Affiliate Earnings July 2021

How much did I earn in July 2021?

A slow month, on the uptake at least. More of my posts are ranking at #1 in Google, my main problem however has been that the keywords/niche I’m in has a low search rate.

I’m focussing on converting the low number of users, and at the same time working on the high search queries to develop more traffic

I now monitor my blog more often using Dashboard Analytics, and the figures have all grown. So clearly talking about what interests me works.

My affiliate earnings for July 2021

Google Adsense£2.35
eBay Partner Network£3.30Commision earnings
Amazon Affiliates£0.00
Youtube£0.00This channel will be for Dashcam/Road Safety
Amazon KDP£0.00

Total Earnings for July 2021



Monthly admin thoughts

Content is key, whilst I am interested in making more money on my site. You still need content to attract it.

I monitor my SEO religiously now and my website performance. I can positively say traffic is growing on this site, so it’s helping me get ideas when it comes to posting new topics.

My focus is to reduce the drop rate and increase the retention rate. Which is always good for longer readers of the site, because it attracts more interest. Earnings aren’t the best this month. It’s a case of trial and error for me. I learn as I go to share my knowledge and experience to help others. What really saps my earnings is the fact that I’m not selling products directly on my website. I’m merely earning a commission every time I refer someone. So my goal is to find better commision paying schemes whilst also selling my own products at a later date.

Or alternativey cut out the middle man and work directly with people. I have ideas on improving the site, my mind literally never stops.

My website is now #1 ranked and 1st page ranked for a few different keywords when it comes to VW repair articles. Obviously I’m trying to work on this as it helps drive traffic to my site more and more. I’m also writing various articles on the blog

I know my site has the potential to earn more, but for me it’s about the content first. Then I can work on ways on making more money later.

My goals alongside posting the earnings I make with my website, is to also work on affiliate payments. I’ve always expressed my desire to be self employed. You don’t have to earn £1300 per month for example, you just need something cumulative to that value. This means that I’ll be experimenting with my affiliates.

There’s certain services I always use which I’ve had no major issues with (Utilities, Broadband, Mobile) for example. So why not refer them, make some money in the process and focus towards my bills. My electric for example gives me £50 vouchers for example on Amazon if I refer someone, and they receive them too. Providing the deal works out best for both me and the other person, we’re both in a good position.

That £50 can then go towards me buying items to fund my projects for simply posting a link. You get the idea.

I’ve got future ideas for mysite too, I want to introduce competitions for members, dedicated discount codes and referral links that benefits people as members of my site. I have no issue giving back to people. Some of the ideas I’ve had if I accrue enough gift cards will simply be giving them away, or buying a gift (like a PS5 for example) and then give away for a comeptition.

What’s the point of not engaging with your audience. The community helps my site grow, so I always want to give back.

For me the long term goal will be self employment, so the faster I can work on my projects the better. Since I have a strong desire to work with Medical problems.


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