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Support Me

This page is just a link if you like the content of my site, and want to show your support, there are other ways you can support me to say thank you




EarnApp – Leave an app running on your RaspberryPI and get paid when people use your internet for search queries

Honeygain – Same as above, leave it running and share your bandwidth



The below requests are entirely voluntary, nothing is being provided in return. They are purely a way to say thank you to me. I offer no refunds, or any returns of any kind in exchange for any gifts given.

Gifts given will be used for me to support my site, fulfill my hobbies, or provide me with further opportunities for learning or projects.


You can email me gift codes for PSN Vouchers, Amazon Vouchers, Love2Shop, or pretty much any other site. I’ll accept all 🙂

admin @


Alternatively you can donate me cryptocurrency


  • LITECOIN (LTC) : Lf3Yd5Bd4YhL6SfKrwSNWkzac7ji4LzdBy
  • DASH (DASH) : XwFgYramrZdZQTrbgcgHLUdT4NXZZwy3rc
  • BITCOIN (BTC) : bc1q4ctvc7aa8nun30ph0lh2ndl540au8d50v7hn8c
  • ETHEREUM (ETH) : 0xE567C16096677675A6BF072ce4ac17B5c92152eA

Join up Coinbase

If you’re a cryptotrader, you will need a platform to convert the currencies. Using this link as an affiliate we both receive £9.34 once trades to the value of ~£95 have been done

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