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Gambling to make money

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As part of my way of paying off debts this year I decided that gambling to make money would be my way forward. Now, I’m not stupid, I know gambling costs you money. However, I’ve always believed in you need to speculate to accumulate.

I always put on £24 per month on the Irish Lottery (£1 stake on betfred taking the half odds) because if I win for a £1 stake I still get £301 back

Out of that £301 my winnings would be divided as follows…..
– £200 for my credit card to pay off
– £50 for “ME” as my own personal savings or spending money (you have to look after yourself)
– £24 for another set of months lines for the irish lotto (again half odds) 2 x lines, 2 x chance
– £27 to “gamble” away and lose if need be, to possibly increase my odds

The whole rule about gambling, is always know when to quit and call it a day. There’s always another day. I took a big chance tonight (transferred £20 earlier today in my betfred account btw) been on and off winning during day (I tend to lose money when I don’t play smart nothing more).

I had £11 remaining in my account that is part of my normal gambling money on betfred, put an each way bet on two random greyhounds (£5 each to win) – one of em won. Hello £85 in my bank

I transferred £50 into my bank (always helps top it up). Put a months worth of irish lotto on, and then gambled away the rest for fun. So I never actually “lost” any money, yet still managed to win some and spend some for fun. In the end I’m actually £30 in profit over my initial transfer

Remember, think smart, play smart and you can win. Pay off your debts and live a comfier life.


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