Hello, welcome to this website. It's my own personal space on the net that I use as my dumping ground for information.

This website has been created to house my own projects alongside technical troubleshooting information for automotive and information technologies. I frequently post repair guides for Volkswagen vehicles, the most common repair guides this site holds are for the Volkswagen Golf MK5 repairs, it is the PQ35 platform car which is covered across many cars within the VAG family. I am a keen and avid DIY fan always aiming to save money when working on my vehicles. You can browse the categories on this website to find something you are looking for. If you browse around the sections at the top of the page, I have broken things down into the categories, the two most heavily viewed categories are my documentation for Automotive and Computer subjects. In these categories I link to my Youtube channel which has a breakdown of all my how-to's and general things you can do to save you money in the long-run.

I have a keen interest in IT Support, eventually I'd like to go self-employed, and provide IT Support in North East UK and Data Recovery in North East UK. I prefer the plan of working for myself than others, just because I'm more of a solo person


CURRENT WORKLIST: I'm busy designing a new website template (v5) which is going to be more featured - stuff I have to do before completed

There's about another billion more things to add to this list, it develops as I work on the website, so I'll add them as I go. I'll consider writing blog articles on their progress

Drop Down Menus I want to keep the website optimised for mobile. The most common approach is drop-down menus. After research these appear to be called "Hamburger Menus", so I'll be looking at this
SEO Optimisation Always ongoing. I don't think this will ever stop really. The more content I have on #1 in Google, the better my site ranks. I'll be spending more time with Keyword Research and SEO
Website Security/SSL Migration and implementation of SSL and HTTPS through the entire website. SSL works on the site, but I need to figure out the HTTPS portion of it since it's hurting my score with Google due to security.
Breadcrumbs Adding in breadcrumb navigation
Site Template Redesign website to a PHP/CSS mix, or one with a framework that allows me to reload content within the same window
Speed Has to be fast loading
User Tracking Looking into a better system for user analysis. Analyse the click-tracks, exit, bounce rates etc. So I can improve the website content and retain users more.
Site Search Creation of a dedicated search engine for this website, none of the Google Site Search stuff. Although it needs to support search functionality. Will probably involve writing some code in CGI for it to work properly
User Testing I'll be doing user testing to see if it makes it easier to navigate and fast. May aswell get some honest feedback
Site Adjustments Template implementation to allow users to alter the colours of this site with pre-determined assortment. I know for me personally. I HATE high-contrast websites (Dark Background + White Text), my eyes get all messed up and I get strain within about 1 minute of reading it. It's good for CAD/Symbols, not good for text. Some people are the opposite, they can't read Dark Text on White Backgrounds, so they feel the same way. The template will hopefully cater for all users. They may not like the colours, but I'll try and implement a selection for them using some predetermined values. Hopefully the current colours I'm using on my website are acceptable for all users. It's a mixture of Dark/Light, and for me personally, I find it relaxing
Site Feedback I want to integrate my website to support comments from users and social sharing, so they can directly share it with facebook
Email mailing list Creation of a mailing list for the website, just so I can push out new content to users who are interested in it. Probably something along the lines of a MySQL database with a PHP form.
Site Affiliates Ideally I'd like to get rid of the affiliates I'm using (Adsense, EPN, etc) and list direct affiliates via my website store
Tools I'd like some basic tools in a menu of some sort on the site (like a URL Shortener and a Secure Password Generator)

So that's it for now, as you can see it's an extensive list. I'll be doing them a bit at a time and testing as I go