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Obstructive Sleep Apnea

I’ve never been a good sleeper. I contribute this to a couple of things, my weight, my personality and my messed up body clock. Although lately I think I’ve developed Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Bit hard to describe what it is. I thought it could be a crappy sleep pattern through my body clock I’ve installed sleep apps on my phone to try and monitor it, but basically I average around 6 hours sleep per night. Of that I get around 30 mins REM sleep, 2.5 hours light sleep and 3 hours deep sleep. For what it’s worth, without doing proper testing in a laboratory anyway.

Regardless, I think I’m suffering from Sleep Apnea, I’ve suffered for a few years with randomly being tired in the day, regardless of the sleep I get I still end up yawning multiple times. Lately every night I go to sleep, I fall asleep for about an hour and then wake up, literally having to force myself to gasp for air. It’s a strange feeling, almost like my body has forgotten how to breathe. It’s happened a couple of times when awake. It’s slightly unsettling, but once it happens, I manage to drop off to sleep without issues. The only things I’ve been able to think of causing this is Sleep Apnea, Obesity or neurological damage. I also considered that I was bloody choking myself unconcious when I sleep without realising as I lie on my arm on my neck when I sleep, but I think that’s highly irregular.

Most likely cause is that I’ve developed Obstructive Sleep Apnea because of my weight, so I’m working on that first. I’d be interested in hearing other peoples opinions on it. I’m actually a nose breather, I rarely breathe through my mouth, although I have discovered I snore when I sleep (sometimes). I’m not really sure there’s a way of checking it other than monitoring my CO2/OXYGEN levels whilst I sleep some how or breathing through a mask to see if it helps, or going to a doctor to be diagnosed.

The main thing that really unsettles me is the Air Gasping though. I thought it may have been sleep paralysis but I’ve never suffered it before. Really weird, but the human body is interesting and that’s why I’m always curious about it. It’s a complex machine

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