful. As an English person, I feel a lot of English people by culture are ignorant (not to mention thick). There seems to be this thought process that everyone should speak English wherever you go. I don't expect to go to a Foreign Country and expect them to speak the language I speak. To me I expect to speak theirs (however broken mine is). As such, I plan on learning the following languages since languages themselves have always interested me.

It's estimated to take approximately 900 hours to become Fluent in a language (or around 480 to be able to hold a conversion). I don't want to become Fluent in a language (Unless I can pick it up easy) it would simply take too long and I'd get bored of focussing on one thing non-stop. My mind switches between a lot of topics that interest me, so I'm more of a "Jack of all trades, master of none" type person. Plus I'm not a Polyglot because I never went that way. However, I'd like to be able to speak to people to the point where they can at least understand the context I am trying to get across to make things easier when communicating with them. I plan on learning around 1 Hour per day for each language (so if I manage to commit ot the full hour, that's around 352 hours per year per language). Which means after 1.5 years I should have a decent level of Fluency in the languages I want to speak.

I've listed the languages I want to speak above, the only "core" languages I really want to learn are in italics - Chinese (Mandarin) / Japanese and Finnish. I've always been interested in China/Japan as languages since I've been a kid, and when it comes to Finland, I'm obsessed with the place. I love the people, the language, the culture (even the name of the place). It just makes me feel happy. The other additional languages I'd like to learn are listed, but these aren't my priorities to me. I plan on learning as if I'm a kid again, Grammar is meant to be really hard when it comes to any language (Especially Chinese / Finnish), so I may be able to pick up the language, but due to me not learning via traditional channels and teaching myself, my version of Hello might sound like a Howdy for all I know. I'm expecting the languages which don't resemble any written English are going to be the hardest for me to learn since I'm going to have to teach myself the Alphabet and how it even sounds so I can associate it with the symbols. I did also learn French at school, so it's a no brainer not to attempt to speak this language as well.

That's my end-goal however. To be able to hold conversations in at least 3 or 4 languages and understand the basics in a few more. Even if my knowledge isn't perfect, it breaks down barriers. I'll be documenting the progress in my Youtube under a playlist for each language as I go along and record my progress. As this is also partly an experiment to see if my method of learning a language works for me because I plan on learning via this method for other approaches if it works