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PS4 Destiny

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For a long time a friend has been nagging me about getting the computer game Destiny for the PS4

I’ve never really been one for shooting games, because quite frankly I’m rubbish at it. I didn’t want to spend the money incase I didn’t like it. I took the chance and purchased the digital download copy from the playstation store for the game which includes a season pass, DLC’s and upcoming expansion alongside some others for ingame customisations of your character

I have to admit, since I’ve bought the game, I’m definately hooked. It’s very interesting to play. You are thrown into the combat quite literally for a quick introduction to the game.

It has it’s own pace whilst playing, but there’s never a dull moment, bosses are tough and OBSCENELY big in the game but they’re still down to die eventually

The PVP is quite good, although I don’t play it much, I will get to that point, I’m working through the story line at the moment


There’s a massive amount of weapons, armour and customisations available, you can pay for it, or you can do the slow technique of grinding and becoming stronger as you level up in the game

After playing this game, I definately rate it at least a 9/10 , the only improvements I could suggest would be for the game developers to look into the sound options. I found mine was a bit twitchy and kept breaking up in party chats. It was due to the sound on the microphone, it needed to be blended on the the channels to work properly