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Washing machine repair – part 2

Sunday, the day of relaxation and house work. That is until part way through the cleaning cycle your Washing Machine suddenly halts, and then lights start flashing.

Great. That can mean only one thing…. we have a problem… damn it.

A short while back I wrote an article on replacing the capacitors in the washing machine after every single light was flashing on it when switching it on. I thought I had encountered the same problem again.

For reference my washing machine is a Hotpoint Aquarius WF326

The symptoms this time however were slightly different. Whereby in my previous issue, every single light on the washing machine was rapidly flickering. This time it was only 3 (Power, Rinse and Load).

I was going to pull apart the entire washing machine to repair the capacitors again, but thought I would try something else. As the washing machine seemed to work normally when it would go on spin.

I decided to have a look inside the DRAIN TRAP

It turns out that my drain trap was clogged, and the washing machine wasn’t able to drain properly. Two fabric colour catchers had basically bunged up the drain trap and prevented the water from exiting the washing machine.

After removing the crap from it. I was able to complete the cycle without any problems

Few, thankfully this time it was just something simple. If your washing machine doesn’t drain, or has only a few lights flashing consider cleaning out the drain trap before you call out an engineer.

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