The goal to retirement

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Is it possible to retire at a young age?

Prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, I was making plans. I’ve been working on retiring at an early age, because I want to focus full time on my Projects that I’m passionate about.

Part of this meant that I was busy sorting out my finances, paying off my debts and freeing up more income to start working on my projects. As per usual (in my life), a big whopping spanner appeared and jammed the gears of motion. I was caught up like everyone else with the outbreak and took redundancy from my job. Long story, but I wanted to leave the employer. I planned on staying until I was due to retire because it was the last company I wanted to work for. I made use of the opportunity and took the risk to leave.

I wanted to work in a new sector, but due to the competition, and lack of experience, I ended up finding a job with a new employer in the same industry.

My opinion hasn’t changed however when it comes to my projects, I’ve always felt the same about retiring young. I don’t see the point of working every day until you’re 60-70 years old, you could drop down dead the day after retirement. I want to enjoy life and part of that is focussing on what I enjoy working with.

I don’t feel fulfilled when it comes to careers now. I can do the ordinary 9-5 grind, but making my employers money doesn’t fulfill me. For me it’s about helping others and actually developing solutions to real world problems. I want to either start up my own Business, or work on Blogging full time to supplement myself as an income to work on what I’m passionate about.

What I’m really passionate about is Technology, but the main focus is towards solving problems medically, and inventing new technology with a purpose. I’m a self-taught when it comes to learning anything new, so part of the new technologies I’ll be working with means I’ll be able to teach and learn myself. I want to combine them all together to suit my purpose.

The benefit of being an INTJ personality is that I’m great at generating ideas and solving problems. I know how I want some of my projects to function, the problem for me is I don’t know how to work on them in the first place. So I teach myself.

For me, I’ve always wanted to retire at a young age. Ideally around 40 would be a goal for me, I’ve been discussing topics on this post about additional ways to make income when you don’t have any funds to start with so that I can work on ideas to actually make income.

A lot of posts on line usually rely on you investing in some sort of money in order to make money. I’m trying to write my posts focussing on what people most likely already have, their voices, their cameras, their natural skills. Rather than simply do the usual fashion of copying posts from all over the web and reblogging someone elses content. I felt like writing my own, and giving a fresh perspective on it.

As a person who loves writing though, most of my money making methods revolve around either making blog posts like this and writing shite when my mind flows. Or writing books to sell on sites like Amazon KDP. I prefer putting lots of work in to generate passive income later, because it provides you with an alternate source of income. I also believe in the multiple eggs in multiple baskets principle. It’s better to have multiple dedicated sources of income, than one huge source. You can create your niche, but if you don’t account for market changes. Or don’t keep on top of them, it creates problems for you.

For now, I’m doing my 9-5, it pays the bills. I will however reach my goals, I always achieve them, and the more I’m without them the more it frustrates me.

I’ve discovered aswell that since posting more regularly on this website and blog, my traffic count has been increasing and drop rate decreasing. This is always good in writing blog topics, and helps me generate more interest in following my story.